ROAD GET BUSINESS PTE. LTD. The American fashion brand “SHEIN”, which is loved in more than 200 countries, has started in earnest on the first runway!

The American fashion brand “SHEIN”, which is loved in more than 200 countries, is the first runway to start in earnest!
A special page where you can purchase the coordination worn by the model at “EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN & WINTER” will open for a limited time.

The American fashion brand “SHEIN” developed by ROADGET BUSINESS PTE. LTD. First appeared in “EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN & WINTER” on September 5, 2021 (Sun). On the special stage that decorates the top batter of the event, of course, popular models and talents such as Miyu Ikeda, Michi & Yoshiaki siblings, Neo who are dressed in “SHEIN” 2021AW fashion , Popular YouTuber with overwhelming diffusion power and transmission power, TikToker 18 groups 21 people in total appeared, and the stage was lively.

Miyu Ikeda wore a cardigan with bat wing sleeves on a cropped camisole and graced the top batter while shaking the baggage bag. “Michi” & “Yoshiaki” sisters and younger brothers have appeared in costumes made of seasonal materials that are perfect for the changing seasons from summer to autumn. Neo-san was dressed in a monotone color and showed an adult-like and feminine side.
SHEIN has opened a special page on the SHEIN site / app to commemorate the first appearance of “EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN & WINTER”. On the special page, you can check the coordination actually worn by the model on the runway, and you can purchase your favorite products on the page.
“SHEIN”, which proposes more than 1,000 items every day, has “Wear Your Wonderful” in its brand tag line, and will continue to propose fashions that allow you to freely express yourself regardless of trends and styles.
“EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AW” x SHEIN A special stage by super-luxury performers has been realized!
Popular talents Miyu Ikeda, “Michi” & “Yoshiaki” siblings, Neo-san and other popular models and talents, as well as popular YouTubers with overwhelming spreading power and transmission power, Tiktoker 18 groups 21 people in total Appears. SHEIN’s 2021AW collection was unveiled on the stage of “KANSAI COLLECTION”.
-Stage guest- * Japanese syllabary
Miyu Ikeda, Nana Kato, Noai Kato, Kureiji Magunetto, Sakura, Maya Shigekawa, Naenano, Neo, Hana, Tanakaga (Paparapies), Hikarincho, Yuka Furukawa, Michi, MINAMI, Hagoromo Mihara, Yuna, Yun (Vamyun), Yoshiaki, Miyuki Watanabe
“EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AW” special page will open on the “SHEIN” web page / App from September 10, 2021 (Friday)!
To commemorate the first appearance in “KANSAI COLLECTION”, a special page has been set up in the SHEIN site / app. On the special page, you can check the coordination actually worn by the model on the runway, and you can shop for your favorite products on the page.
Furthermore, from September 10, 2021 (Friday) after the end of the runway, the “KANSAI COLLECTION x SHEIN 2021 AW Campaign” is also underway, which allows you to purchase products at a better price. For details, please download the SHEIN site and app.
“EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AW” Get the products that appeared on the runway at a great price!
Hold a special commemorative campaign!
Campaign name:
2021 AW Campaign COLLECTION 2021 AUTUMN & WINTER ”
Campaign period: From Friday, September 10, 2021
Campaign details: “You can buy the products worn by the model on the KANSAI runway at a great price. URL:

“EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AW” Outline of the event “KANSAI COLLECTION” has been sending the message “From Kansai to Japan to Japan to the world” The charm of Japanese culture “” for 10 years from February 2011. Since then, as a new entertainment event in Japan, it has been selected for the “Japan Expo” undertaken by the Agency for Cultural Affairs in recognition of its achievements that have been transmitted both domestically and internationally.
The theme of this “EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AW” is [J / COLOR-colors of the four seasons nurtured by nature in Japan-]. Focusing on the colors woven by Japan’s unique nature (four seasons), we will decorate the venue according to the theme, stage with an awareness of harmony with nature, and develop booths. From kimono, which is a traditional Japanese costume, to the latest trend fashion, subcultures such as anime costumes, we have a wide range of content regardless of generation. Rather than simply introducing traditional culture, we will use digital tools to convey the beauty of Japan, the sense of the seasons, and the richness of natural colors to the world as well as Japan.

Event name: EXIA presents KANSAI COLLECTION 2021AUTUMN & WINTER Date and time: September 5, 2021 (Sun) 13:00 Start (Open 11:30) Venue: Kyocera Dome Osaka
Organizer: Kansai Collection Executive Committee
Official site:
Introduction of “SHEIN”
“SHEIN” is a fashion brand from the United States. Currently, we provide services on our website and apps in more than 200 countries and regions *. (* As of July 2021) In Japan, we started providing Japanese services in December 2020, and with “Wear Your Wonderful” on the brand tag line, fashion that allows you to express yourself unconditionally regardless of fashion style. We aim to provide. 【Company Profile】

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App download URL:
Supported OS: iOS / Android

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