A luxe line debuts from the hair accessory brand , which says, “Higher quality – beauty resides in the details.”

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A luxurious line debuts from the hair accessory brand -Complex Biz-, where “beauty is in the details.”
Launched at Matsuya Ginza and the official online shop from October 28 (Friday)
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From the hair accessory brand -Complex Biz-, the new “LUXE LINE” will debut on Friday, October 28th at Matsuya Ginza and the official online shop.
Based on the tagline of -Complex Biz-, “Live Luxuries with Elegance”, this line that pursues even higher quality offers the most
sophisticated “design” and the craftsmanship of craftsmen.
Based on the knowledge and skills cultivated as a pioneer in the hair accessory industry, our designers create authentic elegance that transcends trends. It has a universal beauty that is timeless and timeless.
It is the skilled craftsmen who have supported the brand for many years who give form to the completed design drawings. Skillful patterns and silhouettes that can be embodied only with their high technology. And the delicate and beautiful finish that can be achieved by hand has a personality suitable for calling it “luxe”.
A hair accessory that makes everyone who wears it shine beautifully and makes every day a luxury, whether it’s a special day or a non-special day.
Please look forward to the new line that depicts the future of Complex Biz. [Image 2

■ Deployment from October 28 (Friday)
■ Available stores: Matsuya Ginza, Complex Biz official online shop [Complex Biz]
A hair accessory brand with approximately 35 directly managed stores nationwide. Based on the concept of “Live Luxuries with Elegance”, we aim for sophisticated “quality” in materials, quality, functions, and services. We propose further “beauty” by arranging and coordinating. [Contact]
Complex Biz International Co., Ltd. (Resort Trust Group)
■Complex Biz brand site TOP https://www.complex-biz.com/complexbiz/ ■Complex Biz Official Online Shop https://shop.complex-biz.com/ Details about this release:


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