A 3-day online event will be held from consultations on mind and body to seminars on pregnancy, childbirth, and career design!

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A 3-day online event will be held from consultations on mind and body to seminars on pregnancy, childbirth, and career design!
From October 25th (Tuesday) to 27th (Thursday), egg week to learn about the current state of the female body and deepen learning
The W society executive committee will hold “egg week” from October 25th (Tuesday) to October 27th (Thursday), 2022, to learn more about women’s bodies and deepen their learning. We will deliver an online event for 3 days in order to face the “state of the body” that changes with age and create an “opportunity to know your own body”. The guests on the first day were Dr. Takuhiko Ichiyama (director of the torch clinic) and Ms. Yukiko Taniuchi (Representative Director of WRAY Co., Ltd.), and on the last day Ms. Midori Sugino (Deputy Mayor of Nagoya City) and Dr. Ei Maruta (Maruta ART). Clinic director, obstetrician and gynecologist), DAY 1 “Pregnancy story you want to know now”, DAY 2 “Balance between career and child care”, DAY 3 “Career design starting from knowing your body”, seminars and We will hold an online counseling room free of charge and provide all women with the opportunity to know themselves and deepen their learning.
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“egg week” 3DAYs online event overview
≪DAY1≫ October 25th (Tue) egg week seminar
torch clinic Director Takuhiko Ichiyama and Yukiko Taniuchi, Representative Director of WRAY Co., Ltd., will be invited to Instagram Live to talk about “pregnancy stories you want to know now” that you can’t usually hear, such as egg freezing and preconception. will be delivered by
Date: October 25 (Tue) 21:00-22:00
Implementation method: Instagram live distribution (participation free) Speakers: Takuhiko Ichiyama (Director of torch clinic) Yukiko Taniuchi (Representative Director of WRAY Co., Ltd.) Emi Tanimura (President of W society)
Participation method: Free participation from Instagram Live [Image 2

≪DAY2≫ October 26th (Wednesday) W&Co. ZOOM consultation room In commemoration of 1,000 members of W&Co., a community run by W society, We will hold a counseling room where you can frankly talk about your mental and physical troubles.
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Date: October 26 (Wednesday) 21:00-22:00
Implementation method: ZOOM meeting format (participation free, advance application required)
Speaker: Shoko Shiga (W&Co. Community Director)
Participation method: Application form (https://forms.gle/cyxbUuwveX4NAvfa9) Alternatively, applications are being accepted from the QR code image [first 10 people (reception will end as soon as the capacity is reached)]
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≪DAY3≫ October 27th (Thursday) #Let’s know me Project Nagoya With the support of Nagoya City, we held a life design online seminar with Toyota Tsusho Corporation, which has set the top priority theme of women’s empowerment as the “D&I Declaration”. For companies and working women based in Nagoya, we will create opportunities to learn about women’s life events, illnesses that can occur in the body due to life stages, and career compatibility.
Date: October 27th (Thursday) 12:00~13:00
Implementation method: Online delivery (participation free, advance application required)
Opening guest: Midori Sugino (Deputy Mayor of Nagoya City)
Speakers: Dr. Ei Maruta (Director of Maruta ART Clinic, obstetrician and gynecologist) Emi Tanimura (Sponsor of W society)
Participation method: ZOOM webinar format
#Know Me Project Nagoya Official Homepage (https://mycheckup.jp/nagoya) [Image 5

Alternatively, applications are being accepted from the QR code image [Deadline: Until 17:00 on Wednesday, October 26]
Organizer: W society executive committee
Co-organizer: Toyota Tsusho Corporation
Sponsored by: City of Nagoya
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What is “W society”, a design project for empowering women?
“Working”, “giving birth”, “balancing”… Now that life plan options are expanding and diversifying, there is no single answer to “women’s empowerment”. Born with the aim of creating a “society where all women can build fulfilling lifestyles with satisfaction”, each woman’s “Well-Living” from both sides of women’s mental and physical issues (W = woman) x social issues (society) It is a project to design “(a state where you can live better)”. We are developing measures based on the three pillars of “knowing,” “learning,” and “changing,” and promoting the social implementation of measures that contribute to problem solving and social reform as a socially-participating project that crosses companies and collaborates with industry, government, and academia. increase.
Project name: W society (Katakana notation: W society)
Participating companies: Roche Diagnostics Co., Ltd./Toyota Tsusho Corporation/Unilever Japan Holdings G.K./Mitsui Sumitomo Aioi Life Insurance Co., Ltd./Sunny Side Up Group Co., Ltd.
Special cooperation: Japan Well Living Promotion Organization / Grace Group Co., Ltd. / 1st Femtech Tokyo
Sponsored by: Japan Business Federation
Official website: #Know Me Project Nagoya (https://mycheckup.jp/nagoya) W society (https://wsociety.jp)
Official SNS: Instagram (@wsociety_official) YouTube (@Wsociety_japan) Twitter (@wsociety_japan) Facebook (@wsociety.official)
*As of October 2022
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