A-style Co., Ltd. A-style representative, Yoshitsugu Tanimoto, has started “crowdfunding” for the first bo ok publication!

Astyle Co., Ltd.
Astyle representative, Yoshitsugu Tanimoto, starts “crowdfunding” for the first book publication!
~Start of a project to create a “will” for a couple earning 7 billion in annual sales! ~

Yoshitsugu Tanimoto (hereinafter referred to as Tanimoto), CEO of Astyle Co., Ltd. (Joto Ward, Osaka City, referred to as our company), which operates nursing care and welfare facilities, has six group companies (total annual sales of the group of approximately 7 billion yen). Decided to make a book of the content video “Suicide Note” that the Tanimoto couple, who lead the company, are sending on YouTube and Tiktok. We challenged crowdfunding to send out “how to succeed in life” to more people, and the project was released on CAMPFIRE on October 1st, so let us know here. I will.

■ Thoughts Tanimoto put into the publication of “Suicide Note” Erika Tanimoto, his wife and representative director of a group company, not only talks about work such as management philosophy, sales know-how, and organization building that he and his wife have cultivated so far, but also the secret to a harmonious family. Instead of writing a suicide note to my children, I have continued to post useful information such as educational philosophy on my official YouTube channel (Tanimotoke [TORICOM channel]) and TikTok
Thanks to you, the number of channel subscribers has exceeded 20,000, and YouTube and TikTok, which were originally aimed at children, want to become managers, start businesses, get ahead in the world, contribute to society, and build a happy family. I was able to receive support from people with a passion for wanting to,,,, etc., and at the timing when I was convinced that “the communication that we do will be useful to many people,” the story of making a book. I got it, so I decided to challenge it.
However, as long as I take on the challenge, I would like to create a book that even children can understand, rather than making it a business book that imposes a common one-sided philosophy of success. [Contents to be published*]
How to lead a successful life
・How to earn money (There are 3 ways to earn money)
・First, make the vessel bigger! money will come later
・The presence of important people makes you stronger
・Business is social contribution (change from previous business style to now) ・A company that will remain in the next 100 years (aiming for five directions) ・What cannot be achieved by one person can be achieved by a team Think about your definition of happiness
・ What is important in A-style (how to interact with employees) ・Value the attitude of always taking on challenges
*Subject to change in the future.
■ Thoughts on Tanimoto’s challenge to crowdfunding
This is also the background of this book, but from the desire that we want to help as many people as possible with our communication, Rather than unilaterally selling what I want to say or write as a book, I want to have a positive impact on the lives of as many people as possible through publishing, so this time I took the option of crowdfunding. I decided to let you.
The feature is that I have provided the right to consult with me as a return, and have prepared an opportunity to directly help everyone. I believe that being able to take on these kinds of initiatives is the real thrill of crowdfunding, and I think it is the greatest merit. Click here for the CAMPFIRE project site
In addition to the above, we are planning multiple activities and hope to help many people lead a happy life.
As soon as it is decided, we will inform everyone in order.
■Company profile
Company name: A-Style Co., Ltd.
Location: 4-1-33 Shigino Nishi, Joto Ward, Osaka City, Osaka Prefecture Representative: Representative Director Yoshitsugu Tanimoto
Established: February 13, 2007
Business description:
1. Welfare business (support for child development, operation of after-school day services, etc.)
2.Nursing care business (operation of fee-based homes for the elderly and housing for the elderly with services)
3. Home-visit nursing business
4. Operation of in-house nursery school
Company official website: https://www.a-style55.co.jp/index.html Tanimotoke Official Website: https://tanimotoke.jp/
Tanimoto family [TORICOM channel]:
Tanimotoke Official TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@tanimotoke_toricom Details about this release:

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