A must-see for textile lovers! Taiwanese sock brand “+10 Tenmore” collaborates with Japanese textile brand “JUBILEE”

Dear Japanese press and media,
A must-see for textile lovers! Taiwanese sock brand “+10 Tenmore” collaborates with Japanese textile brand “JUBILEE”
Designing textiles from “onomatopoeia” of both Japan and Taiwan
The “Ishindenshin” series was created in collaboration with the popular Japanese textile brand “JUBILEE” by the sock brand “+10 Tenmore” from Taiwan. Living in the same Asia, we arrived at the method of designing textiles from the “onomatopoeia” of Japan and Taiwan. For those of us who speak different languages, onomatopoeia and mimetic words are important communication tools. We researched Japanese onomatopoeia for “+10 Tenmore” and Taiwanese (European) for “JUBILEE” and expressed them by copying the sounds and modes of the sounds. Four years of conception and development while going back and forth between Japan and Taiwan. “How do you feel and how do you express what I feel?”
The charm of onomatopoeia that transcends language barriers
[Image 1

As I continued to talk about Japanese and Taiwanese onomatopoeia, I felt that “+10 Tenmore” was “a little like you, a little like me.” I was. In both languages, onomatopoeia can accurately convey even the most sensitive emotions. For example, the Japanese word for the way the world seems to shake when you get really drunk is “beronberon”, but there is an expression in Taiwanese, “Ma 西 馬西 (ma² se1 ma² se1)”. Come to think of it, the Taiwanese word for heavy rain is 颯颯 (sa² sa²), but in Japanese it sounds like a light rain, not a heavy rain. Through onomatopoeia, even such delicate nuances can be conveyed. The theme of “Ishindenshin” was born from the idea of ​​”JUBILEE” from this dialogue.
[Image 2

Now on sale at Japanese and Taiwanese select shops and online shops [Image 3

The sock brand “+10・Tenmore” is based on the Japanese onomatopoeia, and “JUBILEE” is based on the Taiwanese onomatopoeia. 3 types of 2-color textiles with a total of 6 patterns (silkscreen printed with dyes at a Japanese textile printing factory) We have a total of 6 patterns of socks (manufactured in Taiwan) in 3 types of 2 colors each.
Three concept film movies created with Japanese and Taiwanese creators [Image 4

In the “Ishindenshin” series, we created three concept film movies in collaboration with up-and-coming creators from Japan and Taiwan, transcending the realm of textiles.
Globally active Taiwanese dancer Hu Chien was photographed on 8mm film by teikoukei, a photographer active in Japan and Taiwan. After shooting, the film is sent to Japan, developed, and digitized. The music was provided by the Japanese unit “Tenniscoats”, and we were able to create a worldview that transcends the boundaries between Japan and Taiwan.
[Three Concept Film Movies]
“za za fabric 112 width | sa² sa² 1: 1 silk”
[Video 4: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=VKxOEeqMrGs]

“khih⁸ khih⁸ khauh⁸ khauh⁸ fabric 112 width|haffu haffu1:1 襪”
[Video 5: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=LisHviUWDL4]

“beron beron fabric 112 width|ma² se1 ma² se11:1 襪”
[Video 6: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=FRZSrnKHzVI]

Producer/Production | +10 Tenmore, JUBILEE
Choreography/Performance |
Photography | teikoukei
Music | Tenniscoats “Bai Baba Bimba”
Songwriting | Daisuke Namiki & Saya
Photography cooperation |
Taiwanese sock brand “+10 Tenmore”
A sock brand established in Taiwan in 2012. The theme of the creation is “Everyone has a cosmic view and makes the small parts of life bigger! I want to live with a broader perspective in a world centered on myself!” 10 years have passed since the brand was established, and it is transforming into a unit that works on various collaborations, jumping out of the field of socks. The book introduced in Japanese is “+10 Tenmore Born in Taiwan, The Big World of Tiny Socks (Two Virgins)”.
Japanese textile brand “JUBILEE”
A textile brand established in 2008 by designer Shimizu Daniyasnobu based on the concept of “manufacturing starting with print design.” We are expanding our activities by providing works to KOKUYO and Tsuchiya Kaban Seisakusho, and holding workshops. Author of Textile & Sewing (Bunka Publishing Bureau). http://www.jubi-lee.com/
10 years after its establishment, “+10 Tenmore” is transforming into a unit that challenges research and experiments. I would like to enjoy various collaborations such as socks and daily necessities. We look forward to hearing from you.
・Matsuyama Culture and Creative Park | Original goods (2015-2017) ・Chihiro Art Museum|”Chihiro Iwasaki’s 100th Birthday” Exhibition Official Merchandise (2018)
・Taipei Fine Arts Museum | Collection goods from Liao Jichun (2019) ・Mucha Foundation/Nippon Television “Everyone’s Mucha From Mucha to Manga—The Magic of Lines” | haconiwa-produced exhibition official goods (2019-20)
・National Museum of History | Original goods (2021)
・Mori³ sunsun-museum | “micro-” online exhibition goods (2022) [Inquiries regarding this matter]
“+10 Tenmore” | nihow@10moresocks.com (Japanese available)
Official site|https://www.10moresocks.com/?Culture=ja-jp
Facebook page|https://www.facebook.com/10moresocks/
Apply for “+10 Tenmore” email magazine (Japanese)|https://ppt.cc/fromhx

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