Adastria Co., Ltd. Formed a team with popular creators such as “Hyuga Natsu” and started selling original avatars and skins of .st (dot Estee) on Monday, October 3rd.

Adastria Co., Ltd.
Forming a team with popular creators such as “Hyuga Natsu” and selling original avatars and skins of .st (dot Estee) on October 3 (Monday) Adastria’s first VRChat fitting event was a great success!

The official web store of Adastria Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: 2-21-1 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Osamu Kimura), which aims to be a “good community co-creation company” with the mission of “Play fashion!” .st ( We are pleased to inform you that the first Metaverse fashion avatar produced by Dot Esty will be released on Monday, October 3rd. Prior to the start of sales, we held a fitting event on VRChat (* 1), and immediately after the start, the venue was a great success with a full house.
For this first avatar, 6 creators, including the popular creator Natsu Hyuga, were appointed to create VRChat compatible avatars. Avatars wearing the products of Adastria’s brand “RAGEBLUE”, which is supported by young people, especially Generation Z, will be available from 12:00 on October 3 (Monday), BOOTH, a comprehensive market for creation by creators ( ※ 2) will start selling.
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The avatars and skins to be released this time are VRChat-compatible original avatars and skins produced by a team of creators Hyuga Natsu, Niyami, (provisional), Asuha Wagami, Yuzuha, and Shia. You can also purchase avatars wearing “RAGEBLUE” products that can be purchased in real life and skins worn by avatars. Skins can also be worn on Hyuga Natsu’s avatars “Ulferia”, “Kyoko/Saneko”, and “Leefa/Lunalit”. The production of the second avatar has already begun, and, like the first, the specifications are inspired by the brands developed by Adastria.
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■ Sales price
Masuka Ao avatar skin included, full package
¥5,000 (tax included)
For skins, please check the BOOTH sales page separately.
■ Special page
Sales site (BOOTH): (Released from 12:00 on Monday, October 3) “Masuka Ao” .st official special page:
*1 VRChat
A social VR platform operated by VRChat Inc. It can be downloaded for free on the game distribution platform Steam and the Oculus Store, and can be used in VR mode and desktop mode. Social VR has a particularly large number of users, and community activities are active, and various events are held every day.
A shop creation service that makes creative activities more fun in collaboration with pixiv.
About the VRChat fitting event held by Adastria
In the world of the Metaverse, there are daily opportunities to showcase avatars created by creators at fitting events, exhibitions, and other venues. . The purpose of Adastria holding the fitting event was to create an opportunity to enjoy Metaverse fashion and to accumulate promotional know-how. We will continue to explore various promotional methods in the future.
The VRChat fitting event held on September 22, 2022 was a place to interact with many participants. On the day of the event, the capacity was filled up immediately after the opening, and many participants praised the creators, and since it was a fitting event held by Adastria, participants were interested in the design of clothes and the layout of the fitting venue. It was seen to have We received many comments from the participants, such as “cute”, “I will definitely buy it if it goes on sale”, and “the creators are gorgeous”, making it a fitting event in a friendly atmosphere.
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■ Entry into the Metaverse area and the background of original avatar production One of Adastria’s growth strategies for 2025 is to “expand digital customer contact points and services.” In order to convey Adastria’s mission of “Play fashion!” not only in the world of real fashion but also in the world of Metaverse, we entered the Metaverse area. We created the first original avatar to create an opportunity to enjoy fashion in the Metaverse like we do in our daily lives.
■ Future development of Adastria’s metaverse domain
 When entering the Metaverse area, we will initially start by providing and selling Metaverse fashion products. At Adastria, we believe that the world of Metaverse and the daily lives of consumers are connected to each other. We will provide ways to enjoy the world of the Metaverse through fashion, making use of the platform (.st). In the future, we plan to develop various metaverse platforms, provide content within the metaverse, hold events, and develop IP
(intellectual property). We will work with various businesses and individual creators to co-create a “good community” in the Metaverse world.
In addition, in the production of the .st (dot Estee) original avatar Masuka Ao, Adastria is considering expanding the provision of places where creators can play an active role as a new possibility of metaverse fashion. We are planning to release our efforts.
■ Introduction of .st (dot Estee) original avatars
[Image 4

VRChat compatible original avatar “Ao Masuhana”
Name: Masuhana Ao
Height: 130cm
Race: Blue fox demi-human
Birthday: October 3, 2002 (age 20)
Hobbies: Making clothes, window shopping, day trips
*Scheduled to be updated to VRM file after sales
Inspired by RAGEBLUE’s BLUE (blue), blue is the image color. The name “Masuka Ao” also reflects the expression of blue in the name, making use of the name of a beautiful Japanese color. Her charm points are her naturally drooping ear, blue eyes, asymmetrical bangs and twintails. [Text box: Image that wants you to come first] She looks calm, but she is lively, curious and active. Basically kind and gentle.
[Image 5

In the eyes, the RAGEBLUE logo and heart are inserted based on blue. Features twin tails, asymmetrical bangs, and a broken ear. Designed to naturally focus on accessories. The design is packed with the creator’s commitment.
[Image 6

[Image 8d1304-1700-d65eda9d4ebb2c025708-11.png&s3=1304-1700-274665da6c484c35581cb540539033f8-1920x1080.png
■ Introduction of collaboration creators
▼ Overall design, 3DCG modeling, team direction
Creator name: Natsu Hyuga
A 3DCG character modeler who specializes in nail art and character design. Makes a living by creating three-dimensional Vtubers and creating virtual avatars
▼ Skin production
Creator name: Niyami
A modeler who makes humanoid avatars and accessories for VRChat
▼ Hair and makeup, game engine setup
Creator name: (provisional)
CG creator who makes VRChat avatars, Vtuber models, etc.
▼Body production
Creator name: Asuha Wagami
3D modeler who likes illustrators who specialize in character models
▼Costume correspondence
Creator name: Yuzuha
3DCG creator making avatar costumes and worlds
▼ Avatar motion, posing
Creator name: Sia
An ordinary person who likes 3D model poses and likes virtual neighborhoods. [Image 9d1304-1700-896f75d53b9dd740bd5b-8.png&s3=1304-1700-a1ca8a8a119cf82936da0c592f48402d-1950x1464.png

[Image 10d1304-1700-f95b923930fd1be010a1-12.jpg&s3=1304-1700-da06b56a77f702bf31afe2306578e81c-680x99.jpg
A casual brand that combines American casual and European tastes, sticks to materials and details, and proposes a daily standard style that incorporates the trend of the moment. From 2018, we started developing women’s items. We have 48 stores nationwide (as of the end of June 2022), targeting men and women between the ages of 18 and 25. -Official web store .st (dot Estee)- ■ About Dot Estee
[Image 11d1304-1700-d4a7352199f504a516e6-1.jpg&s3=1304-1700-503ae0e8c4167aa35b5fd0e0e18e40a7-1304x397.jpg
The official web store of the Adastria Group, where more than 30 brands such as “Global Work”, “Nico and”, and “Lowrys Farm” gather. = Can be used in common with about 1,200 brand stores nationwide and web stores! Save! Dot Esty Point
= A staff board where the latest outfits updated daily by over 4,000 staff gather
= Abundant and realistic customer product reviews that will be helpful for shopping
This is a “fun fashion store” where you can enjoy free fashion from a wide range of brands regardless of age or gender.
In 2021, we will open an OMO-type store “Dot Este Store” that combines the advantages of a web store and a store. Currently, there are 5 stores in Kanto, Kansai, and Tohoku. (As of the end of September 2022) – URL –
-iOS version app-
-Android version application- ■ About Adastria Co., Ltd.
[Image 12d1304-1700-ad0b39bd3bd90cf90bb0-2.jpg&s3=1304-1700-3bad47655cefeb6ebf8f28d06639162e-2848x702.jpg
Adastria Co., Ltd. (President: Osamu Kimura) is a casual fashion specialty store chain that operates approximately 1,400 stores in Japan and overseas with more than 30 brands such as “Global Work”, “Niko and”, and “Lowrys Farm”. With the mission of “Play fashion!”, which excites everyone’s life through fashion, we aim to create an open community where people and information come and go, and to become a “good community co-creation company” that creates new value. . -Location of headquarters- Shibuya Hikarie, 2-21-1 Shibuya,
Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-8510

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