A3 Co., Ltd. “Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters” appears in the first “Sanrio Anime Store Lottery”! A lo t of information such as new goods and special postcards

A3 Co., Ltd.
“Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters” Appears in the First “Sanrio Anime Store Lottery”! A lot of information such as new goods and special postcards

A3 Co., Ltd. has launched the online lottery “Sanrio Anime Store Lottery” for “Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters”.
[Image 1

The online lottery “Sanrio Anime Store Lottery” of the popular collaboration “Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters” will be released! The theme for this year’s “Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters” is “Kawaii Parade!” Makoto Naegi x Cinnamoroll, Kyoko Kirigiri x Marron Cream, and other good friends will appear.
Dressed in costumes of their respective image colors, they are too cute to march around with balloons…!
We will deliver plenty of information such as luxury goods, special postcards, and W chance prizes, so please check it out to the end. Holding information
Release period: October 17th (Monday) to November 13th (Sunday) Sales price: 880 yen (tax included) once
Delivery date: Scheduled for late January 2023.
Payment method: credit card payment, carrier payment, point payment Venue: Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE (mail order)
▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼
order from here!
https://sanrio-animestore-a3.jp/title/search/product?parent_title_id=46&utm_source=prt248 What is Sanrio Anime Store Kuji, the first online lottery for Sanrio Anime Store?
Online lotteries are attracting attention among anime and manga fans. The Sanrio Anime Store lottery, which can be purchased online from the Sanrio Anime Store, will finally appear.
The biggest feature of “Sanrio Anime Store Lottery” is that you can check the lottery results on the spot.
Since you can check the prizes you have won immediately after drawing a lottery, it is easy to share the results with your friends through SNS, etc., and you can also enjoy exchanging prizes.
Furthermore, as long as the same product is the same, orders placed on the same day and to the same delivery address will be automatically bundled together, and the second and subsequent shipping charges will not be incurred!
“Sanrio Anime Store Lottery” can be purchased not only from
smartphones and tablets, but also from computers.
Shop from the device that’s most convenient for you!
S prize royal blanket (1 type)
[Image 2

The rarest S prize is the Royal Blanket.
A soft and fluffy blanket that is perfect for the coming cold season! The size is about 100 x 150 cm, and the coloring and gradation expression are both high quality, maximizing the appeal of the illustration.
The cute illustrations of all the characters are used, so your heart and body will be warm ♪
Prize A Mug (2 types)
[Image 3

The A prize will be a mug!
The mug has a capacity of 350ml and can hold a lot of drinks, so it is sure to be useful during work breaks or relaxing before going to bed. How about pouring your favorite drink and having the best healing time with cute characters?
In addition, the characters are designed in full color, so you can decorate them on racks and enjoy them for viewing.
Prize B acrylic figure plate (16 types in total)
[Image 4

The B-prize acrylic figure plate is a stand-type item that can be decorated by fitting the parts.
The size is about 120 x 120 mm or less, and the balloons and star decorations that match the image color of each character will brighten up the surroundings of the characters!
Please enjoy it by decorating it on a desk or rack.
All 16 pairs of characters will appear in the B prize.
Makoto Naegi and the Cinnamoroll pair with a smile wearing matching ears, and Reon Kuwata, a super high school level “baseball player”, and Weir Dynasours marching energetically with baseballs! Please pay attention to unique characters such as pairs!
C prize acrylic key chain (16 types in total)
[Image 5

The acrylic key chain for Prize C has a fashionable flag design with a part of the background transparent.
Not only can you put it on your bag, but the size is about 65mm and it has an outstanding presence, so you can enjoy collecting it and displaying it as a collection!
The lineup includes a total of 16 pairs, including the pair of Celestia Ludenberg and Kuromi, who have cute pink skulls, and My Sweet Piano, who tries hard to follow Sakura Ogami while holding a barbell. Prize D Hologram can badge (16 types in total)
[Image 6

The hologram can badge will appear as the D prize.
It has a glittering hologram design and is cute enough to match the theme of “Kawaii Parade!”.
The size is about 65mm, which is a large size, and Aoi Asahina and Kerokero Keroppi pair who seems to be having a lot of donuts that she loves, and Junko Enoshima and Hello Kitty pair with many matching ribbons. And so on, you can see each pair illustration firmly! Postcard as a bonus! (16 types in total)
[Image 7

For every 5 Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters “Sanrio Anime Store lottery” purchases, you will receive a random postcard (16 types in total)!
Each postcard has a cute and colorful illustration of each pair that fans will want.
A chance to get all kinds of hologram tin badge sets! “Don’t miss the double chance prize!”
[Image 8

If you purchase 5 or more lottery tickets in one transaction, you will also receive a W chance prize that allows you to participate in the lottery!
It is a chance to win all kinds of hologram can badge sets, so please try it. (It will end as soon as it is gone.)
“Sanrio Anime Store Lottery” of “Danganronpa x Sanrio Characters” where you can enjoy the excitement of not knowing what you will win. Don’t miss the gorgeous prizes that can only be obtained here! ▼Go to Sanrio Anime Store ONLINE▼
order from here!
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(C) 2022 SANRIO CO., LTD. APPR. NO. L634982
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Company name A3 Co., Ltd.
Established September 27, 2012
Location Minami-Ikebukuro, Toshima-ku, Tokyo 1-11-22 Yamatane Ikebukuro Building 2F
Representative Representative Director Takashi Ozawa
HP https://athree3.com/
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