A variety of programs such as “Eve Festival Live Okazaki Physical Education x Creepy Nuts” and Tamio Okuda’s “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” have been decided!

Sony Enterprise Co., Ltd.
A variety of programs such as “Eve Festival Live Okazaki Physical Education x Creepy Nuts” and Tamio Okuda’s “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” have been decided!
“Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO,” a playful experiential program that creates 6 themes together with 6 groups of artists, will be held from November 11th to 23rd.

Ginza Sony Park (Ginza Sony Park) will be open from November 11th (Friday) to November 23rd (Wednesday / holiday), 2022. The program contents of “Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO” to be held at two venues in Theater Kyoto have been decided.
The ever-changing Sony’s six fields of work: games, music, movies, electronics, semiconductors, and finance will be transformed into event themes such as “Games are a place to socialize” and “Music is a journey.” . Six artists, Taiiku Okazaki, Tamio Okuda, Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra, millennium parade, YOASOBI, and Creepy Nuts, will be added to develop an experience-based project.
[Image 1

1.『THE MILLENNIUM PARADE THEATER』『DJ Matsunaga Routines for Ginza Sony Park』  The contents of each venue’s exhibition, such as “My Story, My Sony” special exhibition, have been decided
2. A special event will also be held!
・November 10th (Thursday) Eve event live performance Okazaki Taiiku x Creepy Nuts [invitation only]
・ November 12th (Sat) Tamio Okuda “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” will be held 3. [Special Exhibition] Takuro Tamayama’s installation lighting up the space of the former Kyoto newspaper printing factory
1. Contents of “Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO” have been decided *The posted photos are from last year’s event in Ginza. It is different from the exhibition image this time.
*For details, please check the Sony Park exhibition web page: https://www.sonypark.com/sonyparktenkyoto/
[Venue 1] Kyoto Shimbun Bldg. 1st basement floor (Kyoto Shimbun printing factory site)
“Games are social gatherings. ] with Okazaki Physical Education [Image 2

In “Playlist by Okazaki Taiiku”, Okazaki Taiiku selects works from successive PlayStation (R) game titles according to the theme of “Social Space”. By reading the QR code of the exhibition with a smartphone, you can enjoy the audio content introducing the game with Taiiku Okazaki’s own memories and episodes. Some titles can also be played on the actual machine at the time.
“Music is a journey. ] with Tamio Okuda
[Image 3

Under the theme of “Tell us about your music that makes you feel that music is a journey,” Tamio Okuda and more than 130 groups of artists related to Ginza Sony Park participated in the exhibition “Then, music goes on a journey. ”. The artist has selected one song that he considers to be a “journey” among his own songs. It is an experience of listening to various songs by inserting the plug of the headphones you will be given into a box like a baggage claim at the airport. “Finance is poetry. ] with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
[Image 4

“Planet Poem” is a new planetarium program that fuses stars and poetry with Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra’s songs “Prism” and “Dominoes that won’t fall down.” The narrator is Atsushi Yanaka, who plays baritone saxophone in the Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra and has written many poems. The poem that appears is a work specially written by Atsushi Yanaka to match the theme “Finance is poetry.”
“Movies are forests. 』with millennium parade
[Image 5

“THE MILLENNIUM PARADE THEATER”, which is overflowing with a unique world view created by millennium parade (Millennium Parade) led by King Gnu’s Daiki Tsuneda and creative label PERIMETRON (Perimethron) that handles their artwork, is back. In addition, in the “Forest of Movies”, while walking through a forest made up of only the words (dialogues) of 100 successive films of Sony Pictures Entertainment, you will be able to experience the movie not from the cast and trailers, but from the moving dialogue. We will deliver the experience to meet you.
“Semiconductors are science fiction. ] with YOASOBI
[Image 6

At “Taisho Roman -NOVEL INTO MUSIC-“, you can experience the world of this original novel along with YOASOBI’s song “Taisho Roman”. It is an interactive video experience where shadow play animation emerges when visitors illuminate the wall with a special “light”. You can enjoy the world view of the story and songs drawn by the main characters through a slightly different experience from the music video. You can also take home an original poster (limited quantity) printed with the novel.
“Electronics is the street. ] with Creepy Nuts
[Image 7

You can listen to the fictitious radio program “Creepy Nuts ‘Park Radio'” only for the Sony Park exhibition. The two Creepy Nuts will become personalities, and will unravel and interpret the underlying street spirit from anecdotes about the Sony brand, secret stories about the birth of the Walkman (R), and quotes from the founder of Sony. increase. In addition, at “DJ Matsunaga Routines for Ginza Sony Park”, you can enjoy two routines performed by DJ Matsunaga, the world champion of the world’s largest DJ competition “DMC WORLD DJ CHAMPIONSHIPS 2019”, on the big screen.
[Second Venue] ROHM Theater Kyoto
““My Story, My Sony” Special Exhibition”
[Image 8

Under the theme of “My Story, My Sony,” this is a special exhibition program that brings together successive generations of Sony products and entertainment (music, movies, games) works. More than 800 items, the largest ever for the Sony Group, will be on display from Sony’s founding to the present day. There may be some memorable products you used here. In addition, we will develop exhibits that symbolize the culture of each era and the point of contact with users, such as the first real Walkman in Japan that was loved by Andy Warhol. In addition, a radio-cassette-type jukebox, which is a gigantic version of the CFS-99 radio-cassette player, will be installed on the promenade on the 1st floor of ROHM Theater Kyoto.
Tamio Okuda’s “Totsugeki-go” is coming to the Sony Park exhibition! [Image 9

Tamio Okuda’s “Totsugeki-go”, which is a camper car that has been remodeled into a car that can record, will come to ROHM Square in ROHM Theater Kyoto during the Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO.
Also, on November 12th (Sat), Tamio Okuda’s “Easy Cantabile”, which has delivered the fun of recording in a home recording style, will be delivered from “Totsugeki”, named “Mobile Easy Cantabile”. “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” will be held.
Overview of “Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO”
[Image 10

Period: November 11th (Friday) to 23rd (Wednesday/Holiday), 2022 Hours: 10:00-18:00 (Last admission 17:30)
*Scheduled to be open to the public from 13:00 on November 11th only Venue: Kyoto Shimbun Bldg. 1st basement floor (former Kyoto Shimbun printing factory)
    ROHM Theater Kyoto
Fee: Admission free
Web: https://www.sonypark.com/sonyparktenkyoto/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginzasonypark/
      #sonypark exhibition kyoto
Co-sponsored by: The Kyoto Shimbun
*How to enter “Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO”
You can enter both “Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO” venues without a reservation, but please understand that admission may be restricted so that you can enjoy yourself without worrying about crowds.
In addition, if you make a reservation in advance, you can enter the Kyoto Shimbun Printing Factory site without waiting.
Advance reservations will be accepted from 12:00 on Friday, October 14th. For more information, please visit the Sony Park Exhibition web page.
2. A special event will also be held!
■ November 10th (Thursday) Eve Festival Live Okazaki Physical Education x Creepy Nuts [Complete invitation system]
[Image 11d353-411-a2dc17019d22180a7220-11.jpg&s3=353-411-75752bd999acf76b6ea40d14b5b3dbd9-3841x2161.jpg
To commemorate the opening of the Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO, Okazaki Taiiku and Creepy Nuts, who are participating in the exhibition program, will hold an “Eve Festival Live”! On the eve of the Sony Park Exhibition KYOTO, live performances will liven things up. In addition, we will invite those who participate in this event by lottery. Participation in the event is free. If you are interested, please apply for a lottery from the Sony Park exhibition web page.
Date: November 10, 2022 (Thursday) 19:00-20:40 (doors open at 18:00) Venue: ROHM Theater Kyoto South Hall
Fee: Free (lottery)
Lottery application period: October 14, 2022 (Friday) 9:00 to October 16 (Sunday) 23:59
Lottery application method: Please apply from the Sony Park exhibition web page.        https://www.sonypark.com/ginza/037/index.html#event1
* Up to 2 tickets per application, once per person.
* Results announcement: We will notify you by email at 13:00 on October 19, 2022 (Wednesday).
*Please see the Sony Park Exhibition webpage for details of
application requirements and precautions.
■ November 12th (Sat) Tamio Okuda “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” will be held [Image 12d353-411-b78badbedf81fac65fe1-12.jpg&s3=353-411-65c83a2d86f4f72a0cc5d12b44a23ab9-1920x1080.jpg
Tamio Okuda will appear at ROHM SQUARE in ROHM Theater Kyoto on November 12th (Sat), the first weekend of the exhibition!
An event titled “Totsugeki! Kyoto Mobile” will be held where you can watch outdoor recordings.
Date: November 12, 2022 (Sat) 13:00-16:00
*End time may be extended
Venue: ROHM Theater Kyoto ROHM Square
Fee: Free (Advance lottery system for admission to the viewing area) *There is also a space outside the viewing area where you can stand and watch without prior lottery.
Lottery application period: October 20, 2022 (Thursday) 9:00 to October 23, 2022 (Sunday) 23:59
Lottery application method: Please apply from the Sony Park exhibition web page.        https://www.sonypark.com/ginza/037/index.html#event2
* Up to 2 tickets per application, once per person.
* Results announcement: Results will be notified by email around noon on October 26, 2022 (Wednesday).
*Please see the application page for details of application
requirements and precautions.
3. Takuro Tamayama installation (at the site of the former Kyoto newspaper printing factory)
Contemporary artist Takuro Tamayama will present a light installation in the blank space of the former Kyoto Shimbun printing factory. What kind of light will be installed in a space with a ceiling height of about 10m? Please enjoy a special space experience.
Takuro Tamayama
[Image 13d353-411-301820e2bf26bd563bc3-13.jpg&s3=353-411-fd985064cb60a4565d9888c67dab433a-3900x2601.jpg
Born in 1990 in Gifu prefecture. Living in Tokyo. After graduating from Aichi Prefectural University of the Arts, completed graduate school at Tokyo University of the Arts in 2015. By combining objects such as furniture and daily necessities created by referring to familiar images, the color tone of images, the rhythm of things, and vivid lighting and sound, he expresses a space with a precise composition. . Recent major exhibitions include “2021 3rd Collection Exhibition” (Aichi Prefectural Museum of Art, 2022), “Anything will slip off / If cut diagonally” (ANOMALY, 2021), “25th Anniversary Collection Exhibition VISION Part 1 About light / Lighting the light” (Toyota Municipal Museum of Art, 2020).
・WEB page: http://anomalytokyo.com/artist/takuro_tamayama/
・Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/takurotamayama/
Participating artist profile
Okazaki physical education
[Image 14d353-411-6286f316a633f85be891-14.jpg&s3=353-411-7ea2831b8ce09491854c0ecb4ca7ef51-3000x2000.jpg
A male solo project from Uji City, Kyoto Prefecture. Major debut with the album “BASIN TECHNO” released in May 2016. “MUSIC VIDEO” included in the same album won the Newcomer Award in the Entertainment Division of the 20th Agency for Cultural Affairs Media Arts Festival. In June 2019, he held a one-man performance at Saitama Super Arena, which he professed to be his dream. For the first time in the history of SSA, the concert of “1 person vs 18,000 people” was a great success. In February 2020, they held their first arena performance in Kansai -Edion Arena Osaka-, and the “single festival” called “OKAZAKI ROCK FESTIVAL 2020” attracted a lot of attention. In October 2021, the 4th original album “FIGHT CLUB” will be released for the first time in about 2 years and 9 months. In addition to music activities, he is active in multiple fields such as TV talent, actor, and CM
Okazaki Sports Official HP: https://okazakitaiiku.com/
Tamio Okuda
[Image 15d353-411-e7e8808f401a22d72a62-15.jpg&s3=353-411-6722dc194711e58790616638906222b3-3000x2250.jpg
Born in Hiroshima in 1965. Major debut with Unicorn in 1987. In 1994, he started his solo career in earnest with the single “Ai no Tame Tame”, collaborating with various artists and demonstrating his talent as a producer. There are various forms of activities such as the band style “MTR&Y”, the singing style “Hitorimata Tabi”, and the home recording style DIY analog recording “Kantan Cantabile”. He has been releasing videos one after another on YouTube, such as “Kantan Teletabile,” in which he talks and plays with guests through telework, and “Kantan Barchabile,” in which he performs in a virtual background. With his unique activities, he is loved not only by listeners but also by musicians. In March 2022, the new single “Taiyou ga Miiteru” was released, and in May, a new outing recording project “Totsugeki! Automobile” was started on YouTube.
Tamio Okuda (RAMEN CURRY MUSIC RECORDS) Official YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/RCMROfficialYouTubeChannel_jp
Related links: https://okudatamio.jp/ https://twitter.com/OT_staff https://rcmr.jp/
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
[Image 16d353-411-bb522e23a269ae26ab23-16.jpg&s3=353-411-6ed7b4d07bc6810d6f4ae69799e0fa1b-3000x1875.jpg
Based on the Jamaican-born ska music, they absorb all genres of music with their own interpretation, and the sound they play is called “Tokyo Ska”, and they have created an original style.
Debuted in 1989 with the album “Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra” (commonly known as “Yellow Analog”). Overcoming several member changes, the current members are nine.
While building a solid position as an instrumental band, since 2001, the members have composed the music and the lyrics have been written by Atsushi Yanaka (Baritone sax).
In addition, since his debut, he has performed in 31 countries around the world without staying in Japan, and has appeared in many of the world’s largest music festivals. Above all, at Coachella (USA) in 2013, he achieved the feat of being the first Japanese artist to stand on the main stage.
Furthermore, in October 2019, at Mexico’s largest music award “Las Lunas del Auditorio”, the live performance that has excited the Mexican people for many years was recognized, and the best performance award was given in the alternative category. Awarded. Now that they have reached the 33rd anniversary of their debut and have advanced to a new phase, they continue to expand the Tokyo Ska paradise while continuing to run at the forefront of the music scene with the band’s theme “NO BORDER”.
millennium parade
[Image 17d353-411-21d67cd2f18547a3f5ae-18.jpg&s3=353-411-2d87fe0b00a9710556b7bd885f3c3f33-2000x1288.jpg
Led by Daiki Tsuneda, a producer/songwriter from Tokyo, it includes various sections such as digital native millennial musicians, video directors, CG creators, designers, illustrators, etc., and expands and contracts freely with creative first. A new style band.
Based on the concept of “Hyakki Yagyo”, which means a group of demons and monsters that wander around in the middle of the night, and their procession, which appears in Japanese folklore, the chaotic and real fun of Tokyo is presented to the world. Outgoing. Tickets for the live show using 3D that was held as a project launch party in May 2019 became a hot topic and sold out on the same day. Since then, live tickets are sold out on the same day every time, and it has become a fierce battle.
He collaborated with high-end brands such as adidas and DIOR, and served as the theme song for Japan’s world-famous animation “Ghost in the Shell SAC_2045”, releasing his debut album in February 2021. The main theme of director Mamoru Hosoda’s “Dragon and Sobakasu no Hime” was performed in the Kouhaku Uta Gassen, and an overwhelming stage performance was performed. He is attracting a great deal of attention as an advocate of new values.
[Image 18d353-411-37a757d450fc4f969bab-17.jpg&s3=353-411-db0471535c3ddfdc3450de2f689d84b0-3000x1688.jpg
A unit that turns novels into music, consisting of composer Ayase and vocalist ikura.
In 2022, while proceeding with the collaboration project “Hajimete” with four Naoki Prize-winning writers, he will also energetically appear at summer festivals nationwide.
In addition to expressions that cross novels, songs, and videos, they are also attracting attention for their spectacular live performances. Creepy Nuts
[Image 19d353-411-b771639d6f58b46972f5-19.jpg&s3=353-411-2424fd1a56e29b07c3c61c95e35f0595-3000x1767.jpg
A HIP HOP unit by rapper “R-Shitei” who has won three consecutive victories in Japan and the world’s number one DJ “DJ Matsunaga”. Major debut from Sony Music in 2017. “To us who were geniuses once” released in 2020 became a hot topic. In 2021, the album “Case” will be released. Other SNS is also attracting attention, such as the recorded song “Nobishiro” has been played over 300 million times on TikTok. All the performances including the Yokohama Arena sold out on the nationwide tour with the album in September. From April 2022, DJ Matsunaga will make regular appearances on Nippon Broadcasting System “Creepy Nuts’ All Night Nippon” and NHK E-tele “Numa ni
Hamakitaitemita”. Active in various fields such as commercials and dramas. The new album “Ensemble Play” will be released on September 7th. The final of the nationwide tour will be held on December 8th at Saitama Super Arena.
About Ginza Sony Park
Ginza Sony Park inherited the concept of “a facility open to the town” from the beginning of the Sony Building, and opened on August 9, 2018 during the demolition work of the Sony Building. As an “ever-changing experimental park” in the middle of the city, we hold programs such as various events and live performances throughout the year that bring surprise and playfulness, and have welcomed 8.54 million visitors over the past three years. (as of the end of September 2021).
Reconstruction work is currently underway, and the new Ginza Sony Park is scheduled to be completed in 2024.
Sony Park official website/SNS account
Web: https://www.sonypark.com/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ginzasonypark/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ginzasonypark/
Facebook: https://facebook.com/ginzasonypark/
YouTube: https://youtube.com/ginzasonypark/
@ginzasonypark #ginzasonypark #Ginza Sony Park #sonyparkmini [Image 20d353-411-7732a9ae7e07be08859d-20.png&s3=353-411-89fbf67ef330a62487f5c19660e4298a-1000x275.png
Efforts to prevent infection and requests to customers
In order to protect the health and safety of customers and staff, we plan to implement infection prevention and spread prevention measures in the venue. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation. Details about this release:


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