A festival Fukuyama Onkochishin -Good old new face- was held at Fukuyama Castle on October 30 to convey the “skills” and “charms” of the Fukuyama/Bingo area to local children.

umika Co., Ltd.
A festival [Fukuyama Onkochishin -Good old new face-] was held at Fukuyama Castle on October 30 to convey the “skills” and “charms” of the Fukuyama/Bingo area to local children.
“BATMAN BEGINS” will also be screened at Fukuyama Castle Tower! The castle tower screening of the movie is a complete reservation system limited to 35 people.

umika Co., Ltd. (Location: Meiji-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture; Representative: Kyohei Tanida) is planning and sponsoring events as part of the Fukuyama Castle 400th Anniversary Expo -FUKUYAMA CASTLE- Citizen Planning Project. A festival [Fukuyama Onko Chishin – Good old new face -] will be held on October 30th (Sun) at Fukuyama Castle (Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture) to convey “skills” and “charms”.
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[Fukuyama Onko Chishin – Good old new face -] is a workshop where people with wonderful skills and backgrounds (stories) in the Fukuyama/Bingo area conduct expressions and workshops in a way that is more in line with modern lifestyles and values. , is an event where you can rediscover the charm of the industry and the local area. Through this event, umika Co., Ltd., which was in charge of planning, aims to nurture the sensibilities of the next generation by passing on good old techniques in a friendly manner, and to create a town where people can feel pride and love.
Event overview
Event name: Fukuyama Onkochishin – Good old new face –
Date: October 30, 2022
Venue: Fukuyama Castle Keep and Fukuyama Castle Park Fountain Square (1-1-1 Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture)
Organized by: Fukuyama Fushimicho Store Association Co-organized by: Fukuyama Castle 400th Anniversary Commemorative Project Executive Committee
Sponsors: Ideal Co., Ltd., umika Co., Ltd.
Cooperation: Fukuyama Egal 8 Cinemas, KI Planning, Setouchi
Bouillabaisse Executive Committee, CHOISIR, Fukuyama Dengyo Co., Ltd., TASOTO
Content introduction
1. Movie “BATMAN BEGINS” castle tower screening
In March of this year, Fukuyama City and Gotham City, the setting of the movie “THE BATMAN,” entered into a friendship city agreement because the bat is the emblem of Fukuyama City. In connection with this, the movie “BATMAN BEGINS” will be screened at the Fukuyama Castle tower on the day with a complete reservation system. It is a rare attempt even in Japan to show a movie in the castle tower. [Screening details]
Venue: Fukuyama Castle Keep (5th floor)
*Reception is on the basement floor
Time: Venue 18:00 / Screening 18:15-
Entrance fee: 4,000 yen for adults, 2,000 yen for elementary school students and younger (tax included)
Reservation method: Please apply using the dedicated web form below.      https://onl.sc/VRn9u5t
※By appointment only
Work information: “BATMAN BEGINS” 2005 / color / 140 minutes [Image 2

2. Industrial workshop
This workshop teaches children about the historical industries and techniques of the Bingo/Fukuyama area. You can experience industrial experiences such as indigo dyeing and forging, wood processing such as race cars and chopsticks, and original stationery such as stationery. In addition, we will also sell exhibits and miscellaneous goods. [Content details]
Venue: Fukuyama Castle Park Fountain Square (1-1-1 Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima / JR Fukuyama Station North Exit)
Holding time: 11: 00-17: 00 (decides in light rain)
List of vendors: Aiya Terroir, Sankyo Co., Ltd., DENTO, Tokuoka Institute of Traditional Architecture, Letterpress Campanella, Ce-no, Imagawa Chaho, Fukuyama Twist
[Image 3

3. Setouchi Bouillabaisse Marche
The Setouchi Bouillabaisse is “soups, hot pots, and accompanying dishes using seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea.” For drinks, CHOISIR offers unique Fukuyama wines and beers that match the dishes. (including soft drinks)
[Content details]
Venue: Fukuyama Castle Park Fountain Square (1-1-1 Marunouchi, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima / JR Fukuyama Station North Exit)
Holding time: 11: 00-17: 00 (decides in light rain)
List of vendors: Zono kitchen, Taishinkan, Ramen Kobayashi, Small Restaurant Minoru, Wonikupon, Okazuya Yukino, Mercy, Mercy Wandering Curry, bib
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About Fukuyama City Fushimicho Store Association (sponsor)
Fushimi-cho, Fukuyama City, which is the gateway to Setouchi and Fukuyama, has the Fukuyama Station Revitalization Project in mind. We aim to be a town that is supported by having people feel the attitude of continuing. So far, the Fushimi-machi shopping association has hosted a marche event called “Curry & Marche Roux Fushimi” (held on April 14.15, 2022), in which 49 curry stalls were convened throughout Fushimi-machi, and Fukuyama Castle 400th anniversary Planned trials such as naming “Fushimi Gotham Street” as a nickname (March 2022). Location: Fushimi-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Chairman: Yasufumi Yamada
Fukuyama Egal 8 Cinemas (cooperation)
Fukuyama City’s first cinema complex operated by Furek Co., Ltd. (former Fujimoto Kogyo), which operates cinemas such as Shinefuku Daikokuza in Fukuyama City. We are working on regional revitalization by traveling to screens in areas without movie theaters and by selling products in cooperation with shops in the Bingo area. We will continue to revitalize the region through movies.
Location: Kannabecho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative: Shinsuke Fujimoto
Official website: https://www.furec.jp/
Setouchi Bouillabaisse Executive Committee (cooperation)
Established in June 2022 for the purpose of promoting sales of seafood caught in Setouchi. Together with restaurants in the Fukuyama and Bingo areas, we hope to revitalize the restaurant industry and fisheries with bouillabaisse made from seafood from the Seto Inland Sea. The definition of “Setouchi Bouillabaisse” is that the seafood caught in the Seto Inland Sea is always used in soups, hot pots, and accompanying dishes. Going forward, we will plan opportunities to provide them at events.
Location: Kasumicho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative: Kazuya Harazono (zono kitchen)
About umika Co., Ltd. (Sponsor/Planner)
A creative team that gathered after participating in the renovation town development “Renovation School” promoted by Fukuyama City. Under the theme of “making local values ​​local,” he is involved in business planning and social experiments centered on hardware design, software content planning, and media relations. We are working on community development with the aim of creating and disseminating a place where people living in Setouchi can feel the value of what they create. [Main activities so far]
January 2020: Planning, development, and operation of the shared kitchen “Little Setouchi” as the business owner.
November 2020: Fukuyama City entrusts the social experiment “Kawamachi Asobinare” at Ashida River Kawamachi Square.
June 2021: Planning and sales of “BOTANICAL DENIM”, Bingo denim x plant dyeing, as a business owner. In September of the same year, he exhibited an installation at Shibuya Parco.
March 2021: Fukuyama Dengyo Co., Ltd. was in charge of the facility concept making and basic design for the Fukuyama City commercial facility FPCO RiM renovation revitalization project “iti SETOUCHI”. March 2022: Commissioned by Fukuyama City for the renovation town development human resource development project “Machi no Imagination Club”.
June 2022: Entrusted by Ryohin Keikaku Co., Ltd. as a general mentor for the MUJI human resource development training program “Kurashi Editing School @ Noba Danchi”.
Location: Meiji-cho, Fukuyama City, Hiroshima Prefecture
Representative: Kyohei Tanida
Official website: https://littlesetouchi.jp/
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