【bayfm78】 The theme is “Yakiniku!” / October 23rd (Sun) “SUNDAY STEPPER”

The theme is “Yakiniku!” You can also enjoy Iwatani’s “cassette gas robatayaki”, where you can enjoy authentic yakiniku at home! / October 23rd (Sun) “SUNDAY STEPPER”
Every Sunday 6:30~7:41 “SUNDAY STEPPER” DJ: Rino Ayame

In the morning when you are traveling or in the middle of the outdoors, in the morning when you turn on the switch and start moving. Rino Ayame delivers pleasant music and active hints on Sunday mornings when you take a new step in various scenes. We will support you who are “SUNDAY STEPPER”!
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[Listen to the program: https://link.bayfm.co.jp/3yoeCAm]
The theme for October 23rd (Sun) is “Yakiniku!” Misuji, Subton, Kainomi, Ichibo… From your favorite part to sauce and salt! Let’s get excited about your favorite meat with teppan story! We are also waiting for your favorite yakiniku restaurant information. -Present-
Rino Ayame also loves it! One person will receive a gift of Iwatani’s “Cassette Gas Robatayaki”, where you can enjoy authentic yakiniku at home!
Click here for details: https://link.bayfm.co.jp/3T46Wv2
Program name: “SUNDAY STEPPER”
Broadcasting station: bayfm78
Broadcast date and time: Every Sunday from 6:30 to 7:41
Cast: Rino Ayame
Program homepage: https://link.bayfm.co.jp/3JtUYp7
Official Twitter: https://link.bayfm.co.jp/3Kgwf9K

During the period from October 17th (Monday) to October 23rd (Sunday), there will be plenty of special projects such as guests for each program and gifts! !
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Follow the target SNS and apply for a chance to win bayfm select products! In addition, there are plenty of special projects such as guests for each program and gifts during the period! !
Click here for details: https://link.bayfm.co.jp/3CeSsml
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