Accident car purchase king If you drive a car, you should join voluntary insurance! ? I asked a person who owns a car, what is the subscription status of voluntary insurance?

Accident car purchase king
[If you drive a car, you should take out voluntary insurance!] ? ] I asked a person who owns a car, what is the subscription status of voluntary insurance?
Nearly 100% of car owners answered that they have voluntary insurance
Santa Corporate Co., Ltd. (Headquarters location: Hachioji City, Tokyo, Representative Director: Kazuo Nodagashira), which operates the “Accident Car Purchase King Hachioji Store” specializing in scrap car and accident car purchases, “Saitama Store” and “Machida Sagamihara” A survey on voluntary car insurance targeting men and women in their 20s to 50s who own a car under their own name was jointly conducted by the store, Yokohama store, and Yamanashi store.
If you own a car, you must take out automobile liability insurance. However, the main purpose of compulsory automobile liability insurance is to provide relief to victims of traffic accidents.
If you are the perpetrator of the accident, even if you are injured or damage the other party’s car or traffic light, the insurance will not pay out.
In addition, regarding compensation for victims, the maximum amount is determined for each case such as injury or death, and if it exceeds the amount of damage, you will be responsible for everything. Therefore, many people have voluntary insurance just in case. Voluntary insurance has enhanced compensation contents, such as unlimited bodily injury and property damage.
In addition, in the event of an accident where the insurance company cannot negotiate out of court, it is possible to receive more generous compensation if you take out a special contract for attorney’s fees for voluntary insurance.
Anyone who drives a car must assume the risk of being involved in a traffic accident.
In addition to compulsory automobile liability insurance, it is important to choose voluntary insurance that properly compensates. So, how much do car owners actually understand about voluntary insurance before joining?
Therefore, this time, Santa Corporate Co., Ltd., which operates the “Accident Car Purchase King Hachioji Store”
(, which specializes in purchasing scrap and accident cars, and “Saitama Store” The Machida Sagamihara store, Yokohama store, and Yamanashi store jointly conducted a survey on voluntary car insurance targeting men and women in their 20s to 50s who own cars.
*Since there are many contracts that include optional insurance for those who own their own car through subs, etc., this survey was conducted with the owner of the vehicle inspection certificate. [Do you have any insurance in the first place? ] Nearly 100% of voluntary insurance subscribers
First of all, I would like to ask about the voluntary car insurance subscription status.
[Image 1

When asked, “Do you have voluntary insurance for your car?”, more than 90% answered “Yes (98.6%).”
Nearly 100% of car owners seem to have voluntary insurance.
Many people may feel that compulsory automobile liability insurance alone is not enough to prepare for a contingency.
According to a survey by the Property and Casualty Insurance Rating Organization, there is a survey result that the participation rate is about 90% overall, but this time the survey was conducted on the condition that the owner owns it in his own name, so the participation rate may have been high. Hmm.
Therefore, we asked in detail why they are enrolled in voluntary insurance and why they are not enrolled.
■ What are the reasons for joining or not joining voluntary insurance? “joined”
・Because I think it’s necessary insurance in case of an accident (30s/female/company employee)
・Because you can choose the content of assistance with compensation that cannot be covered by compulsory automobile liability insurance (50s / female / office worker)
“Not Joined”
・I don’t know the details (20s/female/office worker)
・Because I don’t drive often (50s/male/self-employed)
It seems that many people take out voluntary insurance that
compensates for various damages in consideration of driving risks. On the other hand, it seems that those who do not have many
opportunities to drive or who do not know much about voluntary insurance do not have insurance.
If you check whether you can receive the compensation you need and then enroll in voluntary insurance, you can feel more secure. [Unlimited interpersonal / objective? Cheap insurance? ] What is the compensation content of the voluntary insurance you have joined and what you emphasized?
It turns out that most people who own a car have voluntary insurance. From here, we will proceed with further surveys targeting those who are enrolled in voluntary insurance.
[Image 2

When asked, “Please tell us about the coverage of your voluntary insurance (multiple answers allowed),” the largest number of respondents answered “bodily injury liability insurance (79.1%),” followed by “property liability insurance ( 74.7%) and personal injury insurance (64.9%).
It seems that many people have personal liability insurance in case of an accident resulting in personal injury.
In addition, coverage that covers a wide range of damage due to accidents, such as property liability insurance that compensates for property damage accidents and personal injury insurance that covers injuries to yourself and your passengers, is supported.
The awareness that you can be both a perpetrator and a victim of a traffic accident can be said to be a major motivation for enrolling in voluntary insurance.
So, what points do people who are enrolled in voluntary insurance actually emphasize?
When asked, “What was important to you when you signed up for voluntary insurance? (Multiple answers allowed),” the most common response was “Low insurance premiums (43.6%),” followed by “What suits you.” This was followed by the ability to choose compensation (34.4%) and the degree of basic compensation (33.8%).
It seems that many people attach importance to low insurance premiums when joining voluntary insurance.
In addition, since there are a certain number of people who cannot overlook the content and degree of coverage, it is necessary to find a voluntary insurance that meets their needs while keeping insurance premiums low.
[Adding a special contract makes it even safer] However, the fact that there are many special contracts with low recognition is clear In the previous survey, we found that there are many people who have taken out bodily injury liability insurance among voluntary insurance. In addition, there seems to be a tendency to emphasize the price and compensation content of voluntary insurance.
Depending on the voluntary car insurance, you can add a special contract in addition to basic compensation, but how much do people who have voluntary insurance know about the special contract?
[Image 3

Therefore, when asked, “Please tell us about any optional insurance riders (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “lawyer’s fee rider (60.8%),” followed by “road service fee rider ( 49.8%)” and “Driver Limited Special (48.1%)”.
It seems that many people are aware of the lawyer’s fee special contract as a special contract for voluntary insurance.
Road service cost riders and driver-only riders are also well known. It can be said that special contracts that compensate for attorney’s fees and transportation costs of accident vehicles, and can reduce insurance premiums are popular.
So, are there many people who have signed up for such a well-known special contract?
Next, when asked, “Please tell us about the rider you are actually subscribed to (multiple answers allowed),” the most common answer was “lawyer’s expense rider (47.0%),” followed by “driver’s age condition rider.” (43.7%)” and “Driver Limited Special (41.5%)”.
Many of the special contracts for voluntary insurance that are actually subscribed tend to be lawyer fee special contracts. In addition, there were many cases of subscribing to driver age condition riders, which limit insurance premiums by limiting the age of the driver eligible for compensation.
Benefits of subscribing to a special contract include generous coverage and reduced insurance premium costs.
Here, we asked about the reason for joining each special contract. ■The appeal of the special contract is the sense of security in dealing with accidents and the reduction of insurance premiums! “Attorney’s Fee Special Contract”
・Because I thought it would be useful at the time of settlement (20s / male / office worker)
・For negotiations that cannot be handled individually (40s/male/part-time job) “Driver’s Age Condition Special Contract”
・Because insurance premiums are cheaper (40s/female/office worker) ・ Because I can match my wife and my age (40s / male / office worker) “Driver-only special contract”
・ Because I don’t drive other than myself (20s / female / office worker) ・To reduce insurance premiums (50s/female/housewife)
It seems that many people take out a special contract for attorney fees because they think it will be useful in negotiating and out-of-court settlement of an accident.
Also, one of the attractions is that insurance premiums can be reduced by special contracts.
If you are going to join voluntary insurance, why not consider adding a special contract?
[Never someone else’s problem] 40% of those who have experienced an accident! There are cases where you get into trouble with the other party…
It was found that both the awareness and participation rate of the lawyer’s fee rider, which is a rider of voluntary insurance, are high. However, no matter how safe you drive, the possibility of getting into a traffic accident is not zero.
Have you ever had an accident or been involved in an accident while driving if you have voluntary insurance?
[Image 4

Therefore, when asked, “Have you ever been in an accident while driving your own car?”, “Have you ever been in an accident?” was the most common response, followed by “I have had an accident (18.4%)” and “I have been in an accident (15.1%)”.
It seems that there are a certain number of people who have become both perpetrators and victims of accidents.
In addition, when combined with the number of respondents who answered that they were the only victims, more than 40% of the respondents had an accident experience.
It may be necessary to be aware of the possibility that you may not know when you will be involved in a traffic accident, and to be prepared on a regular basis.
Here, I asked specifically about the difficulties in procedures and settlement negotiations after the accident.
■Insurance is important because dealing with accidents is difficult! ・It was difficult because there were many phone calls to the police, car dealers, insurance companies, etc. (20s/female/office worker) ・Proceedings did not proceed due to discrepancies in testimony with the other party (50s/female/office worker)
・The other party ran away with an uninsured car and used my own insurance (50s/female/housewife)
・Although we could not reach an agreement between insurance companies, we were able to get favorable terms by using a lawyer special contract (50s/male/office worker)
After a traffic accident, it seems that there are many cases in which it takes time to communicate with the parties involved, and there are many cases of disputes with the other party.
On the other hand, there was also an opinion that although it was difficult to respond to the accident, it was helped by the special contract of voluntary insurance.
Even if you get into a car accident, you may be able to minimize the damage if you take out voluntary insurance.
[To protect not only the other party but also yourself and your precious family] Consider voluntary insurance!
From the survey so far, it was found that there are not a few people who have experienced accidents.
If you have voluntary insurance, you can receive damage compensation and support when dealing with accidents.
So, should you actually consider the contents of the voluntary insurance before joining?
[Image 5

Therefore, when asked, “Do you think that you should carefully consider voluntary insurance, such as joining a special contract even if the premium is slightly higher?” I think so (36.6%) and I somewhat agree (47.8%).
Many people seem to think that even if the insurance premiums are slightly higher, they should carefully consider and purchase voluntary insurance.
Choose the appropriate voluntary insurance according to your driving skills, frequency, and purpose, and drive your car with peace of mind. [Summary] You never know when an accident will happen! Carefully consider the options, including special agreements, before signing up for voluntary insurance.
In this survey, we clarified the voluntary insurance coverage of car owners. Most people who own a car have voluntary insurance in case of emergency, and it seems that there are many people who value low insurance premiums and sufficient coverage for personal and property damage.
In addition, there are a certain number of people who have signed up for special contracts such as lawyer’s fee special contract and driver’s limited special contract, so it seems that efforts are being made to reduce losses caused by traffic accidents as much as possible. There is a growing movement toward a zero-traffic-accident society, such as the evolution of ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems), but it will take time to realize it.
According to the “Traffic Accident Occurrences in 2021” published by the Traffic Bureau of the National Police Agency, the number of traffic accidents in 2021 will be 305,196, and the number of casualties will be 364,767, compared to 2020. Although the number of casualties has decreased, you can see that there are still many. * Reference: Traffic Bureau, National Police Agency “Traffic Accident Occurrences in 2021” Even in this survey, there are quite a few people who have actually caused or been in an accident, so it can never be said that traffic accidents are someone else’s problem.
Whether you are the perpetrator or the victim, a car accident can have a huge impact on your life.
No worries if you are prepared.
As a driver, I think it’s best to carefully consider the details of compensation and enroll in voluntary insurance.
If you have a car that you no longer need, “Accident car purchase king” is recommended
This time, the four accident car purchase king shops that conducted a survey on “voluntary car insurance” are specialized shops that purchase and pick up vehicles that have been scrapped or that have been in an accident for free.
■ The reason why “Accident car purchase king” is chosen
Point.1 OK for both “junk car” and “accident car”
Please specify not only your home, but also a wrecker company, dealer, repair shop, company parking lot, police storage place, etc. ・Vehicle inspection expired
・Broken car
·Accident car
・Abandoned car
・Submerged vehicle
・Submerged car
・Battery dead
・A punctured car
・Driving over 100,000 km
・Old car more than 20 years old
It doesn’t matter whether the engine starts or not.
Point.2 The region’s largest “expensive appraisal”
Please contact us for “Trade-in assessment 0 yen”, “Cars that will cost scrapped cars”, etc.
We will find the value of any car and appraise it at a high price. Even if the car cannot be priced, we will pick it up for free. Of course, we also handle procedures such as pick-up fee by tow truck and scrapped car free of charge.
Point.3 Corresponding to “difficult consultation”
“I haven’t paid my car tax”
“The owner is dead, what should I do?”
“I lost my car registration”
“I lost my key”
“Rejected by another company”
If you have any problems, please feel free to contact us.
In addition, if you have a loan remaining, we will promptly perform troublesome procedures on your behalf, so please do not worry. Point.4 Super speed response that other companies can never imitate! Same-day pick-up OK
By limiting the area, it is possible to respond quickly to finishing on the day of the inquiry.
Point.5 “Required documents” OK at a later date!
I don’t have time to prepare the documents, but I would like the car to be picked up immediately.
Normally, in order to dispose of a car, we will ask you to prepare the necessary documents such as a seal certificate in advance and keep the car together with the documents, but it is also possible to send it by mail at a later date.
Please mail it within one week after raising it.
As soon as the documents arrive, we will transfer the purchase amount to the designated account.
■Summer Scrapped Car Accident Car Explosion Campaign!
Purchase at 1.2 times the normal purchase price!
Please take advantage of this opportunity.
■ For inquiries, visit the store near you.
Hachioji store:
★ Supported areas: Akishima City, Akiruno City, Ome City, Kunitachi City, Kodaira City, Kokubunji City, Tachikawa City, Tama City, Chofu City, Nishitama County, Hachioji City, Hamura City, Hino City, Fuchu City, Fussa City, Higashimurayama City , Higashiyamato City, Musashino City, and Musashimurayama City only.
Machida Sagamihara store:
★ Supported areas: Limited to Machida City, Inagi City, Komae City, Sagamihara City, Atsugi City, Zama City, Ebina City, Ayase City, Yamato City, and Aiko County.
Saitama store:
★ Supported areas: Ageo City, Iruma City, Okegawa City, Ogose Town, Kawagoe City, Kawashima Town, Kitamoto City, Sakado City, Sayama City, Tsurugashima City, Tokorozawa City, Hanno City, Higashimatsuyama City, Hiki District, Hidaka City, Fujimi City, Fujimino City, Miyoshi Town, and Moroyama Town only.
Yokohama store:
★ Supported areas: Yokohama City (Aoba Ward, Asahi Ward, Izumi Ward, Isogo Ward, Kanagawa Ward, Kanazawa Ward, Konan Ward, Kohoku Ward, Sakae Ward, Seya Ward, Tsuzuki Ward, Tsurumi Ward, Totsuka Ward, Naka Ward, Nishi Ward, Hodogaya Ward, Midori Ward, Minami Ward).
Yamanashi store:
★ Supported areas: Limited to Uenohara City, Otsuki City, Kajikazawa, Kai City, Koshu City, Kofu City, Fuefuki City, Fujikawaguchiko Town, Fujiyoshida City, Chuo City, Nirasaki City, Minami Alps City, and Yamanashi City.
Survey overview: Survey on “voluntary car insurance”
[Survey date] [Survey date] Monday, August 22, 2022
[Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 1,044 people
[Survey target] Men and women in their 20s to 50s who own a car [Monitor provider] General Research
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