AGAIN Co., Ltd. E-commerce app “Gurukai” that can be purchased at a low price by group purchase will be re leased on September 30th

AGAIN Co., Ltd.
E-commerce application “Gurukai” that can be purchased at a low price by group purchase released on September 30th
~This is a new-age e-commerce app that allows you to enjoy shopping with friends, family, couples, etc.~

AGAIN Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Kita-ku, Osaka, Representative Director: Wang Yu (Gen Oh)) will create a group from September 30, 2022 (Friday) as a new EC industry infrastructure for further development and
contribution to the EC industry, and purchase cheaper than the normal price in the group. We will release the e-commerce app “Gurukai” that allows you to
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The e-commerce app “Gurukai” to be released this time is basically an e-commerce mall, so it is functionally the same as Rakuten and AMAZON, but there are two decisive differences.
The first decisive difference is the “group purchase” function. The product shows the price for a normal purchase by one person, and the group purchase price for making a group and purchasing as a group. If you buy in a group, you can purchase at a discounted price. Next, when you create a group, spread the product through SNS sharing and recruit members for the group. If the number of members reaches the group formation target number, everyone who formed the group can purchase products at a discounted price.
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The second decisive difference is the “shopping support” function. This shopping support function has a category called “shopping support” in the product category of the app. When you purchase a product in that category, we invite your friends to help you shop. In short, shopping support is collecting clicks by asking friends to help you with shopping. The target amount is displayed, and the amount decreases each time you click to support shopping from the normal unit price, and when the target amount is reached, you can purchase with that amount.
[Image 3d109290-2-12e5ec6c60ca2d2472a9-6.png&s3=109290-2-b6af473121899341a33ceaa68dcc94fe-750x1928.png

See below for details
“Gurukai” official website:
“Gurukai” official app site:
Install from here
Appstore: Googleplay:

There are many advantages for the seller as well.
There are many benefits for the business side as well. The first great advantage is the promotion of products and shops. What does this mean? When you form a group, end-users ask for friends to buy with them. When doing the act of recruiting friends, SNS sharing is used. This act of sharing will reach a lot of people. This leads to promotion of shops and products. It also reduces advertising costs. The second advantage is the act of sharing on social media to form groups. This means that there is a high possibility of connecting with users who are interested in the product. This will lead to higher purchase rates. The third great advantage is that it is easy to digest what is left in stock. Cheap price by setting group purchase price
can be set, making it easier for end users to purchase.
Finally, for the companies that have just opened their stores, we are offering the listing fee, sales commission, and product registration agency fee free of charge. It will be a great offer only for now. Please take this opportunity to apply. Please apply below.
“Gurukai” site for those who wish to open a store:
Our future prospects
We are a venture company that was just founded in June 2021. Last year, we released the cloud-based EC logistics comprehensive sales management system “RECCS” and have been operating as a support company for the mail order and EC industries. Currently, the global economy is in a slump due to the prolonged recession and the impact of an unprecedented virus. The mail order and EC industries are no exception. Therefore, we have released “Gurukai” as a new e-commerce mall in order to revitalize the movement of the economy even a little. With the release of “Gurukai”, we are striving to develop the economy of the mail order and EC industries, and we would like to support the stability of the Japanese economy and the global economy.
About AGAIN Co., Ltd.
【Company Profile】
Company name: AGAIN Co., Ltd.
Head office location: 14F wework Midosuji Frontier, 1-13-22
Sonezakishinchi, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0002
Representative Director: Gen Oh
Business description: Development and operation of SaaS-type EC centralized management system “RECSS (common name: Rex)”, development and operation of social e-commerce application “Gurukai”, trade and import/export, cross-border EC, JBM product fair
Established: June 2021
Official website:

Details about this release:

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