50% discount Campaign to enjoy delivery-only meal kits developed by Globridge in cooperation with Uber Eats

Globridge Co., Ltd.
[50% discount] Campaign to enjoy delivery-only meal kits developed by Globridge in cooperation with Uber Eats-October 20-November 2-
Globridge Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Makoto Otsuka; hereinafter “Globridge”), which operates the delivery platform service “Neighborhood Kitchen”, is an Uber Eats Japan LLC (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo). , hereinafter “Uber Eats”) We will carry out a campaign where you can try the delivery-only meal kit developed in cooperation with you at a 50% discount (up to 6,600 yen) for orders of 3,000 yen or more. The campaign period is from October 20, 2022 (Thursday) to November 2, 2022 (Wednesday).
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Globridge, which operates the delivery platform service “Neighborhood Kitchen”, has developed a meal kit specializing in delivery with the full cooperation of Uber Eats. ] We have 7 stores.
This time, during the period from October 20, 2022 (Thursday) to November 2, 2022 (Wednesday), when ordering 3,000 yen or more at the target store of “Easy Pro Recipe at Home”, the promotion code [UEGL2210EE ], we will carry out a campaign where the product price will be discounted by 50% (up to 6,600 yen). Please try it during the advantageous period.
Target stores:
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home Kitasenju store URL: https://bit.ly/3Sr5VwK
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home (Meguro location) URL: https://bit.ly/3raeu3j
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home Honancho store URL: https://bit.ly/3r7DPuK
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home (Toyocho location) URL: https://bit.ly/3xUV1aA
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home (Edogawabashi location) URL: https://bit.ly/3fngNNI
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy Pro Recipes at Home (Osaki store) URL: https://bit.ly/3USpMXM
■Store name: Uber Eats-only Easy recipes at home Higashi-Nagasaki store URL: https://bit.ly/3UHXj6Y
*If you wish to order, you need to register as an Uber Eats member. *Business hours and product lineup vary depending on the store. Please check the store page.
*Delivery services are under the jurisdiction of Uber Eats, so there may be cases where it is not posted on the site even during business hours or delivery is not possible even within the delivery area. * Details of campaign notes are listed below.
▼ Uber Blog
Meal kit specialized for delivery
A meal kit is a set of recipes and ingredients, and is commonly known as a product that contains only the necessary amount of ingredients such as fresh vegetables and meat. By adding the effort of cooking by yourself, you can feel that you are making it by hand, so it is accepted by people who are reluctant to use ready-made meals and frozen / retort food, and the market size is FY2024. It is expected to expand to approximately 190 billion yen in 2020.
However, many of the meal kits that have been distributed so far are lineups for families, and it was one of the products that people living alone could not afford. Issues include “restrictions on regular purchases”, “it takes a long time to arrive after ordering”, and “the quantity of each item is large”.
Globridge has developed a delivery-only meal kit that takes advantage of the delivery characteristics, making it possible to deliver a meal of your choice when you want to make it, within an average of 30 minutes.
The product development theme is “restaurant specialty dishes that I wanted to make at home”, and the product categories include Italian, French, Korean, Spanish, and Asian cuisine. “Delivery-only meal kits” that allow any household to enjoy the taste of professionally prepared meals will be widely accepted as a new common sense. The two companies will continue to work together to expand the market so that the spread of this new common sense can spur growth in the delivery market as a whole.
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Because it is one meal, food loss (food loss) is also reduced In recent years, the problem of food loss (food loss) has been attracting attention.・Aims to “halve per capita global food waste” at the consumption level and “reduce food losses in production and supply chains, such as post-harvest losses,” are specifically stated. On the other hand, meal kits are delivered as a set for one meal, so it is also attractive to reduce the waste of each meal and the expiration of seasonings. *One serving will be delivered for 1-2 people depending on the product.
In addition, while environmental pollution caused by marine plastics and the like and the low effective utilization rate of waste plastics are becoming issues worldwide, Globridge, as a top runner in the delivery industry, seeks materials that can reduce the environmental burden as much as possible. Hired. The materials used this time are not illegally felled trees but recycled raw materials, which also leads to the elimination of plastic.
An example of “Easy Pro Recipes at Home” products
We have developed a wide range of products such as pasta, paella, appetizers, and Asian dishes, which have been developed under the theme of “specialty dishes for restaurants that we wanted to try to make at home.” All of them can be easily finished without any sense of challenge such as “it takes time to make at home” or “I don’t have rare seasonings at home”. Please try the “Meal Kit”, which allows you to reproduce the taste of a full-fledged professional by yourself. ・”Professional Easy Recipes at Home” Italian Cooking Kit Example [Image 3

・ An example of a “Professional recipe at home” Spanish cooking kit [Image 4

・ An example of a Korean / Asian cooking kit “Easy Pro Recipe at Home” [Image 5

Campaign notes details:
・For inquiries regarding allergen information, please contact each store directly.
・For inquiries regarding your order, please contact Uber Eats support via the link below.
・Please check here for Globridge Co., Ltd.’s information disclosure under the Specified Commercial Law.
・Please refer to here for information disclosure under the Specified Commercial Law of Uber Eats, the provider of the delivery service.  https://pyj.short.gy/TSH2208JP
・Similar promotions may be implemented in parallel or in succession with this promotion. Please refer to the following Uber Eats blog page (not all promotions will be posted on the blog page) for terms of use, including applicable relationships with other promotions, and the status of other promotions before placing an order. Please check at any time by yourself.
・This campaign is subject to change or end without prior notice due to Uber Eats or store circumstances.
・Participating stores are some stores in Japan that are members of Uber Eats and have “Uber Eats Limited Easy Pro Recipes at Home” (please check the Uber Eats app for details).
・Please update the app to the latest version before using this promotion. If you do not update, you may not be able to take advantage of this promotion.
・Before confirming your order, please check whether this promotion code is applicable and the details.
・As a general rule, multiple promotion codes cannot be used together. ・This promotion code [UEGL2210EE] is valid until November 2, 2022 (Wednesday). ・The discount will be applied by entering this promo code when ordering. You can add the promotional code to your account in advance by entering it in the “Coupon/Promotion” section of the “Account” section of the Uber Eats app. Please select this promo code when placing your order.
・You can view and change your applicable promotional code from the ‘Promotion Applied’ (or ‘Promotion Not Applied’) section in your cart on the Uber Eats app.
・”50% off for orders over 3,000 yen” is stated in the main photo of the store eligible for this promotion.
・This promo code can be applied for a 50% discount, up to a maximum of 6,600 yen discount, only if the total price of one order is 3,000 yen or more including tax.
・The discount is applied to the total price of the order.
・Orders from “Uber Eats Limited Pro Recipes at Home” are limited to delivery. ・This promotion code can only be used once per person.
・Promo codes cannot be transferred or resold.
・Promo codes cannot be redeemed for cash or credit.
・This promotion will end when the predetermined maximum number is reached.


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