About 10,000 items sold in 3 days after the item was released! Limited release of new autumn colors from the eyeshadow palette of the topical cosmetic brand “Enamor”

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About 10,000 items sold in 3 days after the item was released! Limited release of new autumn colors from the eyeshadow palette of the topical cosmetic brand “Enamor”

From the popular eyeshadow palette “Nuance Color Eyes” of the cosmetic brand “Enamor” produced by “Kajeri”, limited-edition dusty terracotta will be available on the official sales site from Tuesday, October 25th as a new fall color. We will start selling. Please enjoy the autumn makeup proposed by Enamor.
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A new autumn color will be released from the eyeshadow palette that sells 10,000 pieces in 3 days from the release
Based on the theme of “the instant your eyes meet, your crush”, the eyeshadow palette “Nuance Color Eyes” is available in a total of 4 colors, 3 standard colors and 1 limited color*, but will be released on March 18. Approximately 10,000 pieces have been sold in three days since, and have been well received by many people. Also, in response to the response from everyone, we will release a limited color “Dusty Terracotta” as a new autumn color. Please enjoy the autumn makeup proposed by Enamor. * 101 limited color “Olive Marron” is already sold out.
Dusty terracotta with translucent color for a sophisticated autumn makeup that is one step ahead of everyone
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The new color “Dusty Terracotta” to be released this time is a color selection that takes into account the powdery texture and sheerness of the comfort of each color, and the color balance that is neither too aggressive nor too flattering. Finished in a new color that will last. And after all, the best feature is the see-through color! This sheer coloring makes it an item that blends easily with any skin type, taking advantage of the user’s natural eyelid color and skin type. Also, in the fall and winter, thick materials such as coats and knits may increase, and by incorporating trendy colors that give a sense of looseness to the eyes, it is easy to balance with additions and pulls, and you can achieve a refined autumn makeup one step ahead.
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【Product details】
Product Name: Enamor Nuance Color Eyes
New Color : 102 / Dusty Terracotta
* Because it is a limited color, it will be released in a limited quantity. Price: 2,200 yen (excluding tax)
Release date: October 25, 2022 (Tuesday) 12:00 noon
Sales destination: https://enamor.jp/nce
product concept
“A moment when our eyes meet, a crush. 』
The moment you meet your eyes in the mirror, your excitement spreads and your mood rises.
That’s because they value their individuality more than anything else. Don’t be too aggressive, don’t be too flattered, just be natural. A nuanced color for you who live more beautifully from now on. [Color introduction]
[Image 4d95773-3-f2cdcc418da46fb92418-3.jpg&s3=95773-3-f767b5cb9eacb02315bff04e42a86968-1568x1046.jpg

102 / Dusty Terracotta
A: Glittering color
The champagne glitter that adheres smoothly gives the eyes a three-dimensional effect and a gorgeous shine.
B: depth color
The moist powdery nut beige gives your eyes a natural
three-dimensional effect and depth.
C: Nuance trend color
The translucent terracotta brown color creates a stylish look while making the most of your natural eyelids.
D: eye tightening color
The smooth powdery burgundy brown with gold pearls tightens the eyes by layering colors. In addition, this burgundy brown is a color with a good balance of red and blue, and it has a finish that allows you to easily change nuances.
-Usage image-
[Image 5d95773-3-f637c04267b56c038020-4.jpg&s3=95773-3-f077d17bc0537c95f1ad4f8f4824fac8-1086x1508.jpg

■ Kajieri profile
[Image 6d95773-3-baf1468011e197b321b6-5.jpg&s3=95773-3-abe2f9269dbf1838f30941e66fc565dd-1044x1568.jpg
Utilizing her knowledge and experience in makeup, she is active as a disseminating makeup artist who transmits beauty information that is easy to understand and imitate for users through her own SNS such as YouTube and Instagram. In addition to providing a wide range of lessons and information on makeup, she is also a makeup artist and beauty YouTuber with a beauty national qualification. (The number of YouTube subscribers is 300,000 as of October 2022) In addition, imitation makeup and analysis makeup that bring you closer to the face of your dreams are also a hot topic. From 2020, he will also develop products as a producer of the produce brand “Enamor”.
■ What is Enamor?
[Image 7d95773-3-90147092336fd75ab724-6.jpg&s3=95773-3-e3e649014b1b7cf885fb153ceeb83974-2400x2400.jpg
I will love me A brand produced by Kajieri with the concept of The first product, “Kumano Brush Makeup Brushes & Brush Case Set,” won first place in the Rakuten Best Cosmetics 2021 makeup tools and tools category.
Details about this release:


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