A row of masterpieces from all 24 stores! Writer Minori Kai introduces “Japanese sweets from Nagoya that I want to convey to the future” Yatokame Cultural Festival

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A row of masterpieces from all 24 stores! Writer Minori Kai introduces “Japanese sweets from Nagoya that I want to convey to the future” [Yatokame Cultural Festival]
This year marks the 10th anniversary of the Yatokame Cultural Festival, an urban culture festival set in the city of Nagoya. On this occasion, we would like to introduce the appeal of Nagoya’s Japanese sweets.

Yatokame Cultural Festival Executive Committee (Constituent
organizations: Nagoya City and others) will carry out a plan to enjoy visiting Japanese confectionery shops in Nagoya from Saturday, October 22nd to Sunday, November 13th. On the first day, a kick-off event will be held and a nice gift will be given. In addition, purchases of eligible Japanese sweets from participating stores will also be points for the Yattokame Cultural Festival stamp rally.
[Image 1

Take a trip around Nagoya’s proud Japanese sweets
Visiting Japanese sweets has become an annual event at the Yatokame Cultural Festival. I feel that many people have come to know the appeal of Nagoya’s Japanese sweets over the past 10 years. This year’s theme is “Japanese sweets from Nagoya that we want to convey to the future.” Minori Kai, a writer, looks for “messages to convey to the future” from the shape and name of Japanese confectionery, the thoughts put into it, and the appearance of the shop. For the next 10 years, let’s have fun and enjoy delicious Japanese sweets in Nagoya! -period-
Saturday, October 22nd to Sunday, November 13th
-Participating stores-
Aoyagi Sohonke KITTE Nagoya store, Ichiro, Kyogashidokoro Umeya Mitsutaka, Osu Uiro Main Store, Kakuozan Furoen, Kyogashi Tsukasa Kamehirora, Owari Nagoya Kameya Yoshihiro Main Store, Kawaguchiya, Okashitsukasa Kikyoen, Okashitsukasa Kikuya , Confectioner Shigetomi Kikuya, Kiyome Mochi Sohonke, Arare no Takumi Shiraki Main Store, Suzume Odori Sohonten, Daikokuya Main Store, Confectionery Tsukuha Neya, Confectioner Furoen Masamitsu, Confectionery Matsukawaya Long-established Store, Man Nendo, Okashidokoro Minochu Main Store, Okashitsukasa Mochikan, Mochibunso Main Store, Yamada Mochi Narumi, Ryoguchiya Korekiyo Higashiyama Store (24 stores in total)
*Aiueo order
-Mr. Minori Kai, a person who walks Japanese sweets in Nagoya- Writer. Things and things that are introduced from a unique
perspective, such as simple things, small and cute things, become popular through books. He has written over 30 books to find and introduce “cute things”, “good things” and “maiden things”. Sponsored by Loule, which organizes miscellaneous goods planning and events. ・Cooperation: Nagoya Fresh Confectionery Association Youth Association ・Management: (Public interest incorporated foundation) Nagoya Convention and Visitors Bureau
Introducing some products from the pamphlet!
[Image 2

-Aoyagi Sohonke KITTE Nagoya / Kerotozzo Cream Cheese & Lemon (350 yen)- Fresh cream and cream cheese sandwiched between frog buns. The long-selling product has been reborn as Kerotozzo!
[Image 3

-Kashitsukasa Kikuya / Nagoya specialty Kikuya no Uiro (brown sugar, matcha, cherry blossom, white, 500 yen each)-
Speaking of Kikuya, Kikuya no Uiro. It’s fun to get lost. In the morning, you can buy freshly-made Hoka-Hoka.
[Image 4

-Kiyome Mochi Sohonke/Ohoho (710 yen for 3 pieces)-
This sweet is associated with Atsuta Shrine’s “Eyodo Shinji”, which makes people laugh out loud.
*All prices include tax.
* Consumption tax is 8% for take-out and 10% for dining in. Please contact each store for details.
*It may be sold out depending on the time.
■ Where to place the pamphlet “Nagoya’s Japanese sweets to pass on to the future”
A pamphlet that introduces all 24 stores and introduces Japanese sweets can be obtained at the following locations. Grab a pamphlet and visit a Japanese confectionery shop that interests you.
・Nagoya City Tourist Information Center (Nagoya City Nagoya Station Tourist Information Center, Oasis 21i Center (Sakae Station), Nagoya City Kanayama Tourist Information Center)
・Participating stores in “Nagoya’s Japanese sweets that we want to convey to the future”
Yattokame Cultural Festival HP Japanese confectionery page


■Nagoya Concierge HP Japanese sweets page
[Kick-off event] It’s true that sports and Japanese sweets go well together! ? Recently, attention has been focused on the possibilities of new Japanese sweets, such as athletes ingesting red bean paste and yokan before competing in hard competitions. The carbohydrates in Japanese sweets are quickly absorbed, so they are easy to convert into energy, and they are low in fat. In other words, you can expect carbo loading, which is a nutritional intake method that stores a lot of energy sources in the body, and a relaxing effect.
Therefore, this time, we will hold an event that approaches the theme of “sports and Japanese sweets”! Japanese sweets from participating stores will be displayed at “DOLPHINS PORT” (inside Oasis 21) operated by the professional basketball club “Nagoya Diamond Dolphins”. It’s full of wonderful presents!
-Event date and time-
10/22 (Sat) 11: 00-16: 00 (planned)
DOLPHINS PORT (inside Oasis 21) Supported by Nagoya Diamond Dolphins -Gifts for visitors-
●Visitors who post on social media at the venue (first 200 people) will receive a gift of Japanese sweets!
Post with a hashtag! (#Nagoya Japanese sweets that I want to convey to the future #Yattokame Cultural Festival 2022 #”Wagashi store name” #Sports and Japanese sweets #Nagoya Japanese sweets, etc.)
●We will present a leaflet that allows you to watch the Nagoya Diamond Dolphins home games in October and November at a great price! ●Visitors who present their Nagoya Diamond Dolphins fan club membership card (first 100 people) will receive a gift of Japanese sweets (different from the product posted on SNS)!
[Tabisuru Hanko Collection] Collect stamps and exchange them for souvenirs [Image 5d11104-18-28329c7c46691298b2b0-4.jpg&s3=11104-18-c30255d1eb5b1801885ca29e5de84635-680x680.jpg
Purchases of eligible Japanese sweets from participating stores will be points for the “Tabisuru Hanko Collection,” where you can participate in the Yatokame Culture Festival program and collect stamps. Those who collect a lot of stamps (5, 10, 15) will receive an original souvenir.
* Each participating store will not hand over souvenirs (only seals). Please check the following for the delivery location.
-Venues eligible for points-
In addition to the participating stores (24 stores in total) of “Nagoya’s Japanese sweets that I want to convey to the future”, all the venues of the “Geidokoro Machinaka Show”, “Geidokoro Nagoya Stage”, “Machinaka Terakoya”, and “Machiaruki Nagoya” of the Yatokame Cultural Festival
-Souvenir delivery place-
・Commemorative gifts can only be handed over at the “Geidokoro Machinaka Show” stage.
(Ozashiki Live, Machinaka Chanoyu Revolution, Special Stage “Eternal Waterfall” are excluded)
・Complete souvenirs (20 stamps) will be handed over on November 13th (Sunday) at the “Geidokoro Machinaka Show” stage.
Experience “Nagoya, the birthplace of Japanese sweets” by visiting delicious foods!
Since the Owari Tokugawa family’s successive feudal lords loved the tea ceremony, Nagoya developed a culture of Japanese confectionery, which is indispensable for tea ceremony. Even today, you can find a wide variety of wagashi, from sweets used at tea ceremonies to sweets that are popular in everyday life, and even the latest unique sweets. Experience the depth of this town by visiting the Japanese
confectionery shops in Nagoya.
Yatokame Cultural Festival, a festival of Nagoya’s culture, history and traditional performing arts
[Image 6d11104-18-74861c0e9e8b7e0ec767-5.png&s3=11104-18-d967f8cfed0d90aebc69ed71933b21c8-987x734.png
-What is Yatokame Cultural Festival-
The Yatokame Cultural Festival is an urban culture festival where you can encounter the culture and stories of Nagoya, which has been nurtured through its long history. Street performances of Kyogen at various venues in Nagoya City, “Tsuji Kyogen,” “Ozashiki Live” at famous restaurants, “Machinaka Terakoya,” where you can learn about the city from textbooks, and “Walk around Nagoya” with a guide who loves Nagoya. More than 70 diverse programs are held. Through the “Yatokame Cultural Festival”, how about experiencing the city where “history” and “culture” are alive, nurtured by the Owari Tokugawa family?
“Yattokame Cultural Festival 2022” Schedule: October 22nd
(Sat)-November 13th (Sun)
Official website: https://yattokame.jp
-This year is the 10th anniversary year-
[Image 7d11104-18-0b29c1f37a1f60bbad17-6.png&s3=11104-18-7ca3a8f069acd0e644a24f1e699912fa-998x830.png
The “Yattokame Cultural Festival”, which started in 2013, is celebrating its 10th anniversary. At Machinaka Terakoya, a special lecture planned as a 10th anniversary project will appear, and the program will be further enhanced. Please fully enjoy the festival of “Arts, Travel, Nagoya”.
About the impact of the new coronavirus infection, etc.
Due to the spread of the new coronavirus infection and weather conditions, it may be canceled or the schedule, venue, lecturer, etc. may be changed. For the latest information, please check with the secretariat or visit the official website.
■Overview of the organizer
Organizer: Yatokame Cultural Festival Executive Committee
Constituent organizations: Nagoya City (Culture and Arts Promotion Section, Tourism Promotion Section, Historical Town Development Promotion Office, Cultural Property Protection Office), Nagoya City Cultural Promotion Agency, Nagoya Convention & Visitors Bureau, Public Incorporated Foundation Nagoya Town Development Public Corporation, Chunichi Shimbun, Nagoya Tourism Brand Association, Dai-Nagoya University Network
Supported by: Nagoya Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Chubu Economic Federation, Chubu Keizai Doyukai
Grants: Agency for Cultural Affairs, Regional Creation Foundation

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