A new qualification for mental care in modern society is born! “Clinical Behavioral Psychologist”

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A new qualification for mental care in modern society is born! “Clinical Behavioral Psychologist”

From October 1st, we will start a course to acquire a “clinical behavioral psychologist” who will help and solve the mental troubles that individuals have in various fields such as education, medicine, justice, and labor.
The qualification of “clinical behavioral psychologist” certified by the Association of Buddhist Therapists is a qualification that, unlike doctors, acts closely and cares for people’s mental problems from the conscience of traditional Japanese Buddhism. Yoshihiro Nakane is speaking.
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There are many qualifications to care for the heart in the world. Why is there a demand for clinical behavioral psychologists? These include the hardships and anxieties of life due to the recent corona crisis, the increase in stress caused by the diversification of human relationships, the emergence of stress due to the mandatory stress checks of working people in companies, and the equality of goals and achievements in modern society. Increased stress from “inequality in means of achievement” and increased stress from people’s values ​​in a mature democratic society.
“Clinical behavioral psychologist” is a qualification that leads to solutions while staying close to the heart, including worries such as anxiety due to the corona disaster, instability of the world situation, and uncertainty due to soaring prices in Japan.
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Those who have obtained the qualification of “clinical behavioral psychologist” will be able to work in various places such as hospitals, welfare facilities, educational places, and volunteer activities.
Activities include child-rearing support (countermeasures against the declining birthrate, post-natal support, infancy support, compulsory education support, etc.) and family support (fathers’ participation in child-rearing, eating alone, school refusal, delinquency, labor issues between men and women, financial problems, etc.), support for the elderly (employment problems, pension problems, medical problems, dementia problems, living environment problems, etc.), support for criminals and those wishing to commit suicide, etc. qualification. The meaning of this qualification is to interact with and learn about people who have various problems in the course, and to work closely with those who have their own problems.
●Course content
To become a clinical behavioral psychologist, you need to take a course. In order to provide care for a variety of individual concerns, the courses are divided into categories such as family support, child-rearing support, elderly support, criminal support, and suicidal support.
The first lecture will be held in Tokyo. After that, we plan to hold events all over the country. If you would like to participate, please contact the Association of Buddhist Therapists (TEL: 03-6903-7665 or Email: info@bukkyou-therapist.com). Dates and venues will be announced on our website.
● Application requirements
Name: Clinical Behavioral Psychologist
Eligibility: Anyone over the age of 18 can attend
Anyone interested in becoming a clinical behavioral psychologist can take this course.
Course time: Intensive course from 9:00 to 17:00.
Capacity: Up to 30 people per course.
Application period: Starts from October 1, 2022
Tuition fee: 22,000 yen (tax included) Includes textbook fee and certificate issuance fee.
Course overview, application: https://bukkyou-therapist.com/ [Image 3d109892-1-df1e96457028d5d6b349-5.jpg&s3=109892-1-a945a26a82992d595338453a4b91fafe-1300x866.jpg
Operation overview
Name: Association of Buddhist Therapists
Location: 2-28-7 Kita Otsuka, Toshima-ku, Tokyo
TEL/FAX: 03-6903-7665 / 03-5972-4004
Mail: info@bukkyou-therapist.com
URL: https://bukkyou-therapist.com/
Person in charge: Taketo Mishima
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