12,980 yen for 100 people! EraL has started a special monitor campaign where you can try popular products

Earl Co., Ltd.
[12,980 yen for 100 people! ] EraL has started a special monitor campaign where you can try popular products

Eral Co., Ltd. (Location: Minato-ku, Tokyo, President: Kazuhisa Tatsumura), which sells cosmetics for beauty salons, is a special monitor campaign where you can try trial products of seven popular Eral products, including the best cosmetics award-winning products. will be implemented.
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■ About the special monitor campaign
Campaign page URL: https://bit.ly/3BJ6fQz
Recruitment period: October 3 (Monday) to November 30 (Wednesday), 2022 Number of monitors: 100
Monitor conditions: Those who use the product and can answer the questionnaire Monitor products: 7 products worth a total of 12,980 yen
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(From the left of the photo)
・Earl Scalp Shampoo [Quasi-drug]
 3 trial sizes, 95mL each
Scalp/Balance/Mild [Quasi-drug]
・Homme Prime Scalp Shampoo [Quasi-drug]
 Trial size 1 type 95mL
・Earl Repair Treatment Trial size 3 types 100g each
* Please check the campaign page for other details.
■ About Earl
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“Iral” was born in 2010 as a brand that combines the power of plants and the power of science to focus on aging care* for the scalp and hair tailored to Japanese people. The unique method “Head Cure”, which can only be received at Eral Salon, and the product that creates a certain feeling, have won high support from customers who have trouble with their scalp, and have established a unique position among beauty salon products. rice field.
*Care according to age
■ About head cure
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Eral original method. The purpose is to prepare the foundation for beautiful hair by preparing the scalp environment. Composed of 16 original processes, it is characterized by approaching muscles. It has also been confirmed to have effects such as improving brain function. Head cures can only be performed by certified staff called “cureists” at Eral Salon. Cureists are specialists with specialized knowledge and high technical skills.
Click here to search for Eral salon → https://eral.co.jp/salon * Brand name of quasi-drugs
・Earl Scalp Shampoo [Quasi-drug]
Brand name: Scalp Shampoo E4
・Earl Scalp Shampoo Balance [Quasi-drug]
Brand name: Scalp Shampoo ES4
・Earl Scalp Shampoo Mild [Quasi-drug]
Brand name: Eral Pure Shampoo Scalp Mild
・ Homme Prime Scalp Shampoo [Quasi-drug]
Brand name: Scalp Shampoo NC4

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