70% of the companies that have achieved their performance targets practice “management by numbers”. Fact-finding survey on the intellectual service industry

oRo Co., Ltd.
70% of the companies that have achieved their performance targets practice “management by numbers”. [Fact-finding survey on intellectual service industry – management in numbers]
29.6% of “rough management” relying on “intuition and experience of managers and people in charge”

oRo Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Meguro-ku, Tokyo; President: Atsushi Kawada; hereinafter “oro”) has conducted a fact-finding survey of 983 employees in the intellectual service industry. increase.
There are many popular companies in the “intellectual service industry,” such as IT, advertising, and consulting, where knowledge workers play a central role in creating tangible and intangible value. There is not much comprehensive research data on business management. Therefore, we conducted a fact-finding survey to clarify what kind of management is currently being carried out in the “Intellectual Service Industry”. This is the second survey following the fact-finding survey (already announced on September 30) regarding the “Intelligent Service Industry -Visualization of Management-“.
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■Survey summary
Fact-finding survey on “Intelligent service industry – Management in numbers -” 29.6%
Companies that make decisions based on numbers tend to achieve higher sales target achievement rates
“Middle management” and “on-site” communicate using numbers 32.4% Companies that practice communication using numbers on a daily basis tend to be 1.6 times more likely to reach sales targets than companies that do not.
The management philosophy and vision have not permeated the employees 43.2% Companies whose management philosophy and mission are permeated by frontline employees tend to have a 1.7 times higher sales target achievement rate than companies that do not.
Survey outline: Fact-finding survey on “Intellectual service industry – management in numbers”
Target area: Nationwide
Target: 983 knowledge workers in IT, advertising, consulting, etc. Survey method: Questionnaire survey via the Internet
Survey period: August 26, 2022 to September 1, 2022
*Composition ratios are rounded to the second decimal place, so the total may not add up to 100.
*Please include credit when reprinting or using the contents of this survey. “Example: According to a survey conducted by oRo Co., Ltd., which provides cloud ERP “ZAC”…”


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