Agarute Co., Ltd. 2022 Land and House Investigator Examination Afternoon section (description) commentary video has started distribution!

Agarute Co., Ltd.
2022 Land and House Investigator Exam [Afternoon Section (Description) Commentary Video] has started to be distributed!
[Free] Agarute Academy has released the “Afternoon Section
(Description) Commentary Video” for the Land and House Investigator Examination!

“Agarute Academy” operated by Agarute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Representative Director: Hokuto Iwasaki, hereinafter “Agarute”) is today offering “Answer Report”, “Review Video”, and “Review Video” of the 2022 Land and House Investigator Examination. Afternoon description problem commentary video” and “YouTube round-table discussion” will be released.
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2022 Land and House Investigator Exam Answer Bulletin
Agarute Academy will release the 2022 Land and House Investigator Examination “Answer Bulletin”, “Review Video”, “Afternoon Descriptive Question Commentary Video”, and “YouTube Roundtable Discussion” for free today without membership registration.
◎ Today’s schedule
[Open to the public] Answer bulletin morning section (choice & description) [Now open] Review video Afternoon overall review
[Now open] Answer bulletin Afternoon section (choice)
[Now Available] Commentary Video Afternoon Section (Description) Q21 and Q22 [20:00-] YouTube round-table discussion
* At the YouTube round-table discussion, we will talk about topics such as the general review of the afternoon selection.
We also accept questions in the comments section of YouTube. Please join us. ■ Free gift
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・Afternoon section (description) Q21 and Q22 model answer
download/explanatory video
 Scheduled release date: Within one week from the test date
 Viewing deadline / application deadline: January 31, 2023
■ Click here for details
Agarute will continue to aim to become a social infrastructure that supports many innovations through “education”.
[About Agarute Co., Ltd.]
Head office: Sunken Building 4F, 5-5 Shin-Ogawacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: December 2013
Capital: 25,000,000 yen
Representative: Representative Director Hokuto Iwasaki
Business description:
Online preparatory school “Agarute Academy” for national exams, certification exams, etc.
“Publishing business” centered on books for qualifying examinations Online Medical Preparatory School “Agarute Medical”
Complete success fee type M&A consulting and advisory service “AGAROOT M&A Advisory”

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