2023 version Started providing a system for accepting reservations for office visits and office visits for tax return consultation desks

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[2023 version] Started providing a system for accepting reservations for office visits and office visits for tax return consultation desks The RESERVA reservation management system, which supports the digital transformation of government offices, has been introduced in more than 450 municipalities, including central government agencies, local governments, corona vaccinations, and local government events.
Control Technology Co., Ltd. provides Japan’s largest reservation management system “RESERVA (https://reserva.be/)”, which is also used by city halls, ward offices, public facilities, and tax offices. We have a track record of implementation. This time, we have released a reservation system specializing in the “tax return consultation desk” for the tax return in 2023.
Click here to create a free administrative service reservation site specializing in tax return consultation desks ↓
https://lp.reserva.be/reservation/government-service/final-tax-return-consultation-service/ “RESERVA” makes it easy to manage visits to the tax return consultation desk [Image 1d49555-207-60ce562db47e5feca8d4-0.jpg&s3=49555-207-e67122958b148ead039c5bb4f8628858-730x384.jpg
The tax return for 2022, which will be submitted in 2023, is scheduled to be filed from February 16, 2023 to March 15, 2023. During this period, it is expected that the consultation desks at city halls and tax offices, as well as the reception desks for tax returns, will be crowded. As of October 2022, the new coronavirus, centered on Omicron strains, is still raging, and we will continue to limit the number of people by making advance reservations to avoid the 3 Cs (closed, crowded, and close-contact settings), and improving the efficiency of the reception system. is asked.
In order to promote operational efficiency at the tax return consultation desk, we have started providing a reservation system specialized for the “tax return consultation desk”. Consultation on final tax returns requires sufficient interview time, and depending on the content of the consultation, there are cases where you cannot receive an answer on the spot. By introducing this system and using various functions, it is possible to avoid congestion at the counter and improve convenience, increasing the satisfaction of applicants, while at the same time contributing to the efficiency of local government operations and the promotion of DX. increase.
■ Sample screen of the reservation system “RESERVA” corresponding to the tax return consultation desk
[Image 2d49555-207-c18a487a7e45183f1a22-2.jpg&s3=49555-207-85af77ec126670dadef116de5378d42d-1570x826.jpg
* Supports multiple devices such as PCs, smartphones, and tablets, and realizes a reservation reception system 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
Please check the following for the creation of a government service reservation site specializing in the tax return consultation desk.
https://lp.reserva.be/reservation/government-service/final-tax-return-consultation-service/ For local governments, specialized consultants provide introduction support. Please feel free to contact us from the following for consultation about introduction.

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