2022 fixed-point survey 3 years in a row! Google Maps is the most used map app! Effective reports on map app usage trends

Effective Co., Ltd.
[2022 fixed-point survey] 3 years in a row! Google Maps is the most used map app! Effective reports on map app usage trends

Effective Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Michiaki Tanaka), which supports Google Maps word-of-mouth management and DX conversion of MEO measures, will start on August 19, 2022 (Friday) regarding the use of map apps. We conducted a survey.
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■ Survey background
In recent years, map apps have been attracting attention as an excellent customer-attracting channel that goes beyond the framework of “maps” and can transmit information such as posted store
information to users.
For example, on Google Maps, users can see photos of products and stores on the store page, as well as reviews and reviews from customers who have already visited the store. On the other hand, the store side can make the target users in the commercial area aware of the store directly, so it is possible to acquire customers by optimizing the registration information on Google Maps and approaching users with a high probability of coming to the store. increase. Against this background, we conducted a questionnaire survey of users on the usage status of the map application, what purpose they use it for, and the points that determine the store.
・3 years in a row! Google Maps is the most used map application. About 70% or more people have used it!
・The number one purpose of using a map app is “Use as a route search or car navigation system”
・ When users decide on a shop, they place importance on “the number of review stars” and “the amount of registered information”
・”Tabelog” is overwhelmingly popular as a reference source for choosing restaurants, cafes, and other eating and drinking
■ “Survey on the use of map apps” report
What map apps have you used?
Google Maps is the most used map app! About 70% or more have experience of using Continuing from the results of last year’s survey, “Google Maps” came in first place, with a gap of more than 70 points from second place “Yahoo! MAP”. “Google Maps” seems to have established a position as “Google Maps when it comes to map apps” among users due to its overwhelming recognition.
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What do you use map apps for?
The first purpose of use of the map application is “use for route search and car navigation”, and the second place is “use for checking store information”.
“Use as a route search or car navigation system” ranked first, followed by “confirmation of store information (address, location, etc.)”. Since many of them check the information of the store, it is considered necessary to send the latest information such as business hours and holidays.
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Please tell us the decisive points when deciding on a shop.
The point to decide the shop is “the number of stars in the review” is the first place! Next, “Registered information amount” is also emphasized
“Number of star reviews” ranked first with 24.8%. In addition, you can see that there are many users who refer to “the amount of registered information”. Stores need to provide potential users with the most up-to-date and optimal information that will make them want to visit the store on a daily basis.
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Which services do you refer to when choosing restaurants, cafes, and other eating and drinking establishments?
Popularity is the gourmet site “Tabelog” with 47.2 million monthly reviews! Note 1)
“Tabelog” ranked first with 36.7%, and “Google Maps” ranked third with 25.8%, indicating that “tabelog” is still very popular. It became a hot topic in June this year that the calculation procedure for the evaluation score was not disclosed, but there is no change in the fact that “word of mouth” and “reviews” are important indicators for users when choosing a restaurant.
Note 1) Kakaku.com press release “Tabelog 100 Famous Yakiniku Restaurants 2022” tabelog overview
https://corporate.kakaku.com/press/release/20220823 2022.9.5 [Image 5

■Survey overview
Research source: Macromill researched at the request of Effective Co., Ltd. Number of people surveyed: 330 people
Survey target: Men and women in their teens to 50s nationwide Survey period: Friday, August 19, 2022
Research method: Internet research
■ About the importance of word-of-mouth and reviews on Google Maps For the third year in a row, Google Maps has been the most popular map app. In addition, it was found that users place importance on “the number of stars in reviews” and “the amount of registered information” as points for deciding on a store.
As if to support the results, when choosing eating and drinking facilities such as restaurants and cafes, the gourmet site “Tabelog” ranked first, and “Google Maps” ranked third. Did.
In a Google survey, it was reported that 41% visited stores within 24 hours after searching for a system “local search” that displays stores close to the current location of the person searching. Taking measures such as expanding information will lead to an increase in the number of customers and the rate of visits.
Effective provides a SaaS-type cloud service “Location Connect” (patent pending) that converts Google business profile operation into DX. One-stop support is possible. Please take this opportunity to improve your reviews.
MEO tool for multiple stores “Location Connect”:
■ Introduction example
BeBloom Co., Ltd.:
Jansand Co., Ltd.
■ About Effective Co., Ltd.
Leveraging our track record of attracting more than 30,000 stores to increase the number of customers visiting stores via Google Maps EFFECTUAL’s company mission is to “create an infrastructure that allows customers to experience the value of products and services”. “Location Connect” (patent pending) provided by Effective is a SaaS-type cloud service that converts Google Business Profile operation into DX, which has been introduced in about 30,000 stores, from individual stores to companies with multiple stores. We can provide one-stop support for effective Google business profile management, MEO measures, and Google word-of-mouth management. In recent years, the operation of Google Business Profiles and the in-house implementation of MEO measures have progressed in companies that operate multiple stores, and the workload for operating Google Business Profiles has increased. Effectiveual solves these business issues. We provide solutions for
◼︎Company profile
Company name: Effective Co., Ltd.
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Business content: Support for attracting customers to stores using the Internet, support for SNS operation, review and word-of-mouth management, WEB risk management, tool development and provision URL: https://effectual.co.jp/
Representative: Representative Director Michiaki Tanaka
Founded: November 25, 2014
Capital: 389,834,880 yen (including capital surplus)
Location: 5F 7th SY Building, 3-4-7 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo 107-0062 Business hours: Weekdays 10:00 to 19:00 / Closed on weekends and holidays Phone number: 03-6447-2175
Fax: 03-6447-2965
[Service site]
MEO countermeasure tool for multiple stores “Location Connect”: http://www.location-connect.net/
Location business media “Rokekone”: https://location-connect.com/ Review management tool “Hoshitorn”: https://effectual-hoshitorn.com/ [Image 7

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