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Aker Co., Ltd. AHKAH will start the holiday promotion “ALL IS BRIGHT” from November 2nd (Wednesday). Relea sed new jewelry

Aker Co., Ltd.
AHKAH will start the holiday promotion “ALL IS BRIGHT” from November 2nd (Wednesday). Released new jewelry

Aker Co., Ltd. (Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo, President: Mitsuyoshi Shinohara) will launch the promotion “ALL IS BRIGHT” for the holiday season from November 2, 2022 (Wednesday) at directly managed stores nationwide. hold. Prior to that, we will start pre-sale of new jewelry at the official online shop from Wednesday, October 26th.
[Image 1

The holiday season is full of festive moods like glittering diamonds. Enjoy the uplifting feeling of spending time with your loved ones, and a wonderful time that will make your heart dance with the brilliance of AHKAH.
May you be surrounded by a dazzling smile.
Have a bright holiday.
As a new piece of jewelry, a platinum version of the AHKAH signature / Aker signature icon “chandelier” of this season has appeared. The design is inspired by a chandelier that colors the space with lustrous and beautiful light and shadow. The design that combines elegance and coolness unique to the platinum version accents your style.
In addition, the baguette cut diamond set in the center of the melee diamonds that line up in a straight line is eye-catching “Defile”. The simple, minimalist, yet elegantly structured design gives off an enchanting presence when worn on bare skin. A timeless piece of jewelry.
Spend a special holiday season with AHKAH jewelry that has a positive aura. ■■Special Movie■■
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AHKAH signature “chandelier platinum”
[Image 2d37464-33-2f074dda91d8ac830fd2-1.jpg&s3=37464-33-32a401dd47f4d794a0ffbc85b7d5ccb9-1200x1200.jpg
“chandelier grand necklace”
Price: 246,400 yen
[Image 3d37464-33-835261875f520fe058d3-2.jpg&s3=37464-33-53aa4867af3728865d5bc6f29c1a7489-1200x1200.jpg
“chandelier loop earrings”
Price: 159,500 yen *single earrings
[Image 4d37464-33-c904a977774f5039051e-3.jpg&s3=37464-33-c95e92ee552bb515fb64955e905a8841-1200x1200.jpg
“Chandelier Double Line Earrings”
Price: 143,000 yen *single earrings
*All materials are platinum/diamond.
2022 Holiday New Jewelry “Defile”
[Image 5d37464-33-0bda1555195927e59d01-4.jpg&s3=37464-33-d89b9be520d4af1f4bf5993411c6b4ed-1200x1200.jpg
“defile necklace”
Price: 78,100 yen
[Image 6d37464-33-aed016cd3fe55e7875a1-5.jpg&s3=37464-33-7a689fddd7233c4c2912a3ec528287c4-1200x1200.jpg
“Defile Earrings”
Price: 61,600 yen *single earrings
[Image 7d37464-33-5f69ff515515b5ecc190-6.jpg&s3=37464-33-4a7da2caceb5178fe93b3c4f0aeebf0f-1200x1200.jpg
“Defile ear cuff”
Price: 82,500 yen
*All materials are 18K YG/diamond.
2022 Holiday New Jewelry “petit trois” online shop exclusive [Image 8d37464-33-318874115450ae386f9e-7.jpg&s3=37464-33-db0a4dcfe5b73c34f3029054033c2db5-1200x1200.jpg
“Petit Trois Necklace”
Price: 45,100 yen
[Image 9d37464-33-9920cae79da6954a725f-8.jpg&s3=37464-33-5f4ed2a664b9a386286fc3bfc84a8fc8-1200x1200.jpg

“Petit Trois Ring”
Price: 60,500 yen
[Image 10d37464-33-eb5442d5e032d432ac03-9.jpg&s3=37464-33-6a88498653b669839a2fb66dfa1942de-1200x1200.jpg

“petit trois bracelet”
Price: 38,500 yen
*All materials are 18K PG/diamond.
*This is an online shop limited product.
■■Special Gifts■■
[Image 11d37464-33-11badfaf599232435503-12.jpg&s3=37464-33-9cd7e8fa8cbf15358866f03635289b89-2400x1200.jpg
SINN PURETE fragrance, which has an elegant and fruity scent with a delicate afterglow, will be presented on a first-come, first-served basis to those who purchase the target product.
In addition, during the holiday promotion period, a holiday-only shopper will be available, and the jewelry box will be wrapped in an impressive red ribbon.
*For details, please contact the store.
*Please note that the number is limited.
■■Release date■■
Wednesday, November 2, 2022
* Pre-sale at the official online shop from October 26, 2022 (Wednesday) AHKAH Official Website:

Details about this release:

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