410,000 pieces * 1 Developed a wireless type of a popular product! Introducing a new brassiere that responds to customers who want both “bust makeup” and “stress-free”!

Nissen Holdings Co., Ltd.
410,000 pieces * 1 Developed a wireless type of a popular product! Introducing a new brassiere that responds to customers who want both “bust makeup” and “stress-free”!
Ideal bra product sales page: https://www.nissen.co.jp/item/CJC0222E0001
Nissen Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Minami-ku, Kyoto; President: Jun Habuchi) sells women’s underwear “ideal brassiere” and “secret makeup!” From both series of “Wakidaka Soft Molded Brassiere”, we have started selling the wireless type, which has been requested by many customers, on “Nissen Online” (https://www.nissen.co.jp/).
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More than 10 years have passed since the start of sales. Wakidaka Soft Molded Brassiere” series has sold over 220,000 copies (*2). It is a long-selling series that has received support from many customers. In addition, the “Ideal Brassiere” series incorporates many innovations that make it comfortable to wear, using our unique product development technology for plus sizes.
We have developed a new product that allows you to make your bust without wires, in response to customer requests for a more comfortable fit. If you find it difficult to wear an underwire bra, please try it. With the brand message of “Providing the most suitable innerwear that is close to each person’s mind and body,” Nissen Ladies’ Innerwear is thoroughly developing products based on customer feedback, and will continue to listen to customer feedback. We will continue to work together to improve our products.
[Table 2: https://prtimes.jp/data/corp/1066/table/472_1_68c067a68b2e9c989a2a1168774aeb12.jpg ]

“Ideal brassiere” product features
[Image 2d1066-472-b430aeefb184135bbef3-1.png&s3=1066-472-1218faab30920d02156f79203632f62d-1200x400.png
“Ideal compact wire-free brassiere” product introduction
Product name: Smileland’s ideal compact non-wire bra (with molded cups that allow air to pass through + hooks)
The long-awaited wire-free bra is now available in the ideal brassiere popular with plus size women! The L-shaped pattern non-wire makes the bust look compact. Of course, the excellent functions such as perforated cups that reduce stuffiness, mesh tape specifications for the cups, and sweat-absorbing quick-drying mesh fabric on the lining of the cups that feel refreshing against the skin are still the same, making them more comfortable to wear.
[Image 3d1066-472-752ea4e6afd51493ef99-3.png&s3=1066-472-aa3543f05343a9dd44697df4ae797867-1500x1000.png
Item number: CJC0222E0001
Product sales page: https://www.nissen.co.jp/item/CJC0222E0001 Size: 6 sizes (L, LL, 3L, 4L, 5L, 6L)
Color: 2 colors (black, beige)
Base price: ¥3,069 – ¥3,839 (tax included)
“Make up in secret! Side high non-wire molded brassiere” product features

[Image 4d1066-472-2079656da77c4770abab-2.png&s3=1066-472-65f689f9d7f1091f76c15dfab59dde2a-1200x400.png
“Make up in secret! Wakidaka non-wire molded brassiere” product introduction Product name: Make-up in secret! Underarm non-wire molded bra It’s getting a little difficult to get the wire in…
I want a bra that is a little more comfortable…
Recommended for such people.
In order to keep the bust line of “secret makeup” intact even though it is wireless, the lift on the back of the cup and the side of the base have non-woven fabric on the skin side to firmly support the underline.
[Image 5d1066-472-6043f1a0d74cfd8db16b-4.png&s3=1066-472-aa7337fd70d150d4962c8339d2962ab9-1500x1000.png
Item number: DDD0122E0001
Product sales page: https://www.nissen.co.jp/item/DDD0122E0001 Size: 20 sizes (Cup A-F / Under 70-85cm)
Color: 3 colors (dark navy, mauve pink, rose brown)
Base price: ¥1,529 – ¥1,859 (tax included)
Brand information
Nissen inner comprehensive page: https://www.nissen.co.jp/s/inner/ “nissen_inner” official Instagram:
“Nissen Inner Mail Order” Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/nissen_inner ▼ Click here for the press release

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