10/1 Enforcement support for postpartum papa childcare leave (childcare leave at birth) promotion! Started pr oviding “TUMUGU”, a welfare service specializing in life stages

QOOL Career Co., Ltd.
[10/1 Enforcement support for postpartum papa childcare leave (childcare leave at birth) promotion! ] Started providing “TUMUGU”, a welfare service specializing in life stages
Limited to 50 companies, no introduction fee, no usage fee for 3 months campaign
QOOL Career Co., Ltd. (Head office: 2-12-28 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 5th floor, Aoyama Building, Representative: Yasuko Yamanaka) ) is a life stage-specific welfare service that allows companies to share physical and mental care before and after pregnancy, product discounts, and ready-to-work personnel who can work for a limited time in place of employees on childcare leave. TUMUGU” has started on Saturday, October 1, 2022.
TUMUGU: https://tumugu-service.jp/

Free introduction fee, free usage fee for 3 months campaign! * First 50 companies, maximum 200 people per company
Service features
1. Life stage-specific welfare services
・Expense discounts for test kits that can be done at home such as bridal checks, egg freezing, and postpartum care
・Providing supplements that provide the necessary nutrients during pregnancy, postpartum, menopause, etc., meals for single people, baby food for children, etc. at special prices
・Provide individual consultation services to specialists necessary for each life stage, such as registered dietitians, pharmacists, fertility meisters, nursery teachers, nurses, and financial planners.
2. Provision of maternity and childcare leave supporters
Instead of employees taking maternity leave, we will create an environment that allows employees to take maternity leave and return to work with peace of mind by sharing within the service-using company a ready-to-work force that will be active for a limited time. *1: Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare “Guidance on Points to Revise the Child Care and Family Care Leave Act”
* 2: Aimitsu SaaS “Market price of package plan average cost of welfare program agency”
◆ Examples of menus that can be used by introducing companies ・ All employees will purchase supplements and products for dads and moms for health care, pregnancy, and childcare at special prices. ・Experts necessary for each life stage (administrative dietitian, pharmacist, fertility meister, fertility treatment insurance specialist, baby food advisor, infant food advisor, nursery teacher, childcare therapist, baby massage instructor, beautician, hair diagnostician, We can provide a free individual consultation window for financial planners, etc.
・It is possible to send gifts such as services from affiliated companies and maternity/baby goods to employees on their birthdays, their family anniversaries, the expected date of childbirth, and the date of birth.
・ For those who are considering returning to work after childcare leave, we can guide you about participating in the daddy mom community and the mentor system.
・You can participate in seminars about prenatal and postnatal issues and women’s specific concerns.
In addition, you can also use the Human Resources Department consultation desk for changes in the system for women’s active participation and male childcare leave.
Through these “TUMUGU” menus, companies can support and support their employees’ private lives, making it possible to provide support according to individual life stages and securing diverse human resources.
Recruitment of listed companies and participating clinics in the free quota We are looking for participation of companies that provide services and products that match the life stages of women, as well as clinics that we want expectant mothers and dads to know about.
Through “TUMUGU”, it is possible to provide service promotion, sampling, and seminars free of charge to personnel and employees of various companies.
Click here for inquiries: https://career.qo-ol.jp/tumugu/
◆Company Profile
Company name: QOOL Career Co., Ltd.
HP: https://career.qo-ol.jp/
Location: 5th floor of Aoyama Building, 2-12-28 Kita-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Established: December 2020
Business: Career support business
Representative Director: Yasuko Yamanaka
◆ Media inquiries
QOOL Career Co., Ltd. Public Relations Manager
* For non-media customers, please contact us from the inquiry on the homepage.

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