AEGIS GROUP Co., Ltd. You can make original flavors! Air mini x LIVER CAMPUS Ambassador Audition to be held!!

You can make your own original flavor! Air mini x LIVER CAMPUS Ambassador Audition to be held!!
Cumulative sales exceeded 1.5 million units! The first ambassador audition for the popular shisha brand “Air mini” will be held on the voting site Mudia!

Hiromel Co., Ltd. and AEGIS GROUP Co., Ltd., which operates Japan’s largest liver office, ONECARAT and LIVER CAMPUS, will hold 10 ambassador events for the hot topic shisha brand “Air mini”. We have announced that it will be held on the audience participation event media “Mudia” from the 1st of the month.

Cumulative sales exceeded 1.5 million! Air mini is very popular among young people
The Air mini does not contain any nicotine or tar, unlike traditional cigarettes and heated cigarettes. Therefore, it is enjoyed by inhaling steam with various flavors and aromas, so you can easily enjoy a variety of flavors.
If you follow the restaurant’s own rules and manners, you can enjoy the flavor even if you are not in a designated smoking area, so it is popular among young people.
Also, in recent years, due to the popularity of restaurants with hookahs called “Shisha”, the habit of young people seeking various flavors is spreading. To date, the Air mini has sold over 1.5 million units for its healthy image and portable shisha.
[Image 1

Hiromel Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Ryota Kuronuma), which produces various events for young people this time, and AEGIS GROUP Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo,
Representative Director: Yuya Wada), using the voting system of the event media “Mudia” operated by Sonaryu Co., Ltd. (Minato-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director Tomoharu Takamatsu), many live distribution apps We will hold an ambassador audition event for “rivers” who are active in.
This will be the first time that Air mini will hold an audition event for general rivers, and it is expected to create completely new opportunities for expansion for both rivers and Air mini. Unlike events in regular live distribution apps, you can “vote” from gifts sent by the audience in Mudia, and you can compete even if the judging is not in real time, so you can advertise yourself through this event. It is also expected that the audience will also have an opportunity to announce the Air mini.
In addition, the Liver who won the Grand Prix this time can acquire the rights to produce the original flavor. You can create your own new flavor with Air mini official approval.
In addition to producing the flavor, you will also produce a PV with the image of the new flavor by yourself, so you can advertise your activities to many people on behalf of the river.
[Image 2

※The image is an image.
[Video 2:] *The video is an image.

Collaboration with the strongest live media (LIVER CAMPUS) operated by ONECARAT! In addition, Liver Campus ( is an important source of information for rivers, and is the “most read in Japan” river, such as ranking high in searches for major keywords related to rivers. media.
On the river campus, there is an “event calendar” that posts Pococha events in a calendar format, a database such as a quick reference table for all rank borders, breaking news of important information, a special feature of TikTok LIVE, which is a hot topic recently, and a river’s A lot of information such as live interviews that post the secrets of success are posted.

In addition, AEGIS GROUP Co., Ltd., which operates ONECARAT, which has grown into one of Japan’s largest liver offices, with popular Youtuber Raphael as an advisor, is packed with a lot of know-how, and has an overwhelming share to date. is getting
Whether you are attached to Air mini or have not experienced Air mini yet, we are looking forward to your participation in this event to decide the perfect driver for your active image.
[Image 3d59943-22-bb2ed1494e4910eaf946-6.png&s3=59943-22-3517c1872e04c6997d592c00484866ba-2011x1424.png
* List of articles on Liver Campus
Event overview
《Ambassador benefits》
·Grand Prix
The following benefits will be provided as an “Air mini” ambassador if you win the “Grand Prix”, which is the first place in the audience vote.
・Original flavor production rights (10 presents)
・”Air mini” PV appearance
・”Air mini” illustration creation rights
・ Semi-Grand Prix
The following benefits will be provided as an “Air mini” ambassador if you win the “Semi-Grand Prix” in 2nd or 3rd place in the audience vote.
・”Air mini” PV appearance
・”Air mini” illustration creation rights
・Air mini Award
The judges will select 0 to 2 excellent performers from all the performers, and the following benefits will be provided as “Air mini” ambassadors.
*May not be applicable
・”Air mini” PV appearance
moreover! ! All those who pass the SNS screening will receive an Air mini as a gift! !
・ Those who can show their face
・Any age (minors must have parental consent)
・Solo, group, unit can be any form.
・If you belong to a production company, please be sure to obtain permission before applying.
《Entry flow》
1. Click “Entry” on the event details page
( and open the “Air mini Ambassador Audition” LINE official account ( /p/@735rnmdn) add friends.
2. After completing the registration, open the talk and send a message in the LINE talk about the entry.
*It is okay to ask questions about this event or check the content. *Please note that the management side cannot contact you if you do not receive a message.
3. SNS examination entry
* We will guide you through the flow on LINE.
Entry period: Until Saturday, October 29, 24:00
*If the number of entries falls below the expected number, the event may be canceled.
SNS examination: Until October 30 (Sun)
Scheduled period
November 11th (Friday) 0:00 to November 13th (Sunday) 24:00
Scheduled period
November 18th (Friday) 0:00 to November 20th (Sunday) 24:00
・Grand Prix Final
Scheduled period
November 25th (Friday) 0:00 to November 27th (Sunday) 24:00
《About PV shooting》
○ Number of performers: 5
Number of seconds: 30 seconds
◯ Shooting location: Studio or location → No advance designation as it may be a studio or location
○Transportation expenses: provided
○ Participation qualifications: male and female
○Costume: Own
○Hair and make-up: none
《About the ambassador period》
Appointed as an ambassador for 3 months from the video release date detail
Mudia event special page
Special page on Liver Campus
Entry official LINE
Hyromel Co., Ltd.

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