Aeon Co., Ltd. “Aeon Liquor Sasazuka Store” opens on Thursday, October 20

Aeon Co., Ltd.
October 20th (Thursday) “Aeon Liquor Sasazuka store” opens
The best selection of wines, specialty Western liquors, and craft beers in the region

Aeon Liquor will open the “Aeon Liquor Sasazuka Store” in Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo on Thursday, October 20, 2022, which will be the 11th store in the Tokyo metropolitan area. As a directly managed specialty store mainly in Tokyo, we offer about 600 types of wine, about 230 types of sake, about 300 types of whiskey, and about 150 types of craft beer to deliver deliciousness and fun to customers. To do.
Aeon is Japan’s largest wine importer and largest wine retailer in the country. At the Aeon Liquor Sasazuka store, we offer our own high-quality wines selected from around the world at bargain prices to everyone in the area. In particular, the wines that are friendly to health and the global environment, such as champagne, organic wine, and bio wine, which are booming now, will realize the largest selection of products in the region.
In addition, with regard to craft beer, which is growing in popularity among young people, through a partnership between Aeon Liquor and an import trading company, we have built a purchasing system that allows us to stock up on products that were first released overseas in Japan. – We will realize the “regional No. 1 specialty product lineup” that will satisfy even the most connoisseurs. This time, a limited craft beer made by the local brewery “Shinjuku Beer Brewing” will be specially bottled and released at the Aeon Liquor Sasazuka store. You can enjoy the limited taste that can only be drunk at directly managed restaurants.
[Image 1d7505-3464-8ffa17eb6cfbe473ab83-0.jpg&s3=7505-3464-e6461a912b2114d2c30eca8ee3297a29-650x224.jpg
In terms of imported Western liquors, in collaboration with a trading company specializing in Western liquors, we have created a large selection of specialty imported Western liquors that cannot be found at other stores and imported Western liquors exclusively sold by Aeon Liquor, realizing a sales floor that satisfies local customers. I’m here. With a wide selection of products, staff with a wealth of product knowledge will welcome you with a smile in order to provide “the best cup” to everyone in the area.
Store overview
Store name: Aeon Liquor Sasazuka
Location: 1-58-7 Sasazuka, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo PARK HILLS TOWER 1F Opening date: Thursday, October 20, 2022
Business hours: 10:00 to 23:00
Products handled: wine, sake, western liquor, shochu, craft beer, food, etc. An example of recommended products
■ 600 bottles of limited brewing “Shinjuku Beer Brewing Liquid Hazy IPA” [Image 2d7505-3464-3970d2f3daea2d7b1a68-1.jpg&s3=7505-3464-402753fcaf4c528bbf5936a0f40cfb9c-238x625.jpg

This special craft beer that can only be tasted at the brewery’s directly managed restaurant will be specially bottled and pre-sold (*) at the Sasazuka store. For the hops, we used a special hop syrup (Incognito) that condensed the scent of hops, which was the first attempt of vector brewing, and finished in a “HAZY IPA” style that suppressed bitterness and maximized the hop flavor. .
(*) Scheduled to be released sequentially at AEON liquor specialty stores.

■ Featured RM Champagne and Van Nature
[Image 3d7505-3464-99f88b64c1866d6a7b68-2.jpg&s3=7505-3464-352407438c5de667f4010238cd0f3db9-174x195.jpg
We have a lineup of products with a special emphasis on unique RM Champagne and natural wines, especially Vin Nature.
RM (Lecoltan Manipulant) is a champagne producer who handles grapes harvested in their own fields until brewing. Champagne is made. In recent years, among the natural wines, which have seen a remarkable increase in demand, Van Nature is a wine that is made in a more natural way and has a strong flavor of grapes, and goes well with everyday meals.
Aeon Liquor’s sommelier will propose the perfect bottle from among many attractive wines according to the customer’s mood and requests of the day.
Photo from left: Joanes Riote Brut Reserve / Brunet Vouvray Petian / Tunia Bianco Sotfond Frizzante
■ About 300 types of unique whiskeys, the best selection in the area [Image 4d7505-3464-109d517dce46c2f2d673-3.jpg&s3=7505-3464-507c922f4e88b7b533db865bf2c7be48-234x227.jpg
We have a large selection of unique AEON direct import whiskeys carefully selected by buyers, mainly from Scotland, and specialty imported Western liquors.
In addition, the special collection “Chivas Regal Extra 13 Years American Rye Cask”, which is scheduled to be released exclusively for AEON in November, will be pre-sold (*) at the Sasazuka store ahead of the rest of the country. You can enjoy a mellow and fruity taste that has been aged for 12 years and rested for another year.
(*) Scheduled to be released sequentially at AEON liquor specialty stores. Photo from left: Glenn Ardoch / Islay Gold Aura / Chivas Regal Extra 13 Years Old American Lycask
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