Adobe Adobe Introduces New Sharing Features to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud

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Adobe Introduces New Sharing Capabilities to Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud

A new Share for Review feature in Adobe Photoshop and Adobe
Illustrator optimizes asynchronous co-editing capabilities
・Adobe unveils new Camera to Cloud features built into RED Digital Cinema and Fujifilm cameras for the first time in the world
・Streamline and expand the functionality of Adobe Acrobat to make it easier to collaborate, view and edit PDFs in any situation
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, USA: Adobe (Nasdaq:ADBE) (Headquarters: San Jose, CA, USA) today announced the expansion of Adobe Creative Cloud and Adobe Document Cloud collaboration tools at Adobe MAX, the world’s largest creative festival. Announced enabling new workflows for creators to meet the ever-growing demand for digital content across multiple platforms. Digital content is now the engine of the global economy, and with remote work increasing, more content is being produced by distributed teams. Seamless collaboration is essential to delivering content at speed and scale. In addition, the flagship product Adobe Photoshop desktop version has enhanced functions such as “object selection tool” and “remove and fill areas” that simplify work with a single operation using technology based on Adobe Sensei’s AI technology.
According to a survey recently conducted by Adobe ( ), more than 165 million people will be Participating in the creator economy, nearly one in four contributes to photography, videography, creative writing, and other digital content production. Now that many creators are flexibly working remotely, there are expectations for tools that enable collaboration with stakeholders, companies and organizations, whether they are in the same room or on the other side of the world.
Scott Belsky, Executive Vice President and Chief Product Officer, Creative Cloud, said: “Creative production is like a team sport. Teams need to share everything from creative inspiration to assets to feedback to complete projects on time,” Adobe announced today. The new feature set enables seamless collaboration across creative
Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Bring New Collaboration Feature Share for Review
The success of a project depends on how stakeholders’ feedback is reflected in the product. Designers want to easily and seamlessly manage what they share with stakeholders during the review process. Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator Now Available Share for Review (Beta) Reduces Complexity and Inefficiency in the Review and Feedback Process, Giving Creators Full Control of Who and What They Share make it possible.
・Share for Review allows creators to share links to specific versions of Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator files, automatically incorporating reviewer comments and conversation notes into the app, giving creators access to multiple tools for responding to feedback. eliminates the need to switch
・By using “Share for Review,” creative teams can flexibly manage which versions of files are shared and when changes are reflected, while completing work more quickly. Become
– No need to register for an Adobe ID or sign in to participate in collaborations and leave comments
・Reviewers can highlight specific parts of images and illustrations and leave comments
Adobe Unveils World Premiere of New Adobe Camera to Cloud Features Built into RED and Fujifilm Cameras
The new Camera to Cloud feature by facilitates the shift from external drives to cloud-based camera workflows, fundamentally changing the way video is produced. To further revolutionize collaborative production workflows, today Adobe announced new Camera to Cloud capabilities built into RED Digital Cinema’s V-RAPTOR and V-RAPTOR XL camera systems and Fujifilm’s X-H2S mirrorless digital camera. announced.
A new first-to-market feature in Adobe Camera to Cloud allows production houses to automatically transfer media from the production set to the cloud, so post-production teams can start editing footage immediately. With the new Camera to Cloud feature on newly announced camera devices, media can be transferred directly from the camera into the folder structure without the use of an intermediary device, reducing both production costs and time. increase. This kind of new in-camera technological evolution will become the norm in the next decade.
Jarred Land, president and co-founder of RED Digital Cinema, said: “Building on our history of working with, the RED team is proud to be the first cinema camera company to bring this breakthrough to the filmmaking community. By introducing this technology to edit directly via the cloud, collaboration on the cloud will be brought to all levels of production, and we look forward to releasing this benefit to our users.”
Victor Ha, vice president of optical and electronic imaging at Fujifilm North America, said: “The native integration of Adobe’s Camera to Cloud and Fujifilm’s mirrorless cameras removes the huge time barrier between producing and posting for photographers and videographers. It’s just groundbreaking.” We are proud to bring this technology to mirrorless digital camera users around the world.” Improve collaboration and productivity with PDF
PDF has been the standard for document-based collaboration for decades. Year-over-year, more than half of Adobe Acrobat Document Cloud PDF files were opened on mobile and web, and Adobe processed more than 8 billion digital signatures. Today Adobe is announcing improvements to how users can collaborate on multiple digital documents:
A new viewer streamlines access to Adobe Acrobat tools such as PDF collaboration, editing, e-signing and review
Enhanced Core Accessibility, including support for text-to-speech and high-contrast, allowing more team members to comfortably participate in collaborative projects
With the interest in virtual work and the opportunities to leverage virtual reality and augmented reality (AR) to facilitate
collaboration, Adobe has developed Acrobat for Meta Quest. This allows users to take full advantage of PDF documents in virtual environments and extended productivity spaces. In addition to viewing, editing, converting, compressing and sharing PDFs, Acrobat for Meta Quest supports collaboration by commenting, highlighting and drawing. The power of Adobe Acrobat, which is often used on the web, will also be introduced in immersive mixed reality next year.
The new features and integrations announced today add to Adobe’s powerful existing tools and capabilities, including:
・Support for Adobe Creative Cloud for
( The industry’s first post-production review and approval workflow in Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects, enabling key stakeholders (editors, producers, agencies and clients) to collaborate seamlessly in the cloud to get final approval faster and easier than ever before. ・ Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator “Invite to edit” function
( ipad-apps-extends-light-editing-collaboration-features-web-beta ): Collaborate and comment on Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator live cloud documents directly in the app, saving time and efficiency. can be maximized
・ Integration of Microsoft Teams and Adobe Document Cloud ( ) : Next Milestone in Modern Document Evolution, Only Integration Allows Sending Documents and Creating E-Signatures on Microsoft Teams ・Collaboration within teams and around the world with Adobe Workfront ( ): Whether in the office or in another country, teams and stakeholders can Seamless real-time collaboration enables planning, production, and delivery
*This document is an excerpt from the press release issued by the US headquarters on October 18, 2022 (US Pacific Time).
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