ACCESS Major Indian IXP Extreme Labs Adopts IP Infusion’s OcNOS(R) for Secure Connections Between Data Centers

Indian Leading IXP Extreme Labs Adopts IP Infusion’s OcNOS(R) for Secure Connectivity Between Data Centers
– Entry into Indian market through support for IP Infusion and Extreme Labs –
IP Infusion (Headquarters: California, USA; CEO: Atsushi Ogata) is a leading Internet Exchange Point (IXP) whose mission is to provide the best Internet experience, Extreme Labs (Headquarters: New Delhi, India). announces that it has adopted IP Infusion’s “OcNOS(R)” for the purpose of promoting its network disaggregation strategy. With this adoption, IP Infusion’s software running on Edgecore Networks aggregation hardware has become an integral part of Extreme Labs’ infrastructure, improving connectivity agility, cost efficiency and security.
Extreme Labs is India’s largest IXP, Extreme IX(TM)
ZBhAXEiwAv-RNLwDHkHku97xJOM6h5OnpkAuK1BqHfDaSPPSbfL3fmwUwHZMMKFUkUBoCbK0QAvD_BwE). For IP Infusion’s entry into India, our distribution partner, EPS Global (, coordinated the platform strategy and supported Extreme Labs’ transition to OcNOS(R). did.
Focused on Layer 2 connectivity, Extreme Labs’ fabric architecture reduces the distance between endpoints to bring high efficiency and low latency to the network. IP Infusion’s OcNOS will enable Extreme Labs to implement advanced connectivity features such as VXLAN (Virtual Extensible LAN) for scalability and resilience. It also enables the implementation of enhanced security protocols that provide storm control with strong and limited port security, traffic shaping, and DDoS protection.
Extreme Labs Senior Network Architect Ahmed Musaddaq Al-Saruri said: “While considering best practices to diversify our options, we found that IP Infusion fit our criteria. Provisioning became immediately apparent, and the high quality customer support provided by IP Infusion’s solutions ensured our network’s ability to provide advanced functionality, as well as future enhancements. It also supports gender,” he said.
Jun Ogata, CEO of IP Infusion,
“IP Infusion’s ‘OcNOS’ is an open modular configuration that eliminates vendor lock-in, which has been a problem for Extreme Labs, and realizes a seamless transition to complete network disaggregation. was evaluated and adopted.OcNOS’s open architecture encourages innovation and accelerates time to market for new services.” ■ About IP Infusion
IP Infusion is a global provider of open network software and solutions for carriers, service providers and data center operators. IP Infusion’s solutions have been installed in more than 500 companies in total, and the number of operating results is in the thousands, leading the world. IP Infusion’s solutions enable network operators to disaggregate their networks to accelerate innovation, streamline operations and reduce total cost of ownership (TCO). It also enables network OEMs to isolate network devices for faster time-to-market, comprehensive service offerings, and carrier-grade robustness. Headquartered in Santa Clara, California, IP Infusion operates independently as a wholly owned subsidiary of ACCESS CO., LTD.
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■ About ACCESS Co., Ltd.
Since its establishment in 1984, ACCESS (TSE Prime: 4813), as an independent software company, has developed advanced mobile and network software technologies for the telecommunications,
broadcasting, automobiles, home appliances, publishing, and energy infrastructure industries around the world. We provide IT solutions for Utilizing virtualization technology development capabilities and know-how in mobile software that has been installed in over 1.5 billion units and network software that has been widely adopted by over 500 companies, we are currently developing DX/IoT that combines embedded and cloud technologies. We are focusing on the development and commercialization of solutions. We are also promoting
international expansion through our subsidiaries in Asia, the United States, and Europe.
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