A book commemorating the 1st anniversary of the birth of the fashion brand “philme” created by Momoko Ozono, a graduate of Nogizaka46, will be released on October 14th.

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A book commemorating the 1st anniversary of the birth of the fashion brand “philme” created by Momoko Ozono, a graduate of Nogizaka46, will be released on October 14th.
After accepting reservations, won first place* on Rakuten Books! The special item is a square pouch supervised by Mr. Ozono.

The brand book “philme 1st anniversary book” commemorating the first anniversary of the fashion brand “philme (film)” will be released on Friday, October 14, 2022. As soon as the ban on information was lifted, reservations flooded in, and it ranked first* in the ranking of this category on Rakuten Books.
[Image 1d5069-1606-2bd9cd276d73bc86dc59-8.jpg&s3=5069-1606-f6c1d0789e8b3ebbeb13a7edc0e0343a-1366x914.jpg
The fashion brand “philme” was launched by Momoko Ozono, a graduate of Nogizaka46, with the idea of ​​”I want to make my favorite clothes from scratch.”
A special item exclusive to this magazine is a square pouch with a “beautiful form” and “ease of use”. Designer Ozono is a proud product that has been particular about every corner. Combining fashion and practicality, it is an item that can be used in a variety of ways, such as cosmetic pouches, gadget cases, and bag-in-bags that store small items together.
*Rakuten Books Weekly sales ranking (2022/8/22-8/28) 1st place Discerning form and sense of size
[Image 2d5069-1606-aa236d17767fee082a5a-9.jpg&s3=5069-1606-01b2e345a3ecf0aa8b99a7b20c73a0aa-1325x886.jpg
We focused on a rounded form that fits comfortably in your hand, and a size that looks compact but can hold the minimum amount of items. Sophisticated color usage while being conscious of trends
[Image 3d5069-1606-920a9945dc3e5c745b76-10.jpg&s3=5069-1606-2383df26d42e00359d8cf48ceb848b46-1783x591.jpg
The trendy greige color and gold accent color give a sophisticated impression. We aimed for a color that is easy for both men and women to hold. The vertical shape makes it easy to store in a bag, making it easy to organize the contents.
[Image 4d5069-1606-268c77dadf56543e2fb4-11.jpg&s3=5069-1606-804adb69e16f516da71ca977b1e400cb-1406x658.jpg
Vertical type that is easy to store in a bag. You can see what you put inside at a glance, so you can always keep the inside of the pouch clean.
Uses a convenient bellows type with wide mouth opening
[Image 5d5069-1606-b9199d8b735860a0ad2e-12.jpg&s3=5069-1606-339bc39755acb1a2adb82af366c8e2d0-886x591.jpg
The entire pouch opens wide, making it easy to see the contents. You’ll instantly know what’s where.
The four pockets are versatile depending on your ideas.
[Image 6d5069-1606-620874c66c5de072daeb-13.jpg&s3=5069-1606-b89fba0c9a4d3cd55395b7637c17eabd-1018x637.jpg
The inside is divided into 4 pockets. There is also a small pocket that is convenient for storing items that are easy to lose, such as SD cards.
Narrow items fit securely in the rubber band♪
[Image 7d5069-1606-6472ca6798f4d553325e-14.jpg&s3=5069-1606-e170f4369308f8be2742adee90f10ff2-886x591.jpg
In addition, it comes with an elastic band that is convenient for storing pens, mascara, and lips. Width of the storing spreads remarkably.
[Image 8d5069-1606-e79a219d12a5c59a5db2-7.jpg&s3=5069-1606-6b7bd83773d04af887613c7b0687af42-1125x1125.jpg
* Items other than the pouch are not included in the product. In the magazine, a special feature on philme celebrating its first anniversary. We will deliver not only the new works of attention worn by actress Mayu Hotta, but also the content that approaches Mr. Ozono, such as a long interview with Mr. Ozono and the release of the camera roll.
[Image 9d5069-1606-9e17f71c307267ed95ad-15.jpg&s3=5069-1606-94ecb049d807bc19f5cd49a02a254528-3369x1125.jpg
In addition, if you purchase it at Rakuten Books, you will receive a “Postcard set (3 pieces) with Momoko Ozono’s signature (duplicate)”. The number is limited, so please make a reservation as soon as possible.
[Image 10d5069-1606-64b59896c40a35adc358-18.jpg&s3=5069-1606-f3fa1198dc10fcb9dde3c5fbabbf2ec0-1904x2700.jpg
“philme 1st anniversary book” (Takarajimasha)
Release date: Friday, October 14, 2022 / Price: 2178 yen (tax included) Sold at bookstores nationwide, online bookstores and Takarajima Channel Pouch size (approx.): Vertical 16 x Horizontal 11 x Depth 5cm Details about this release:


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