A light meal menu has started at “COFK COFFEE & Bar” (Saitama Shintoshin, Saitama Prefecture, operated by Kofuku Co., Ltd.)

Kofuku Co., Ltd.
A light meal menu has started at “COFK COFFEE & Bar” (Saitama Shintoshin, Saitama Prefecture, operated by Kofuku Co., Ltd.) At “COFK COFFEE & Bar” in Saitama Shintoshin, a light meal menu has started in October so that you can enjoy it between work and during break time, as remote work and telecommuting are increasing.
“Telework” is recommended by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications, but I think there are many people who are under a lot of stress without knowing it because it is difficult to communicate and take a break.
At Kofuku Co., Ltd., we have started a light meal menu at COFK COFFEE & Bar so that it can be a place for locals to relax.
A relaxing space for remote workers
Telework is recommended as a flexible way of working that makes effective use of time and place, but it is difficult to have a conversation or take a breather, and it is difficult to refresh. Isn’t there a lot of people who feel like this?
When you go to work, you can take a short break, such as chatting with colleagues or brewing a drink in the hot water supply room. I don’t know what to do.” “I didn’t talk to anyone all day today.”
There are many Japanese people who are diligent and feel a lot of stress because they work too much.
In addition, the decrease in the amount of exercise due to commuting has a large adverse effect on the body.
Therefore, Kofuku Co., Ltd. has started a light meal menu that allows you to easily incorporate break time so that it can be a place for everyone in the neighborhood to relax.
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light meal menu
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We have developed a light meal menu, such as salad chicken dogs and hot dogs, with a laptop in one hand, aiming for something that can be a little bit of a snack.
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The menu, which has been discussed many times and commercialized, was developed mainly by staff who worked in western food at a hotel in Tokyo.
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We have a menu that will soothe your feelings, such as pizza toast and red bean butter sandwiches from a nostalgic coffee shop.

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It’s good to eat at the shop while teleworking, and it’s good to take out. We can also wrap it for takeout according to your wishes.
Plenty of drinks and sweets
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We have 21 kinds of drinks including coffee and 6 kinds of sweets menu. You can choose to accompany the food as you like.
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In addition, as a seasonal menu, we have started a menu that is perfect for the upcoming season, such as matcha latte that pursues the richness of Gion Tsujiri matcha, hot apple cinnamon, and 10 servings of homemade gateau chocolate with vanilla ice cream.
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We also have a birthday plate, so please make a reservation for your birthday celebration.
Salad lunch also started
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In addition to the light meal menu, the “Healthy Chicken Salad Lunch” has started.
It is recommended for health-conscious women as it contains softly cooked chicken and provides protein, and green vegetables such as tomatoes and broccoli can also be inoculated.
You can choose from 2 types of Cobb Salad Dressing and Caesar Dressing. Introduced in NACORD
[Image 10

Terrace seating is also a comfortable season
[Image 11d106980-5-40dd59989cb3e85fd156-8.jpg&s3=106980-5-44dc2c4623a34e9f4b1950e4178dd343-800x534.jpg
The scorching heat of summer has passed, and it’s the most pleasant season to spend on the terrace.
Pets are allowed on the terrace seats. We are also open as a bar at night, so you can stop by after work.
If you get tired of working from home, how about taking a break at “COFK COFFEE & Bar” while taking a walk?
All the employees are looking forward to your visit.
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