Ajuma Co., Ltd. A picture book from France by Mr. Ichisanjuichi and Mr. Sarasa Ifu, “Meow!” ‘Where’s Daddy?’ ] will be released from Ajuma Books!

Ajuma Co., Ltd.
A French picture book “Nya!” ‘Where’s Daddy?’ ] will be released from Ajuma Books!
Sisterhood’s publisher Ajuma Books will release two first picture books at the same time. The picture book “Nya! , “Gender Equality” picture book “Where is Daddy? ] will be released at the same time!
Sisterhood publisher Ajuma Books (Location: Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo, Director: Minori Kitahara, Official company name: Ajuma Co., Ltd.) is a picture book by French picture book author Claire Galaron, where you can learn about “consent” “Nya! and a picture book where you can learn about gender equality, “Where is Daddy? ] Will be released at bookstores and online bookstores nationwide on Thursday, November 10, 2022.
It is a rhythmic picture book that small children can learn about consent issues, gender equality, etc.
A picture book of cute cats and rabbits that can learn “consent” and “gender equality” from 0 years old
This book is the first Japanese translation of the picture book author Claire Galaron, who is well-received for her lovely and fun drawings for children, such as the issue of sexual consent and gender equality. [Image 1

[Image 2

[Image 3

The translators are the noted singer-songwriters, Ichisanjuichi and Sarasa Ifu. With unique and rhythmic translations and fun
illustrations for children, this is a lovely book that will make you want to read it again and again, nurturing your childhood thoughts and actions while having fun. There are already several books out there that teach elementary school students and teenagers about consent and gender equality, but none are as targeted at such an early age.

Background and significance of Ajuma Books’ release of this picture book We are a publisher that specializes in publishing books on gender and sexuality, launched in 2021. I have published translated books by Korean and Canadian feminists. This time, we have decided to publish a picture book for children from 0 years old published from France. The author of the two books is a picture book about consent and a picture book about gender equality. This work, which depicts issues of sexual consent and gender equality in a fun way for children, has received high acclaim in France as well.

The reason for using two singer-songwriters as translators
Singer-songwriter Ms. Ichisanjuichi, who has personally experienced the sensibility of the rhythm of words that can be read over and over again for small children, and the ambiguity of consent and gender equality. , Sarasa Ifu. I chose the words for the lyrics and the atmosphere of the song matched my image, so as a result, I chose to sing in Japanese. I don’t think there is anyone more qualified than this.

Mr. Hijuichi’s translation of “Nyaa! ] How should I treat my favorite child? A picture book for learning about “consent”
When the cat was resting slowly, a small child grabbed it, petted it, and tried to meddle with it by pulling its fur. But cats are not toys. How do I show respect and consent to honor my cat’s feelings? [Image 4

She asks, “Can I do this?” Singer-songwriter Ichisanjuichi’s unique and riddle-like translation makes this a gentle book that makes you want to speak out loud. Many books on consent for children have been published, but this book, which is full of simple, rhythmic and endearing translations that makes it easy to understand that it is intended for children aged 0 and up, is perfect as a gift.

[Image 5

In France, the book is recommended by Amnesty International France and has received positive feedback from various social organizations and libraries. It is a cute introductory book not only for cat lovers, but also for those who find it difficult to teach consent.
“Where is Papa?” ​​translated by Sarasa Ifu ] A picture book where you can learn about “gender equality” where everyone enjoys doing what they love
While the baby rabbit is desperately looking for its daddy, the old lady is riding a unicycle, the old man is doing the laundry, and they are talking in different ways… Rabbits who are crazy about what they want to do are all having fun. Where the hell is Papa! Will the baby rabbit be able to find his daddy?
[Image 6

Translated by singer-songwriter Sarasa Ifu, the adult rabbit’s quirky response to the question of a little rabbit looking for his dad is full of hilarious words.
An anxious baby rabbit looking for his father meets adult rabbits who live freely and happily without a fixed sense of gender roles, and finally finds their father, which warms my heart. The cute and simple illustrations by the author, Claire Garalon, are content that you will want to read to your children over and over again.
[Image 7

After reading the book, children and adults will surely enjoy talking about freedom from the images of gender roles that have been embedded in their brains.
Profiles of authors, translators, editors and commentators
Author: Claire Garralon
[Image 8

French picture book author. After studying art at the Bordeaux School of Fine Arts and the Faculty of Art and Design at the University of Toulouse, he worked as an illustrator and graphic designer. Author of many books. This book is the first Japanese translation.

Commentary: Kitahara Minori
Representative Ajuma, who runs the “Love Peace Club”, a pleasure goods shop for writers and women. 2021 Ajuma Books start. Director of Seed of Hope Fund. He is the author of many books, including “Feminism in Japan” (published by Kawade Shobo Shinsha).
“Meow! Translated by: Hitomitoi Hitomitoi
[Image 9

Singer-songwriter. Developing urban pop music with airy and coquettish vocals, which is also described as “aphrodisiac”. There are many love calls from new generation creators, both Western and Japanese, and there are many collaborations. He is active in various fields such as theatrical accompaniment production and music production.

‘Where’s Daddy? Translated by Ifu Sarasa
[Image 10

Born in 1983. Singer and lyricist. He also supervises concert goods for other artists and consults restaurants. As a cat lover, he established “BLUE NEKO” and works as a design producer for cat furniture and as an advisor for cat-friendly condominiums. A mother of two children, she is the author of “The Long Cat and the Mysterious Family” (published by Shodensha).

I recommend this picture book! There is also a recommendation message from a famous person on the obi!
“Meow! 』
Recommended by Mr. Chloé Becliaud, the French Embassy in Japan booklet attaché! [Image 11

“In France, this book is highly recommended to be read to children from an early age to familiarize them with the concepts of respect and consent.”

‘Where’s Daddy? 』
Recommended by Robert Campbell, a researcher of Japanese literature! [Image 12

“The baby rabbit looks a little uneasy, but is it okay? This is a very, very fun story of a journey!”

A release event will also be held!
Ajuma Books carefully publishes each book. Thanks to all of you, we have been featured in a lot of media. So far, “Flowers that didn’t bloom, halmoni’s endless art time”, “Hayonga Hi, why don’t you go on a date? We held a release event for “ Feminism without roots Megaria who confronted femicide ” and “ A book that understands abortion MY BODY MY CHOICE ”.
For this book, we are planning to hold a release event with various guests. Information on how to participate will be announced on the Ajuma Books website and SNS.
book outline
[Image 13

Title: Meow!
Translator: 131
ISBN: 978-4-910276-09-0 C8798

[Image 14

Title: Where’s Daddy?
Translated by: Sarasa Ifu
ISBN: 978-4-910276-11-3C8798

Author: Claire Galaron
Format: B5 odd, all color/High quality (16cm x 16cm x 0.7cm)/With cover & obi, cover color
Number of pages: 24
Binding: Mazda Office Yukimasa Matsuda + Yumi Kajiwara
Price: 1980 yen (main unit 1800 yen + tax)
Commentary: Minori Kitahara
Genre: picture book/education
Release date: November 10, 2022
Publisher: Ajuma Books

Dealers of this book
We deliver to real bookstores nationwide, online bookstores such as Amazon and Rakuten Books, and public libraries nationwide via Transview. For those who wish to purchase directly, we will correspond on the AJUMA BOOKS online site. In particular, I would appreciate it if you could take a look at the nursery school, kindergarten, and story-telling activities.
*The contents of the release are subject to change without notice. Please note. Press release list of Ajuma Co., Ltd.
[Inquiries from the press regarding this matter]
Ajuma Books (within Ajuma Co., Ltd.) Public Relations: Akemi Oda Phone: 03-5840-6455 Email: neko@ajuma-books.com FAX: 03-3814-5533 7-2-2 Hongo, Bunkyo-ku, Tokyo

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