A special exhibition content “Progress Illustration vol.0” by 7 up-and-coming illustrators will be held at the “14th Shibuya Art Festival 2022”

A special exhibition content “Progress Illustration vol.0” by 7 up-and-coming illustrators will be held at the “14th Shibuya Art Festival 2022”
~From November 5th at SHIBUYA SACS~ PALOW.・Mai
Yoneyama・Taiki・Sevenzel・BUNBUN・Tera Terada・tamimoon

This time, Twin Planet Co., Ltd. (Representative Director Kenji Yajima / Head Office Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) is pleased to announce that seven illustrators who are leading the modern illustration scene
participated in the “14th Shibuya Art Festival 2022-SHIBUYA ART SCRAMBLE-“. Progress Illustration vol.0” content planning exhibition will be held. The illustrators participating in this project content this time are PALOW., Mai Yoneyama, Taiki, Sevenzel, and BUNBUN from the “SSS by applibot” team. And a total of 7 people, Tera Terada and tamimoon. It is an exhibition that conveys the possibilities of illustration expression.
[Image 1

With the development of the Internet, the expression of illustrators has shifted to digital, and it has become commonplace for illustrators to present their works “as works” on the web, including SNS. However, illustrations have been familiar to people in media such as
advertisements, games, and books as a medium for conveying the information that should be conveyed.
What kind of medium is the latest illustration scene connected to, what is it trying to express and convey, and the process is exhibited in various ways. I hope you can feel
The participating illustrators are seven up-and-coming illustrators. All of them are illustrators who have great influence in the current illustration scene even if they are individuals.
This time, each illustrator expressed “Illustration to XXX” in the contents of “Progress Illustration vol.0”. The theme of this exhibition is to search for something new that can be created from illustration, and each piece expresses the possibilities of
This time, as one of the contents of the Shibuya Art Festival where you can touch and experience art, it is a special exhibition where you can feel the possibilities and breadth of illustration expression through the works of illustrators full of individuality. It is

“Progress Illustration vol.0” Details
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■Exhibition title: Progress Illustration vol.0
Date and time: November 5th (Sat) to 11th (Fri), 2022
11:00 – 20:00 (*Admission free)
(Sakuragaoka Front Building 1F, 16-12 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo) ■ Organizer: Twin Planet Co., Ltd.

[What is Shibuya Arts Festival? ]

[Image 3d25517-395-12de6c10d314018b4a30-0.jpg&s3=25517-395-7f6083aa33b0d05a5e40dc6f8a48687b-2048x661.jpg
The “Shibuya Art Festival” started when it was decided that Taro Okamoto’s work “Myth of Tomorrow” would be permanently installed at Shibuya Station. Precisely because it is held in Japan’s leading media city, Shibuya, the entire city will be treated as a gallery, and every space will be open to challengers to explore the “relationship between the city and art.”
An international cultural tourism city that creates opportunities for diverse people to come into contact with art, think about art, and experience art for about a week every autumn, connecting cities with cities, people with people, past with the present, and the present with the future through art.・It is a cultural project “Shibuya Art Festival” that Shibuya is working on.
Official website:

“Progress Illustration vol.0” participating illustrator profiles ■ PALOW. (SSS by applibot)
[Image 4d25517-395-e0c1f209d9c10c600a78-3.jpg&s3=25517-395-c3f2175dbf015282e9ed649fd6e2e365-286x286.jpg
Character designer and illustrator. Works in a wide range of industries, including anime, games, advertising, music, and
publishing. As an artist, he is known for his style that combines geometric pattern fantasy and sci-fi motifs.

■ Mai Yoneyama (SSS by applibot)
[Image 5d25517-395-72c4f4db0ffed3b9cdcf-8.jpg&s3=25517-395-841bda54c76992384a8434ef3b93aab3-400x400.jpg
Participated in animation works such as “Kiznaiver” / “Kill la Kill” / “Promare” as animation director and character design. Since 2018, he has worked as an illustrator on book covers and advertisements. In 2019, he held his first solo exhibition “SHE” and in 2021 he held a solo exhibition “EGO”. Although it is a digital illustration, he creates works by combining printing techniques and supports that are suitable for each illustration.
■ Taiki (SSS by applibot)
[Image 6d25517-395-9eabff0c99e80626e2cb-7.jpg&s3=25517-395-ffbbb862e46ce56a507663cbc67fbabb-400x400.jpg
Illustrator and character designer.
Mainly works on character design and illustration for applications and home video game contents. Participating works include “Lord of Vormillion” series / “Racing Miku 2015ver” / “Digimon World
-next0rder-” / “Kinokukuni”.
■ Sevenzel (SSS by applibot)
[Image 7d25517-395-1e015b09130bedd47a20-6.jpg&s3=25517-395-c100148ceee44c86a393c9f293fb9cb7-400x400.jpg
Illustrator and character designer.
Main work: “Pokémon Card Game” card illustration / “Pokémon Sun & Moon” trainer design / “NEC Laptop LAVIE VEGA” TV-CM character design / “Tensai TV-kun hello” / full-color art comics from November 2020 “#424D99” is being serialized on Twitter.
■ BUNBUN (SSS by applibot)
[Image 8d25517-395-2f3410872982aa68ee02-4.jpg&s3=25517-395-54d189fba1abf37990b1ce66b4f49369-400x400.jpg
Focusing on illustrations for light novels, he also works on character designs for anime and games. Started working as a freelance
illustrator in 2004. In charge of more than 100 light novel
illustrations, 4 art books published. As an original illustration and character design draft, he works on works such as “Sword Art Online” / “Yuki Yuna is a Hero” / “Izetta at the end” / “Sakura Quest”. ■ Tera Terada
[Image 9d25517-395-f6d6e60c638c0b26ff45-9.jpg&s3=25517-395-0b2d40368ddabbeb4c4aecabbaf5a457-400x400.jpg
In charge of MV/jacket illustrations for music artists such as Mafumafu and Akari Nanawo “Turing Love feat.Sou” and Ado’s
“Ashura-chan”, collaborative apparel development with Yohji Yamamoto, character design for games and 3D avatars, etc. I am active in a wide range of fields. Currently serializing joint IP “Junk Mall” with Toho Co., Ltd. Tetsuya Komuro’s song and illustration collaboration also became a hot topic.
[Image 10d25517-395-1dadddb393e4a64433b4-10.jpg&s3=25517-395-17dc26ef9ce91acdf7242b6e4bb693d8-400x400.jpg
An artist who draws female illustrations mainly on SNS from 2020. Although he is a mysterious existence who does not reveal his true face or private life, the number of followers on SNS has exceeded 400,000 in about two years since his activities. From the details of the illustration, you can feel the “fetishism” that women have, and even if there are no words, you will be able to “sympathize” with many people. Support is also being gathered from the strata.

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