Act Indy Co., Ltd. Sea work experience project Children’s Work | Children study waves and tetrapods! Work experience held at Fudo Tetra Research Institute!

Act Indy Co., Ltd.
Sea work experience project Children’s Work | Children study waves and tetrapods! Work experience held at Fudo Tetra Research Institute! October 22, 2022 10:00 [Location] Fudo Tetra Research Institute (Tsuchiura City)
Act Indy Co., Ltd., which operates one of Japan’s largest children’s outing information site “Ikoyo (”, together with Fudo Tetra Co., Ltd., a specialist in port and harbor civil
engineering projects, is targeting elementary school students. We had a work experience. In this project, we will learn about the structure of waves and tetrapods, how to protect our lives from natural threats, etc. through work experience at the Fudo Tetra Technical Research Institute.
“Ocean Work Experience Children’s Work” is sponsored by the General Incorporated Association Regional Mirai Sozo Center. The Nippon Foundation Sea and Japan Project connects people through the sea in order to pass on the sea to the next generation. is part of

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Event overview
・ Event name: Sea work experience project “Work to research and develop tetrapods”
・ Date: Saturday, October 22nd
・ Venue: Tsuchiura City, Ibaraki Prefecture Fudo Tetra Research Institute ・Participants: 10 elementary school students
・ Cooperating organizations: Organizer Fudo Tetra Co., Ltd. / Cooperation Act Indy Co., Ltd.
As a member of the Kids Research Institute, research waves and write a report! [Image 2d26954-346-16a829d923b68417c77b-1.png&s3=26954-346-6350e6d4e771130f6d17129f5327014b-551x340.png
Tetrapods that are usually seen in the sea. What is it for? Why is it shaped like that? As a researcher for kids at a research facility that is not normally accessible, 1. Challenges of the natural environment surrounding Japan, 2. Experiments on the mechanism of waves, tetrapods and wave dissipation, 3. Miniature production, 4. Writing research reports Through these four experiences, I learned the purpose and significance of the work of researching and developing tetrapods. Know the people and jobs that protect our lives.
As the natural environment changes, disasters are becoming more common in Japan, which is surrounded by the sea, and the importance of preparing for disasters is increasing.
This time, we focused on the work of “researchers” who protect the land and our lives from natural disasters, and provided children with an opportunity to experience it. Conducted experiments and
presentations as a researcher for kids on the theme of the sea, waves, and tetrapods. The content was designed to allow students to feel the importance of learning, being interested, and having curiosity, and the relationship between research and life.
The land of Japan must continue to face various disasters. Developing future researchers is also an important mission. We hope that through this job experience, children will understand the importance and enjoyment of having the feeling of “Why?”.
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Comments from participating children and parents
■ Voices from children
・It was fun to make tetrapods. (4th grade elementary school female, Tokyo) ・It was fun to experience making a model of a tetrapod and actually stacking the model of a tetrapod in the water. (Female, 6th grade elementary school, Tokyo)
・I learned about the sea. I found out how the wave disappears. I had a lot of fun making the tetrapods. (Saitama Prefecture 4th grade elementary school male)
・I was surprised to learn that tetrapods alone can suppress waves. I’ve always been indifferent to tetrapods, which have protected people’s lives through various studies, but I realized that they are wonderful. (Female, 5th grade elementary school, Chiba Prefecture) ・I learned that we can protect people from natural disasters by accumulating many. I was surprised to learn that even the smallest tetrapod weighs 0.5 tons. (Female, 4th grade elementary school student, Ibaraki Prefecture)
・I was surprised to hear that you can only make 6 tetrapods a day. (Male 5th grade elementary school student, Chiba Prefecture) ■ Voices from parents
・When I see tetrapods in my daily life, I often say, “What’s that?” I felt that I was able to experience it.
・A researcher said, “Arithmetic, science, whatever fields you learn are useful for your research,” which left a strong impression on me. I want the children to hear me!
・Adults were also able to learn the role and how to make tetrapods, which they often see when they go to the sea or river. I believe that this experience has changed my child’s future and helped me grow. ・If children had not participated in the event, they would not have been interested in tetrapods.
・For me, wave-breaking blocks (tetrapods) were familiar and I saw them every day, but for my children, they were unfamiliar, so it was great to be able to visit the research facility and learn about tetrapods. ・I reaffirmed how Japan is an island nation and how to face the sea. Organization overview
Fudo Tetra company profile
[Image 4d26954-346-bc654c80e8ba85843512-3.png&s3=26954-346-26cf80e3d4aae9f0609c2bd97b38bd7b-168x115.png
Company name: Fudo Tetra Co., Ltd.
Location: Pentel Building, 7-2 Nihonbashi Koamicho, Chuo-ku, Tokyo 103-0016 Representative Director and President: Shinya Okuda
Established: January 28, 1947
■ Planning and supervision
Organization name: Act Indy Co., Ltd.
Business description: Child-rearing support business (Internet information service, event business)
[Image 5d26954-346-0c2a4fadc5099b52e3e8-4.png&s3=26954-346-37c32bc7cab3b6fb948c858c96f369ab-149x69.png

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■ Project manager
・Organization name: Regional Mirai Creation Center
・ Activity content: Planning, development and implementation of a “local work experience program” for children
The Nippon Foundation Sea and Japan PROJECT
The sea supports the lives of Japanese people in various ways, and sometimes gives us peace of mind, excitement, and inspiration. This is an all-Japan project in which children and people all over the country see the current state of environmental deterioration in the sea as something that belongs to them, and spread the circle of action to pass on the sea to the future. is.
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