11/10 Held To EC where you can immediately try future measures! The story behind the introduction and operation of Shopify, which is chosen by enterprises for its stability and scalability

Social PLUS Co., Ltd.
[11/10 Held] To EC where you can immediately try future measures! The story behind the introduction and operation of Shopify, which is chosen by enterprises for its stability and scalability

On November 10, 2022 (Thursday), we will inform you of a follow-up report on the content of the presentation at the “Shopify
Plus-Approaching the frontline of LINE utilization! Frontline case seminar” (organized by Social PLUS Co., Ltd.).
Mr. Izumi from Shopify Japan Co., Ltd., Mr. Yamaoka from Weblife Co., Ltd., who is certified as a Shopify Plus Partner, and Mr. Kono from Fracta Co., Ltd. will give the opening talk of this seminar. “Difference between successful EC and sluggish EC” “Reasons why Shopify is chosen from an enterprise perspective” “Problem solving experience in new launch / replacement” “Interesting examples of Shopify Plus merchant measures” “Customization examples that should be avoided” ”, We will talk about the real know-how unique to the site that has supported many introductions of Shopify Plus.
This lecture is recommended for those who are considering establishing a new site on Shopify Plus or replacing another cart system, or for those who are already using Shopify and are considering upgrading. [Image 1d85682-50-a87a181b50175c4736e1-0.png&s3=85682-50-c6aa3dac963fceee2b09deb3c7751106-1200x630.png
Click here for details and application:
Overview of this seminar
Date: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 14:00-17:00 (doors open at 13:30) Venue: Ochanomizu Sola City Conference Center (https://solacity.jp/access/) Capacity: 250 people *The maximum capacity is 624 people.
Participation fee: Free
Opening talk “To EC where future measures can be tried immediately! The story behind the introduction and operation of Shopify, which is chosen by enterprises for its stability and scalability”
Canada’s multi-channel commerce platform “Shopify”, which has been introduced in Japan in recent years, is attractive for its high flexibility and scalability that allows you to easily customize your store by installing an app.
Among them, “Shopify Plus (https://www.shopify.com/jp/plus)”, which is the top plan, has the most functions, and the number of introduction and utilization cases in Japan such as “Francfranc official online shop” is increasing.
In this part, we will talk about the three companies that have supported many implementations of Shopify and Shopify Plus.
The difference between successful EC and sluggish EC
Why choose Shopify from an enterprise perspective
Problem-solving experiences in new startup/replacement
Interesting examples of Shopify Plus merchants
Examples of customizations you should avoid that erase Shopify’s strengths And so on in a dialogue format. Please come and visit us at this opportunity. ■ Recommended for people like this
Those who are considering setting up a new site on Shopify Plus Those who are considering replacing other cart systems with Shopify Plus Those who are already using Shopify and are considering upgrading Overall seminar program
[Image 2d85682-50-2322fd2e6a36ded5db3c-1.png&s3=85682-50-869fd0b0e64ad1b8582a9698db0dd292-1200x630.png
Click here for the event site: https://socialplus.jp/seminar/form_20221110 Opening talk “To EC where future measures can be tried immediately! The story behind the introduction and operation of Shopify, which is chosen by enterprises for its stability and scalability”
Yoshimasa Yamaoka (Representative Director, Weblife Co., Ltd.) Takanobu Kawano (President, Fracta Inc.)
Takafumi Izumi (Senior Business Development Manager, Shopify Japan Co., Ltd.) Part 1 “Anatomy of 6 million monthly LINE message delivery!
Personalization using customer and purchase data realized by Francfranc”
Keiji Takemoto (Francfranc Co., Ltd. WEB EC Department Web Promotion Section) Kazuhaya Okada (President, Social PLUS Co., Ltd.)
Part 2 “Realization of data unification without individual
development! BAKE store / EC cooperation and LINE utilization” Moe Kitamura (BAKE Brand Platform Division)
Tatsufumi Miyazawa (Smaregi Sales Co., Ltd.)
Takeshi Igata (Feedforce AppUnity Team)
Kazuhaya Okada (President of Social PLUS Co., Ltd.)
Part 3 “Regular purchase × Realized with LINE! A “convenient and secure” purchasing experience delivered by D2C homeal, an infant food” Sho Kikai (CEO, homeal Co., Ltd.)
Yusuke Ando (CEO, Huckleberry Co., Ltd.)
Keisuke Aizawa (VP of Business development, OpenLogi Co., Ltd.) Yutaka Kawai (Social PLUS Customer Success Team)
Web Life Co., Ltd. Company Profile
In 2007, he established Weblife Japan Co., Ltd. and used EC-CUBE to support the operation of EC sites. Since 2017, we have expanded the business of building EC sites centered on Shopify, becoming an official Shopify Plus partner, and in 2021 we will be awarded Plus Partner of the Year. In 2022, the three companies will merge and Weblife Co., Ltd. will develop the D2C EC solution business “BiNDec” centered on Shopify.
Representatives: Takahito Kumazaki, Yoshimasa Yamaoka, Representative Director Location: Kawakami Building 6F, 2-22-17 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo Business description: Planning and development/sales and operation consulting, etc. in SaaS business such as EC/CMS
Website: https://web-life.co.jp/
Fracta Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Fracta Co., Ltd. is a total branding partner that supports
self-propelled brands. With the vision of “Brands into the culture of the future”, we will support the challenges of brands with the power of technology and design. We have been certified as a Shopify Plus Partner in October 2019, and have extensive experience in branding and construction consulting on Shopify. Together we will give form to your thoughts that you want to deliver directly to your customers. Representative: Takanobu Kawano, President and Representative Director Head office location: N5F/S5F, N.E.S Building, 22-14 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031
Business: Brand strategy design, EC site construction support and creative production in line with brand strategy, Shopify consulting, Internet service business
URL: https://fracta.co.jp/
Official note: https://note.fracta.co.jp/
Shopify Japan Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Founded in Ottawa, Canada, Shopify is the world’s leading commerce platform that provides all the services essential to commerce and keeps updating. Deployed in 175 countries around the world, under the mission of “Better commerce experience for all customers”, closer to customers in various channels such as digital, stores, social media, more sophisticated shopping experience We continue to update daily to provide
Representative: Makoto Taihara, Japan Country Manager
Head office location: 6-12-18 Jingumae, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
Website: https://www.shopify.jp/
Social PLUS Co., Ltd. Company Profile
Social PLUS Co., Ltd. is a subsidiary of FeedForce Group Co., Ltd. We develop and provide SaaS “Social PLUS” that allows easy introduction of ID linkage and social login. In December 2020, the Shopify app version was also released, and in December 2021, the name of the app was renewed to “CRM PLUS on LINE”. We will continue to strive for further business growth under the mission of “connecting people and brands and enriching the customer experience”.
Company name: Social PLUS Co., Ltd.
Location: Yushima First Building 5F, 3-19-11 Yushima, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo Representative: Kazehaya Okada, Representative Director
Business description: SaaS business centered on ID linkage / social login URL: https://socialplus.jp/corporate/company/
– Inquiries regarding this matter –
Social PLUS Co., Ltd.
Person in charge: Onishi
Email: pr@socialplus.jp
Details about this release:


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    آن‌ها خواهیم پرداخت. الکتروتراپی با استفاده از دستگاه‌ های ویژه‌ ی ای، باعث قوی نمودن (تقویت) فرد بیمار شده و این دستگاه‌ ها با تولید امواجی همچون امواج کوتاه رادیویی، امواج مافوق صوت، امواج الکتریکی
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    با گرفتن تخصص پزشکی قانونی می توانید در سازمان نظام پزشکی وابسته
    به قوه قضاییه استخدام شوید و یا در بیمارستان های تابع
    وزارت بهداشت به عنوان پزشک مسمومین و
    مسئول فنی و مشکلات قضایی بیمارستانها مشغول به کار گردید.
    برای بیمارانی که به دلیل ناتوانی جسمی
    نمی توانند به بیمارستان بروند یا حوصله ماندن در ترافیک را ندارند بهترین راه
    حل اینه که پزشک را به منزل خود ببرید و درمان را در منزل انجام دهید و اقدامات درمانی لازم همان جا صورت پذیرد .

    از تیغ‌ های الکترونیکی استفاده
    کنید و پس از چندین بار مصرف، آن‌ها را تمیز کرده و حتی می‌توانید بیمار را به آرایشگاه‌ ها یا پیرایشگاه ها ببرید.
    باید امیدوار باشید تا از طریق
    به زندگی مجدد این بیماران معنا و مفهومی
    جدید خواهید بخشید. این کار سبب
    میشود تا فرد نسبت به برنامه های از پیش تعیین شده، واکنشی مثبت نشان داده و آنها
    را در خاطر بسپارد. به تمامی حرف های او دقت کنید،
    حتی اگر حرف های او با عقل جور در نمی آمد.

    سعی کنید برای ارتباطی دو
    طرفه و موثر صبوری کرده و تمامی راه های
    ممکن را امتحان کنید. به صورت کامل توجه فرد را به
    خود جلب کرده و ارتباط چشمی را حفظ کنید.

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