ADrim signs partnership with Mobile Factory

ADrim signs partnership with Mobile Factory
Collaborate as an official support partner to jointly promote NFT-related services and blockchain business areas, and support the use of NFT by creators and companies

ADrim Co., Ltd. (Head office: Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, President and CEO: Tamemasa Ishigami), which launched the NFT solution business centered on the digital marketing support business, is a corporation that promotes NFT-related services and blockchain business. We have signed a partnership with Mobile Factory (headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director: Yuji Miyajima, hereinafter Mobile Factory).

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Partnership overview
NFT marketplace “Uniqys Marketplace” provided by Bit Factory Co., Ltd., a wholly owned subsidiary of Mobile Factory Co., Ltd.
(Headquarters: Shinagawa-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Yoshiaki Shiokawa Bit Factory), NFT service construction support platform Three services related to NFT based on “Unikis Garage” and ADrim’s digital marketing know-how “ADMETAM” sales support service, “Metamatch” collaboration matching support service, “ANSPEX” )” consulting service will cooperate and support the utilization of NFT.
Background of the partnership
In recent years, many creators and companies are considering the use of NFTs, but there are actually very few use cases in Japan compared to overseas, there are many problems, recognition is still low, and the market size is small. is. Therefore, through this alliance, we will create new synergies, improve the corporate value of both companies, raise awareness of NFT, and revitalize the Japanese NFT market.
About Mobile Factory Inc.
A service company with a mission of “making people around the world happy through the things we create” and providing content that impresses users using entertainment content and blockchain technology for mobile devices such as smartphones. is.
-Main Business Activities-
・Mobile game business
“station capture”
“Station Memories!”
“Station Memo! Our Rails”
・Content business
“Latest songs ★ All songs unlimited”
“Recochoku Melody”
“Star Melo-All you can take stamps and melodies”
・Blockchain business
“Unima (Uniqys Marketplace)”
“Unix Garage”

About “Unima”
“Unima” is an NFT marketplace where you can sell NFTs generated by the NFT service construction support platform “Unikis Garage”. You can settle in Japanese yen without needing crypto assets for trading. We strive to design an environment that takes compliance into consideration so that you can use our services with greater peace of mind.
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-Service Details-
Title: Unima (Uniqys Marketplace)
Official website:
Recommended browsers: Edge/Google Chrome/Safari
About “Unikis Garage”
“Unikis Garage” is an NFT service construction support platform that allows you to easily generate NFTs and sell them on corporate sites. You can build a service with only general knowledge of web
development, and realize a safer and simpler NFT service operation without managing crypto assets. In addition, it is possible to display the NFT generated in “Unikis Garage” in the gallery and incorporate it into the game. You can easily build a sales page by using the NFT marketplace “Unima” of the linked service.
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-Service Details-
Title: Unikis Garage
Official site:
Recommended browsers: Edge/Google Chrome/Safari
ADMETAM will send the digital content you want to sell as NFT and the desired sales content to the form, analyze the content based on the licensed provided data, select the market with value, and sell the NFT. It is a sales support service that allows you to easily sell without the hassle of generating or using cryptocurrencies, and you can receive license fees in Japanese yen.
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-Service details-
Official site:
Release: October 3, 2022 beta version
      :Scheduled for spring 2023 (official version)
Recommended browser: Google Chrome / Safari
Usage fee: 10% of the sales amount (when the sale is completed) *Various fees separately
Official Twitter: @admetam_nft
About “Metamatch”
Metamatch transcends the categories of industries and genres, such as creators such as artists and influencers, companies and organizations that want to promote various initiatives not limited to services and products, and can find partners who can sell collaboration NFTs. Support service.
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-Service details-
Title: Metamatch
Official site: under preparation
Release: Beta version on November 1st
Recommended browser: Google Chrome / Safari
Usage fee: Matching fee_10% of the sales amount (when the sale is completed) : Offer fee_20% of the offer amount (when the offer is accepted) About “ANSPEX”
ANSPEX is an NFT/DAO consulting service provided exclusively to “special members” who meet ADrim’s criteria. In order to achieve results and solve problems according to the purpose, we consistently provide everything from DAO construction to utilization and operation support, NFT marketing strategy formulation to media negotiations, centered on ADrim’s expertise in digital marketing consulting know-how. We will help you. In the future, we plan to support the construction, utilization, and operation of DAO.
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-Service details-
Official website: Release date undecided
Release: October 3rd
■Company Profile
[Table 3: ]
■Company Profile
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Details about this release:

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