Agarute Co., Ltd. Customs Specialist Examination 2023 Passing Goals Passing Curriculum Released!

Agarute Co., Ltd.
[Customs Specialist Examination] 2023 Passing Goal Passing Curriculum Released! Curriculum designed for efficient learning in a short time

“Agarute Academy” operated by Agarute Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, CEO: Hokuto Iwasaki, hereinafter “Agarute”) has released a curriculum for passing the customs officer examination in 2023.
Customs specialist, the only national qualification in the trading industry. There is a wide range of learning content, such as studying laws in import and export operations, calculating customs duties, and preparing declarations.
At Agarute, we design courses so that you can learn efficiently in a short time. ・Those who are learning for the first time
・ Those who are not good at calculation
・Those who are unsure of how to study
・ Those who are engaged in trade business
Recommended for
■ Three features of the customs broker passing curriculum
After inputting, you can immediately check the degree of knowledge retention in two stages of problem practice!
Thorough analysis of past questions! You will be able to get points! Follow-up by instructor! “Facebook Question System” / “Homeroom” Click here for course details
Agarute will continue to aim to become a social infrastructure that supports many innovations through “education”.
[About Agarute Co., Ltd.]
Headquarters: 4F Sanken Building, 5-5 Shin-Ogawacho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo Date of establishment: December 2013
Capital: 25,000,000 yen
Representative: Representative Director Hokuto Iwasaki
Business description:
Online preparatory school “Agarute Academy” for national exams, certification exams, etc.
“Publishing business” centered on books for qualifying examinations Online Medical Preparatory School “Agarute Medical”
Complete success fee type M&A consulting and advisory service “AGAROOT M&A Advisory”

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