3rd in Aichi Prefecture! From November 2022, trial introduction of disposable diaper subscription “Hands-fr ee” will start at Toyota City Public Children’s Center in Aichi Prefecture.

BABY JOB Co., Ltd.
[3rd in Aichi Prefecture! ] From November 2022, trial introduction of disposable diaper subscription “Hands-free” will start at Toyota City Public Children’s Center in Aichi Prefecture.
~ Supporting parents and nursery teachers through public-private partnership ~
BABY JOB Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture, hereinafter referred to as BABY JOB Co., Ltd.) is a fixed-price service for disposable diapers for nursery facilities provided by Unicharm Co., Ltd. and Unicharm Co., Ltd. at public children’s institutions in Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture. We are pleased to inform you that the trial introduction of will be implemented for two months from November 2022. In Aichi Prefecture, it will be the third after Toyohashi City and Handa City.
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From November 2022, in order to reduce the burden on parents and improve the work efficiency of childcare sites, Toyota City, Aichi Prefecture, will conduct a trial introduction of a flat-rate diaper service “Hands-free entry” for two months. .
The trial introduction will be implemented at all 37 public children’s centers in Toyota City where infants are enrolled. During the period, diapers and wipes will be delivered directly to the children’s garden and you can use it as much as you want in the garden. We will cover all costs.
Until now, parents had to write their child’s name on each disposable diaper and bring 5 to 6 diapers to the kindergarten every day, which was a heavy burden for parents who were busy raising children and working. rice field. In addition, for the kindergarten side, having to write the name on the disposable diapers and having them bring it to the kindergarten had to be managed individually for each child, which was a burden on the work.
With the introduction of “empty-handed”, disposable diapers will be delivered directly to the nursery school, saving parents the trouble of writing their names and bringing them with them. In addition, since the nursery school does not have to manage disposable diapers individually, the burden on nursery teachers is reduced and they can spend more time with their children.
[Comment on trial introduction]
Mr. Ryuji Kuroyanagi, Manager, Childcare Division, Toyota City Children’s Department
“By reducing the day-to-day burden on parents and reducing the work burden on childcare sites, we hope that we will have more time to spend with our children, which will lead to further child-rearing support and improved quality of childcare. I decided to start.” Reference: Local government-led introduction of “going empty-handed” to public childcare facilities
Shibuya Ward, Tokyo Example: https://tebura-touen.com/column/archives/3693 Urayasu City, Chiba Example: https://tebura-touen.com/column/archives/3783 Hirakata City, Osaka Example: https://tebura-touen.com/column/archives/3792 Nara City, Nara Prefecture Example:
Kahoku City, Ishikawa Prefecture Example:
Tano Town, Kochi Example: https://tebura-touen.com/column/archives/3737 Kawashima Town, Saitama Prefecture Example:
Machida City, Tokyo
Kiyose, Tokyo
Hiratsuka City, Kanagawa Prefecture
Komatsu City, Ishikawa Prefecture
Yachimata City, Chiba Prefecture
Murayama City, Yamagata Prefecture
About empty-handed climbing
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“Tebura Toen” is Japan’s first * 1 subscription that allows you to use disposable diapers as much as you want at nursery facilities. Parents no longer have to handwrite their names on disposable diapers and bring them with them, and nursery teachers no longer have to manage diapers individually. The service started in earnest in July 2019, and is currently (as of June 2022) installed at more than 2,000 facilities. In 2020, it won the Grand Prix of the Japan Subscription Business Awards.
Paper diaper subscription: https://tebura-touen.com/
In addition to disposable diapers, we have started subscribing for disposable cot covers from February 2022. By using the service, parents can reduce the burden of bringing in, taking home, and washing bedding for naps. In addition, it is a service that is hygienic and safe from the perspective of preventing infectious diseases because it is a disposable specification that can be replaced with a new cover if it becomes dirty due to diarrhea or vomiting.
Cot Cover Subscription: https://nap.tebura-touen.com/
*1) BABY JOB research as of 2019
* Hands-free entry (R) is a registered trademark of BABY JOB Co., Ltd. [New service starting in June 2022] Search site for kindergarten facilities for parents “Engaso♪”
“Engaso♪” is an information site that allows parents to easily search for and compare childcare facilities on a map. You can also apply for a tour with a single button on the web, reducing the burden of daycare. The service is free of charge.
Engaso♪ HP: https://ensagaso.com/
About BABY JOB Co., Ltd.
In order to realize a society where all people can enjoy raising children, we are a company that is working to solve social issues related to child-rearing, centering on the flat-rate disposable diaper service “Tebura Toen” for nursery facilities.
■ Name: BABY JOB Co., Ltd.
■ Business content: Childcare facility support business, child care support business
■ Location: 6-7-8 Nishinakajima, Yodogawa Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture ■ Established: October 1, 2018
■ Capital: 100 million yen
■ HP: https://baby-job.co.jp/
■Hands-free climbing service official website: https://tebura-touen.com/ Owned media for nursery teachers “Hands-free entry nursery school column”: https://tebura-touen.com/column/
■ Official Instagram account: https://www.instagram.com/teburatouen/ ■ Official Twitter account: https://twitter.com/teburatouen
■ Search site for kindergartens and nursery schools for parents “Engaso ♪”: https://ensagaso.com

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