A preview video of the popular Korean x Japanese idol BL drama CD “Kiss me crying Kiss Me Crying” starring Takuya Sato and Taku Yashiro has been released! In addition, cast comments and corporate bonus images have been lifted at once! !

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A preview video of the popular Korean x Japanese idol BL drama CD “Kiss me crying Kiss Me Crying” starring Takuya Sato and Taku Yashiro has been released! In addition, cast comments and corporate bonus images have been lifted at once! !

We will deliver new information from Frontier Works Co., Ltd. (Animate Group)! [Image 1

A preview video has arrived from the drama CD “Kiss me crying” scheduled to be released on October 26, 2022 (Wednesday)!
An unknown rookie idol from Japan, Noa, and legendary super idol J from South Korea, played by Takuya Sato,
A Korean x Japanese idol love romance that captures the sweet and sad love story of two people♪
Noa, who is played by Taku Yashiro, and J, who is played by Takuya Sato. Preview video URL: https://youtu.be/BzFLSrp3kAA
[Video 2: https://prtimes.jp/api/movieim.php?url=www.youtube.com/watch?v=BzFLSrp3kAA]

In addition, comments from Taku Yashiro and Takuya Sato have arrived! We talked a lot about the work, the charm of the character, and the lines that left an impression because of the two people who played them ♪
[Image 2

――Please tell us your impressions after finishing the recording. Noa, Taku Yashiro (hereinafter referred to as Yashiro): I felt very happy while playing their story. I think it is really important for people who are not good at self-evaluation to have someone who believes in them and has high expectations of them.
I felt like I was able to weave a story with Takuya-san who thought of each other, and in that sense, the dialogue was really fun.
Mr. Takuya Sato, the role of J (hereafter, Sato): First of all, it was my first time acting in Korean, so I was grateful for the careful guidance on pronunciation. I also made a conscious effort to keep my vocalization lower than what I usually use in my daily life. As I mentioned earlier, there were parts that I had to think about more than usual, so Taku Yashiro, who plays Noa, pulled me through. We appreciate.
――Please let us know if there are any scenes or lines that left an impression on you.
Yashiro: The line at the end, “It’s like magic,” is very impressive. It shows the very existence of J, and above all, it is a scene that I like because it contains the happiness of meeting someone who can change the world with just one word or existence.
Also, J speaks Korean, so I think you should listen to that too! Sato: Soohyun, who always had to be an idol’s “J”, spilled a heartfelt smile and laughter during the photo shoot with the two of them. I could see him as he was living alone in the world of entertainment, and I felt that meeting Noa really changed his life.
――In the film, there is a scene where Noa gets nervous when she makes her JiN debut on the big stage.
Also, please let me know if you have any practice to relieve tension. Yashiro: I get nervous easily. I think there are various types of tension, and I feel that there are various types of tension, such as those that can be resolved through experience and those that can be resolved through human relationships. In order to relieve my tension, I try to at least understand why I am nervous.
If I can understand that, even if I can’t solve it at that time, I feel like I can connect to the future and be defiant in the event of an emergency.
Sato: I get nervous. I am always nervous at work. On the other hand, I also feel that it is different whether it is good to go at my own pace as usual. I think that we need a sense of tension in a good way when we face things. So how about picking up your favorite snack when you relieve excessive tension? Like chocolate.
[Image 3

――Please give a message to all the fans who are looking forward to the release of the CD.
Yashiro: I think that the clumsy yet straight story of these two people can only be drawn by these two people.
From the time I read the original, I felt the excitement of being able to play this story. I would be happy if everyone could listen to and enjoy this drama CD as well as the original!
Sato: We recorded the original, which shows a very delicate
expression, while Mr. Arinco watched over us.
I would appreciate it if you could enjoy this drama, which has become a work with a big challenge for me personally. thank you. first time

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[Product information] Drama CD “Kiss me crying”
Release date: Wednesday, October 26, 2022
Price: ¥4,730 (tax included)
Product number: FFCL-0067
Publisher/Distributor: Frontier Works Co., Ltd.
[Cast] Noa: Taku Yashiro, J: Takuya Sato, Chikano: Atsushi Tamaru and others [Official website]
Arinco Twitter: https://twitter.com/ariarinco88 (@ariarinco88) Work page in “BOYS FAN” https://boysfan.jp/comics/bofn-00585/ B-Boy WEB Official: https://www.b-boy.jp/
[Original information]
Title: “Kiss me crying” (Author: Arinco)
Electronic distribution: Comic Seymour, Renta! etc. are being distributed at each electronic bookstore
Paper book: Volumes 1 and 2 now on sale [BE×BOY COMICS DELUXE/791 yen (tax included)] (Released by Libre Co., Ltd.)
Rights notation: (C) Arinco / Boysfan

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