Actress Masami Nagasawa is the campaign model for NARS JAPAN Fall 2022 new product “Power Matte Lipstick”!

Actress Masami Nagasawa is the campaign model for NARS JAPAN Fall 2022 new product “Power Matte Lipstick”!

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“Power Mat Lipstick” will be released from NARS on October 14, 2022 (Friday). Based on the concept of #PLAYYOURPOWER (play your life as you wish), the world view of the collection will be shared with the public with the message of #power lip that will support your new charm that “Power Mat Lipstick” brings out and who you want to be. Masami Nagasawa, an actress, expresses.
“I was surprised at how boldly the color came out with just one coat. Despite the matte texture, it feels moisturizing and is very comfortable to wear.
Favorite. There are many colors, so you can change the color you use depending on your mood that day. I want you to color your days with “Power Matte Lipstick”. – Actress Masami Nagasawa
              Play Your Power -Play your life the way you want it. [Image 1d22808-194-2996741c46bc6f66d924-9.jpg&s3=22808-194-0ad9e6f75b7481d50a709915a9f49e29-800x800.jpg
[Image 2d22808-194-1168730c2461262ef320-10.jpg&s3=22808-194-febaaf87674b620e795e49a7dc7eb1fe-800x800.jpg
[Image 3d22808-194-c8a07135b40996eee280-11.jpg&s3=22808-194-c880bed73caa3cf84c0ecb09cd0c21f8-800x800.jpg
-Product Information-
[Image 4d22808-194-82b07ddaee1d278e439d-6.jpg&s3=22808-194-b7e85f8c4dbdba192c2cc42677814ba2-970x375.jpg
“Power Mat Lipstick” New release on Friday, October 14, 2022 All 15 colors Price including tax: 4,290 yen
switch on. Awaken your strength. This fall, NARS will release a completely new sensational matte lipstick.
The smooth texture provides effortless matte and vivid color development, and maintains a beautiful finish for a long time*. NARS’s unique formula “Power Pigment” blends high-purity pigments and locks vivid colors on lips.
Complex” provides a light feel and fills your lips with bold color. A wide range of colors with 15 shades that are hard to transfer. The slim package design has a matte package color that matches each shade. Highly pigmented and lightweight like weightlessness – Play your power! * 10-hour finishing data has been obtained. There are individual differences in the finish.
[Image 5d22808-194-57291459fd29215ae5e2-8.jpg&s3=22808-194-b6d533b9bfb6f250687c37245cb95126-1874x2700.jpg

“Lips are soft, yet intense – it’s an absolutely powerful look” “Soft yet bold and striking, lip makeup is undeniably powerful. It’s Luke. ”
ーFrançois Nars, NARS Brand Founder and Creative Director

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