2nd Started “Cheer Drive” stock investment type crowdfunding operated by “Cheer Drive”, a next-generat ion PR platform using automobiles as a medium

Cheer Drive Co., Ltd.
[2nd] Started “Cheer Drive” stock investment type crowdfunding operated by “Cheer Drive”, a next-generation PR platform using automobiles as a medium
~More than 18,000 registered drivers / Utilized by listed companies, local governments, and J1 teams~

Cheer Drive Co., Ltd. operates a PR platform business “Cheer Drive” that utilizes ordinary cars with the aim of creating a system that allows general consumers to receive the benefits of domestic advertising costs, which are said to be approximately 6 trillion yen annually. (Tokyo Representative Director: Masataka Hoshina) has announced that it will start accepting investment applications from October 18, 2022 (Tuesday) on the stock investment type crowdfunding service “FUNDINNO”. increase.
*There is a shareholder benefit for this project. (We offer a special offer that allows you to experience the new function “Cheer Drive” at a great price.
*We are a company that has confirmed the application of the angel tax system. [Our project page] https://fundinno.com/projects/421
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About our project and the purpose of crowdfunding
We would like to widely establish a system where general consumers who contribute to companies through consumption can benefit from corporate PR.
Chia Drive Co., Ltd. utilizes approximately 60 million general automobiles in Japan (Source: General Incorporated Foundation Automobile Inspection and Registration Information Association “Number of automobiles owned-as of the end of October 2021-”) as a PR medium. Drivers put stickers of their favorite companies, services, and content on their cars and have them cheer them on while driving. By doing so, we would like to provide companies with high promotional effects, such as acquiring reach (ad contact) at low unit prices and creating topics on SNS.
“Cheer Drive” is designed so that fans who play the role of drivers can receive various benefits from the companies they support. We believe that we can make the most of this mechanism and in the future create a worldview where drivers who participate in the campaign will constantly receive additional income and benefits, and as a result, they will be able to enjoy free gasoline. , we will strive to improve the social value of our business.
From October 11, 2022, we aim to start a new service that utilizes personal light freight vehicles and taxi vehicles in Tokyo within the year, and start services for rental cars, car sharing, and truck transportation companies. We have started pre-disclosure of
recruitment information for stock investment type crowdfunding FUNDINNO. With this funding, we will enhance our capital strength and lead to business growth. The application period is from October 18, 2022 to October 21, 2022, and the maximum application amount is 39,996,000 yen (99,000 yen per unit, up to 5 units per person). [Image 2

The strength of Cheer Drive is that “Cheer Drive” has steadily acquired a large number of clients, including major companies, since its release in March 2021. Specifically, we have a track record of campaigns in a variety of genres involving fans, including major entertainment companies such as games and animation, professional sports teams and artists, as well as education, IT services, and PC manufacturers. So far, most of our clients have opted for ‘supported’ campaigns. This is because there is no alternative to using assets other than money for promotion, and we are proud that it speaks to the uniqueness of “Cheer Drive”. Based on these achievements, we will continue to clarify our targets and integrate agency sales and SNS promotions to efficiently acquire clients.
In the future, we will create a world view where gasoline is free and introduce a subscription model for both companies and drivers. In addition, we will refine our services in Japan and grow as a company by aiming to expand Cheer Drive overseas.
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Company Profile
・ Company name: Cheer Drive Co., Ltd.
・ Location: Town Heights Ginza 406, 7-15-8 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo ・Representative: Masataka Hoshina
・Established: August 2020
・ Business description: Operation of “Cheer Drive”, a mutual support service for general drivers and companies
・ URL: https://cheerdrive.jp
[Press Inquiries] Cheer Drive Co., Ltd. / Public Relations:
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