〈Kobe Portopia Hotel〉×〈Fuji Dream Airlines〉 Collaboration plan Kobe Airport FDA’s 5 cities “Umakamon” g ather! ~Winter Taste Fair~

Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd.
-Kobe Portopia Hotel-×-Fuji Dream Airlines- Collaboration Project Kobe Airport FDA’s 5 cities’ “Umakamon” gathered together! ~Winter Taste Fair~

Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd. (Chuo-ku, Kobe City, General Manager Tsuyoshi Ito) will be operated by Fuji Dream Airlines from Kobe Airport from November 1st (Tuesday) to December 30th (Friday), 2023 5 We will hold the “Kobe Airport FDA 5 Cities -Winter Taste Fair-” where you can enjoy the local cuisine of the city and dishes that
incorporate ingredients.
[Image 1

Kobe Portopia Hotel Co., Ltd. operates nine restaurants in the hotel from November 1st (Tuesday) to December 30th (Friday), where Fuji Dream Airlines (FDA) operates from Kobe Airport. (Iwate Prefecture), Niigata Prefecture, Matsumoto (Nagano Prefecture), and Kochi Prefecture. It will be held. The hotel chef carefully examines ingredients from each region, local cuisine, and delicacies known to those in the know, and devises a menu that is perfect for this season. Using various cooking methods, we will also tell you about the new charm that sublimated into Western, Japanese, and Chinese cuisine. In addition, if you collect stamps using the fair menu, we will hold a stamp rally where you can win FDA pair round-trip tickets by lottery. [“Kobe Airport FDA 5 Cities Winter Taste Fair”]
Period: Tuesday, November 1, 2023 to Friday, December 30, 2023 Holding store: 9 restaurants in the hall
Sponsor/Cooperation: Fuji Dream Airlines Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Aomori Prefecture Osaka Information Center, Iwate Prefecture, Niigata Prefecture, Niigata Airport Development Promotion Council, Nagano Prefecture, Kochi Prefecture
Main building 31F French restaurant Trantean
Menu de june 6,292 yen
[Image 2

For the appetizer, “Sushiko”, which is fermented glutinous rice, is combined with scallops to create a gorgeous item. The main line-up is seasonal fish poiré with umami-rich squid menchi, and French BBC pork belly confit inspired by the local gourmet dish ‘barayaki’. From the Aomori apple pie for dessert, we cherish the taste of Aomori and sublimate it into sophisticated French cuisine.
*There is also a dinner course.
Main Building 30F Sky Grill Buffet GOCOCU ~Megumi Gokoku~
Lunch buffet / weekdays 3,800 yen; Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays 4,400 yen [Image 3

The popular buffet features dishes from five destinations. In addition to local specialties such as Aomori’s Ginger Miso Oden, Hanamaki’s Kenchin Soup, and Matsumoto’s Sanzokuyaki, Niigata’s B-class gourmet Italian Yakisoba is combined with Kobe’s specialty, Bokkake Yakisoba. There are also GOCOCU-style arrangements, such as a deluxe version with conger eel. Please enjoy a “tasty trip” at the dining table of the hotel.
*There is also a dinner buffet.
Main Building 29F Chinese Cuisine Shukeien
Ryusho course 4,598 yen
[Image 4

A lunch course that combines Shinshu gourmet and Chinese techniques. Following Nozawana yuba rolls and Shinshu Fukumidori chicken sticks, we also have oyaki-style dishes made with vegetables from Nagano and the store’s proud siomai bean paste, and alps salmon and mushrooms raised in the clear waters of Iijima. Seiro-mushi, local simmered noodles “Lomen”, etc. Please enjoy the delicious taste that invites you to travel.
*There is also a dinner course.
Main Building 2F Teppanyaki Tajima
Rich hamburger lunch course 7,000 yen
[Image 5

The main dish for the teppanyaki lunch is a hamburger steak from Kochi-raised Tosa Akaushi. If you take a bite, the juicy gravy and the strong umami unique to red meat will overflow, and it will be a rich taste when mixed with the soft-boiled “Tosa Jiro egg” fried egg. Please enjoy it with a salad containing “Tonbo Namari Bushi” and pot-cooked rice using fragrant rice from Kochi.
*There is also a dinner course.
South Building 4F Japanese Cuisine Kobe Tamura
Wanko soba lunch 5,000 yen
[Image 6

Iwate’s specialty “Wanko soba” is served as much as you like with a sharp homemade soup. In addition, the rich Sendai miso and garlic flavor will whet your appetite “Tofu dengaku”, asparagus and taro-filled “Kitakami croquette”, “Kinkonzuke” that goes well with rice, etc.
Local gourmet such as “Horohorozuke” is one after another. Enjoy the local snack “Biscuit Tempura”!
Main Building 1F Oden Kyowada
Lunch 1,900 yen, Kyowada course 4,800 yen
Main Building 2F Dining Cafe SOCO
Western-style lunch in Kobe 2,800 yen
South Building 4F Sushi Sushiman
Local sushi lunch 4,500 yen
South Building 4F Kobe Kushiage SAKU
Lunch & Dinner ¥6,000
■Collect two stamps and win a wonderful prize! Stamp rally held! One stamp will be stamped per use of the fair menu at the target restaurant. If you collect two stamps, you will win a wonderful prize by lottery.
1. Pair round-trip ticket (choose from 5 cities) ・・・・ 1 pair for 2 people 2. Pair dinner ticket (equivalent to 20,000 yen per pair) ・・・・・・・・ 1 pair for 2 people
3. Pair lunch ticket (equivalent to ¥ 10,000 for 1 group) ・・・・・・・・ 2 groups of 4 people
4. Specialties of each destination city, FDA goods, etc. 15 people [Reservations/Inquiries]
Reservation: You can make a reservation from the hotel official website. https://www.portopia.co.jp/information/detail/154/
Inquiries: Restaurant general information Tel.078-303-5207 (10:00-17:30) *Prices shown include tax and service charge.
※The photograph is an image.
*Restaurant fair “Five FDA Destination Cities Winter Taste Fair” is not eligible for other special offers and benefits.
[Image 7

[About efforts to prevent new coronavirus infections]
Kobe Portopia Hotel has acquired GBAC STAR Facility Accreditation, which certifies that the facility meets international sanitary standards for infectious disease prevention measures, in order to deliver a safe and secure hotel environment to our customers. Details of the initiative → https://www.portopia.co.jp/information/detail/146/

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