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《Studio Onion Group Co., Ltd.》’s 《Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets》 has been certified as an i nternational initiative “SBT (Science Based Targets)”

Studio Onion Co., Ltd.
《Studio Onion Group Co., Ltd.》’s 《Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Targets》 has been certified as an international initiative “SBT (Science Based Targets)”

Our company’s greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets for 2030 set by 《Studio Onion Group Co., Ltd. (Studio Onion Co., Ltd., Sorairo Farm Co., Ltd.)》 were recognized as scientifically based. In August 2022, we acquired the certification of the international initiative “SBT Initiative (Science Based Targets)”. 》
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〇 About SBT
SBT (Science Based Targets) refers to targets for reducing greenhouse gas emissions imposed on companies. In order to achieve the goal of keeping the increase in the global average temperature below 2°C as set forth in the Paris Agreement, companies will set medium- to long-term greenhouse gas reduction targets that are consistent with the required levels, and the society that these targets will represent. It is a framework that encourages goal setting that contributes to the realization of
Through our corporate activities, we will work to solve social issues and contribute to the following goals of the SDGs.
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-Efforts against global warming-
・Understanding the company’s energy consumption to achieve carbon neutrality ・Promote the 3Rs, such as waste reduction and separation.
・Proactively implement initiatives to increase plants
-Work-Life Balance-
・No discrimination in hiring or evaluation
・In order to create a comfortable workplace, we will periodically review the system for taking vacations, reducing overtime work, and enhancing welfare and welfare.
-Provision of eco-friendly products and services-
・Active use of biomass and biodegradable materials
・Take measures to reduce food loss
Studio Onion Co., Ltd. delivers products nationwide based on the philosophy of “Challenge for Create Circulation”.
In addition to delivering good products to our customers, we will promote initiatives to create a recycling-oriented society and take on the challenge of achieving the SDGs.
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[Image 5d60939-3-beb19172c366b2942871-12.jpg&s3=60939-3-e69b494b711005174d0539a1635701f0-1774x2364.jpg
-Picture-President: Mizuki Doi
-Company Profile-
Company name: Studio Onion Co., Ltd.
Representative: Mizuki Doi, President and Representative Director Office name/address: Headquarters Gifu Station Building 305, 6-21 Kanamachi, Gifu City, Gifu Prefecture
Company website URL:

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