A new store opens in Rosavia (cent area), which is directly connected to Hankyu Ibaraki-shi Station.

Hankyu Hanshin Real Estate Co., Ltd.
A new store opens in Rosavia (cent area), which is directly connected to Hankyu Ibaraki-shi Station.

Hankyu Hanshin Building Management Co., Ltd. is partially renovating the interior of Rosavia, a shopping center directly connected to Hankyu Ibarakishi Station.
In this renewal, of the three areas of Norte, St., and Sur, the St. area will be renovated into a natural and bright space, and a new store, MUJI 500, will open.
At Rosavia, we will continue to carry out the renewal in stages and strive to provide a more convenient and comfortable shopping environment for everyone.
Overview of the new store
Store name: MUJI 500 Rosavia Ibaraki
Industry: Food and daily necessities
Location: Cent Area (see floor map below)
Opening date: Friday, October 7, 2022
Overview: A specialty store for daily necessities essential for daily life, with a focus on products priced at 500 yen or less.
It is the result of continuing to refine the items that are essential to everyday life.
We will support a comfortable life while maintaining the attitude of manufacturing that considers the environment and resource saving. [Image 1d33147-202-a5372659aa5c02f8d8d3-0.jpg&s3=33147-202-dbea4217355788337b01e55c6b5586db-600x208.jpg

Overview of the beauty of the common areas of the building
The common areas of the building, including the north entrance, have been beautifully decorated.
・Cent area north entrance (image)
[Image 2d33147-202-7f7c3b5777f966c85aa1-1.jpg&s3=33147-202-9cf793ab66f06bca9d375e0b459265d3-447x236.jpg

・St area building (image)
[Image 3d33147-202-a717f9ae771004dd11e4-2.jpg&s3=33147-202-627bdaa931a2d80c2a566c46a4a2d79a-446x236.jpg

[Image 4d33147-202-74bf6c3f92e7bf89c4a7-3.jpg&s3=33147-202-c8b633dff35176528ee5bae179eb6207-221x105.jpg
■ About “Rosavia”
Location 1-5 Eitaicho, Ibaraki City, Osaka Prefecture
Opened October 5, 1991
Total floor area 16,500 square meters
About 60 stores
business hours
Shopping 10:00-21:00, Eating and drinking 11:00-22:00 (excluding some stores) Rosavia opened in October 1991 with the total concept of “Seikatsu Saien”, which means adding a relaxing color, and has been patronized by local customers for over 30 years. .
-Rosavia Location Map-
[Image 5d33147-202-860e0e6fb92bc94a576b-4.jpg&s3=33147-202-dec8eccdd89193be151ca3078ce29555-379x424.jpg

Hankyu Hanshin Building Management Co., Ltd.
Release https://www.hankyu-hanshin.co.jp/release/docs/e0259b4bf1a576d568b2ac6aa73c09144bad6df0.pdf Publisher: Hankyu Hanshin Holdings
1-16-1 Shibata, Kita-ku, Osaka

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