3M Co., Ltd. November 11th is mirror day Survey on whether you usually carry a mirror with you and how many mirrors you have at home

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November 11th is Mirror Day Survey on whether people usually carry mirrors with them and how many mirrors they have at home

November 11th is Mirror Day. It is a pun of “nice (11) mirror (30)” and was enacted from the day aiming for a healthy and beautiful life, valuing mirrors.
I think that I usually use it casually to check my appearance. In particular, many young people, such as high school girls and college students, often look in the mirror to check their appearance. However, as we age, many people develop spots and wrinkles on their skin, as well as more gray hair.
Therefore, Kiwabi (3M Co., Ltd. https://jp-shop.kiwabi.com/), which provides a hair care series for gray hair at bath time, Root Vanish, has decided to take into account the day of the mirror, “Frequency of looking in the mirror and proportion of carrying around. We conducted various questionnaire surveys on the theme of It is natural for young children to carry a mirror around, but does it become less common as they get older? We conducted a survey from the question. Please take a look to the end.
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1. Percentage of people who think that they often look in the mirror At Kiwami, we conducted a survey asking, “Do you think you tend to look in the mirror?” Then, 6% of the respondents answered that they “frequently” and 38% answered that they “see it often”.
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In addition, 49% of the respondents answered that they “do not see much”, and 7% answered “rarely”.
Overall, the number of people who do not look at mirrors is slightly higher than that of people who do not look at mirrors. As adults, there are people who look in the mirror when they have the opportunity to take care of their appearance, but they don’t seem to consciously look in the mirror when they don’t have anything to do.
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We also asked, “Do you carry a mirror around?”
Many people feel that they don’t need mirrors when they go out, because they don’t have the opportunity to look in the mirror very often, and because mirrors are often installed in toilets and other places.
2. About the number of mirrors you have
We learned from the previous survey that many people don’t have the habit of looking at mirrors, but how many mirrors do you have on a daily basis?
Therefore, I conducted a questionnaire asking, “How many mirrors do you have on a daily basis?” Then, the most common result was “~ 3”, which was 79%.
[Image 4

The next most common answer was “4 to 6” at 12%. By the way, I prepared more than 7 questions, but no one answered.
It seems that many people have a large mirror to check their appearance in the morning and a hand mirror that makes it easy to apply makeup. Besides, it seems to be the difference between having a mirror to carry around and not having one.
Did you all have a number close to this result?
3.Introducing what we are particular about when using mirrors I think that most people use mirrors to check their appearance, but some people seem to be particular about how to use them because they look at them several times every day.
Therefore, we asked everyone about their commitment when using mirrors. Each of them had their own preferences, so I would like to introduce a little.

I’ve been using Hello Kitty’s compact mirror since I was in high school, and it’s convenient because it has a comb.
When I cut my eyebrows or shave my face, I use a clip-type desk light to brighten my work.
Before going out, I check my bust-up by using a three-sided mirror with a magnifying function in the washroom.
I keep wiping it down to keep it clean.
Check your pores by looking in a mirror with a magnifying glass. Use a mirror with a light when applying makeup. I also ordered the washbasin with a light so that it would be easier to see.
The shape is unique and I use something that makes me feel happy. There was such a discerning usage. When you look in the mirror, brightly illuminate it, or use a unique mirror that makes you feel happy just by using it.
4. Summary
I think most people casually look at mirrors every day, but I found that not many people carry them around. However, it is becoming more common for people in the A4 generation to accidentally see gray hair when they look in the mirror while out and about.
At that time, you want to take care of your gray hair quickly. In that case, I think Kiwami’s “Root Vanish Coloring Brush” will be useful. It is convenient because you can easily hide gray hair with a single application. It can be carried in a pouch.
Also, for daily care, try Kiwami’s gray hair dye series “Root Vanish” to maintain healthy hair with hair care.
Kiwabi’s treatments are additive-free products that do not use parabens, fragrances, mineral oils, silicones, etc., and are gentle on the hair.
You can apply for Kiwabi from the direct sales site
Please see here for other research by Kiwami.
[Survey overview]
・Survey period October 2022
・Investigation agency CrowdWorks Co., Ltd.
・ Survey target 100 men and women in their 20s to 50s
・Number of valid responses: 100
・Survey method Questionnaire survey by Internet crowdsourcing site “Crowdworks” Details about this release:


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