Accelerate learning in the age of reskilling! NewsPicks NewSchool attendance certificate issued by NFT

PitPa Co., Ltd.
Accelerate learning in the age of reskilling! NewsPicks NewSchool attendance certificate issued by NFT
Promoting reskilling and human resource mobility in the web3 era by visualizing individual skills and expertise

PitPa Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Tatsuya Ishibe, hereinafter “PitPa”) is a project-type school “NewsPicks NewSchool” developed by the social economic media NewsPicks with the theme of “learning, creating, and earning”. We supported the issuance of NFT attendance certificates at the “web3 x business” session that was held.
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NewsPicks NewSchool is a practical school that started mainly online in July 2020 and has been attended by a total of 2,300 people in about a year and a half since its opening. Together with top runners who are active on the front lines of each field, we are co-creating new knowledge, businesses, and content based on the principle of “combat first.”
Three points of the “NFT Certificate of Attendance” issued this time 1. Record your learning data in detail and issue an official certificate from NewsPicks NewSchool
This time, we issued an NFT attendance certificate to those who completed the class on the theme of “web3 x business” at NewsPicks NewSchool. The certificate will include the student’s name and icon, the date the course was completed, and the name of the course taken. 2. Giving a learning record with a non-transferable NFT
This NFT is a type of non-transferable NFT that is similar to “SBT (Soulbound Token)” advocated by Vitalik Buterin, co-founder of the Ethereum blockchain.
3. Granted learning records are open to the public ・Aim for
utilization inside and outside NewsPicks NewSchool
This NFT can be used as a “token graph (*)”. For example, it is possible to consider forming a community limited to NFT holders, holding special classes, etc., and adding various values ​​after distribution.
* Refers to the public information of the token owned by the person on the blockchain
Furthermore, in the future, if a digital identity like this NFT is implemented in society, it will be possible to use it for internal transfers and job changes. For example, by collaborating with other companies to publish limited job vacancies for NewsPicks NewSchool students and implement internships, we can aim for the fluidity and optimal placement of human resources.
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Visualization of Skills and Expertise Gaining Attention with “Reskilling” The shortage of digital human resources is an urgent issue in Japan. In particular, the presence of digital human resources is essential for companies to promote DX, and it is necessary to encourage “reskilling” within the company, not just to secure human resources through mid-career recruitment.
The Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry also stated that it is important to “secure digital human resources in companies” and “enhance the social mobility of digital human resources” toward the realization of DX. It is said that a means of visualization is necessary (*1).
Digital certificates, such as “digital badges” that are issued online as “badges” for individual skills and qualifications, are being cited as a specific means.
The advantages of using them are:
・By visualizing educational background and skills, it is possible to improve employee motivation.
・Based on what is visualized, it is possible to efficiently search for the necessary human resources from among the candidates.
・ You can refer to skills and qualifications other than academic background to recruit diverse human resources.
Furthermore, as the demand for companies to disclose information on human capital increases, digital certificates are expected to play a greater role in “human capital management (*),” which is attracting increasing attention.
* A management style that treats the knowledge and skills of employees as “capital” and invests in them to increase corporate value over the medium to long term.
In the “Human Resources Version Ito Report 2.0” announced by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry on May 13, 2022, three perspectives and five common elements required for human resource strategies are described (*2). It is worth noting that the following two points are listed as common elements that should be incorporated into the human resources strategy of any company.
1. Formulating the necessary human resource portfolio for the realization of management strategy
2. Promote D&I and reskilling (re-learning) to revitalize individuals and organizations, and create an environment where employees can work proactively and enthusiastically.
In this respect as well, digital certificates have great potential for use. *1: From the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “4th Study Group on Human Resources Policy in the Digital Age Today’s Issues on Digital Human Resources – Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (June 1, 2021)”
* 2: From the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry “Review Committee Report for Realizing Human Capital Management-Human Resource Version Ito Report 2.0-(May 2022)”
[Announcement] “[CryptoBase web3 Study] Human resources strategy in the web3 era-Reskilling for DX and job-type employment- ”, PitPa representative Ishibe will be on stage.
*Participation is free, no archives will be distributed, event participation certificate VC will be distributed
Why use NFT to issue certificates of learning?
However, since general digital badges and digital certificates are image data attached with information, the possibility of tampering and forgery cannot be ruled out.
Therefore, in issuing the Certificate of Attendance for this NewsPicks NewSchool, we used “NFT (Non-Fungible Token)” that utilizes blockchain technology, which has become a hot topic in recent years.
By utilizing blockchain technology, in addition to preventing falsification and counterfeiting, the receiving side can eliminate the trouble of confirming with the issuer whether it is “genuine”. In addition, compared to conventional blockchain-based certificates, NFT-based certificates are also characterized by their superior portability beyond media, and can be managed by wallets such as MetaMask. It can be used on various platforms.
For example, the certificate of attendance can be used as an admission certificate for Discord (a communication tool) or as a privilege to use specific content, or it is used in the “DAO (Decentralized Autonomous Organization)” that has become a hot topic these days. It is also possible to manage members by linking with project management tools.
In the past, PitPa issued Chiba Institute of Technology’s education certificate with NFT, but we recognize that such a digital certificate does not exist just by issuing it, but only when there is a place where it can be “utilized”. . Therefore, we will promote the use of digital certificates by collaborating with industry, government, and academia to build an environment that is easy for companies to introduce, and to create mechanisms that make individuals want to acquire them.
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[Comment from Yutaka Ueda, who is in charge of NewsPicks NewSchool] In response to the need for web3 to be used in the business context, we planned this kind of course together with Mr. Shitara of Gentosha. Among them, the idea of ​​​​“Let’s convert the certificate of attendance to NFT” came up, which led to this effort with PitPa. I hope that “Social implementation of digital identity like this NFT” will come in the near future.
About NewsPicks New School
Based on the concept of “learning, creating, and earning”, this practical school was opened in 2020 as a place for “learning directly from leading experts in various fields and practicing on their own”. We aim to bring about positive change for each and every participant who gathers with enthusiasm. The total number of graduates of this school, which started mainly online, is about 2400.
Please join NewsPicks NewSchool where you can feel the heat of this “place” such as “deep learning”, “opportunities for practice”, “direct feedback from instructors”, and “connection with fellow learners”. *Official site:
About PitPa Inc.
Company name: PitPa Co., Ltd.
Main business:
・Podcast marketing business
・Owned podcast production support business
・Customer engagement business using web3
Head office location: Shibuya Parco DG Building, 15-1 Udagawa-cho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0042
Representative: Tatsuya Ishibe, President and Representative Director Date of establishment: May 2, 2018
Official website:
With the mission of “redefining media and providing sustainable economic efficiency,” PitPa is developing audio content production business that supports corporate media strategies through podcasts. In addition, along with the prosperity of web3, we are also building new businesses using blockchain technology and NFT together with our funding source, Digital Garage Co., Ltd.
In August 2022, in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology, we issued the first academic certificate in Japan with NFT. In the future, we will continue to work on developing various credential services in collaboration with Chiba Institute of Technology, not only for degrees, but also for various certificates such as completion certificates of courses for working adults, while promoting the conversion to NFTs and expanding them to other universities and companies. By doing so, we will contribute to the promotion of DX throughout society.
[Participation free] Held on 10/25! Human Resources Strategy in the Web3 Era ~Reskilling for DX and Job-based Employment~
On October 25th (Tuesday), a seminar on the theme of “human resources strategy in the web3 era” will be held at CryptoBase, a shared office specializing in web3 located in Shibuya. Mr. Ishibe, CEO of PitPa, and Mr. Fujimori, the founder of VESS, a Web3 version of the performance proof product that utilizes decentralized IDs, were invited as guests to discuss the recent topic of “DID (Decentralized Identifier)” and blockchain technology. We will unravel the possibilities of
utilization from the context of DX and job-based employment. For those who participated in this event, we plan to issue a participation certificate using VESS so that you can try the experience of touching a part of Web3. (Please fill in the wallet address in the application form.)
*There is no archive distribution of this event. Please join us on the day. [Event details]
Date and time: October 25 (Tue) 19:00-21:00 (*Doors open at 18:45) Location: NIB SHIBUYA powered by (3F, Sakuragaoka Front II, 16-13 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031)
Capacity: 30 people
Organizer: CryptoBase@NIB SHIBUYA
Participation fee: Free
▼ Event participation application page
[Recruitment] We are looking for a web engineer to lead the
development of work experience certificates using web3 technology. ■ Recruitment overview
PitPa aims to create a world where individuals can play an active role not only in Japan but also globally by using blockchain technology to “assetize” individual identities such as educational background and work history.
Web3 is still in its infancy, and in order to make concrete use of individual digital identities, it is necessary to design UX for non-web3 users, and industry, government, and academia are working together to promote job-based employment throughout society. I have to go.
The outline of this recruitment is to carry out technical design and system development while identifying the requirements necessary for such new business creation. As appropriate, we will consider technical cooperation in the web3 area together with shareholder Digital Garage, Inc.
■ Recruitment background
With the spread of the Internet, the mobility of human resources across national borders is progressing. In the last few years, new work styles and concepts such as “crowdsourcing” and “DAO
(Decentralized Autonomous Organization)” have appeared, making it easier to undertake work wherever you like, when you like.
Under such circumstances, the “personal resume” is important regardless of whether it is offline or online. It is necessary to show the employer what kind of job you have been through and what kind of skills you have. However, falsification of educational background certificates has become a problem overseas, and in Japan there have been a series of incidents in which certificates certifying that foreigners have passed the Japanese Language Proficiency Test have been forged. There are a lot of problems with resumes.
Therefore, PitPa aims to create a world where individuals can play an active role globally by converting certificates such as educational background and work history into NFTs using blockchain technology, which has strengths in “transparency” and “authenticity”.
▶︎Click here for details: ▼ [Podcast now available! ~ From the founding of PitPa to the present ~] Representative Ishibe talked about the founding of PitPa and the current and future of the podcast business and Web3 business that we are currently working on. We hope that you will listen to this as well.
Talk content: About the current development of the voice business, about the Web3 engagement business, about the Web3 human resources business, about the relationship between the media and We3, etc. ■ Apple
■ Spotify
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