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Akita Prefecture Akita Prefecture’s new rice brand “Sakihokore” finally makes its full-fledged debut A new TV commercial for “Sakihokore” starring Akita-born Mitsu Dan in a kimono will start airing on October 29 ~ Once again, I love rice Become. ~

Akita prefecture’s new rice brand “Sakihokore” has finally made its full-fledged debut. A new TV commercial for “Sakihokore” starring Akita-born Mitsu Dan in a kimono will start airing on October 29. ~ Falling in love with rice again. ~

Akita Rice New Variety Branding Strategy Headquarters (General Manager: Governor of Akita Prefecture, Norihisa Satake) will air a new TV commercial starring Mitsu Dan from October 29th (Sat) in
conjunction with the full-scale debut of the branded rice
“Sakihokore”. We will start.
The new brand of rice “Sakihokore”, which was born from the soil fertility of rice-producing Akita, was crossbred by Akita Prefecture in 2010 and was selected as a candidate for a new variety in March 2019. In 2020, the name “Sakihokore” was decided from over 250,000 naming proposals received from the general public. Full-scale sales will start on Saturday, October 29, 2020 this fall.
Along with that, a TV commercial was produced using Ms. Mitsu Dan, who is from Akita Prefecture, as an image character. In the new
commercial, based on the concept of “I’ll fall in love with rice again.” You can feel the charm again, and it is a video suitable for the top breed of Akita Prefecture.
[Image 1

[Shooting episode]
On the day of the shoot, Mitsu Dan took care of not only the director and the cameraman, but also the various staff on set, and had many conversations to soften the atmosphere. In addition, Ms. Dan said, “How about this kind of acting?” The shooting progressed smoothly. With high-quality acting and teamwork, we have completed a commercial that conveys the charm of “Sakihokore”.
[Outline of new TVCM]
CM title: Sakihokore 2022 debut (15 seconds) (30 seconds)
Performer: Danmitsu
: Hotel New Otani Japanese Cuisine Chef Isamu Miyata
Advertising company name: Akita Rice New Variety Branding Strategy Headquarters Broadcast start date: From October 29, 2022
Broadcast area: Tokyo metropolitan area, Kansai area, Chukyo area, Akita prefecture
URL: :
Sakihokore 2022 debut (30 seconds)
[Image 2

[Performer information]
[Image 3

Talent from Akita Prefecture. Main works include the TV drama “Keihan Railway Line Story: Welcome to the Kizunaya Old Private House” (2021), “Mikazuki” (2019), “Manpuku” (2018-2019), and the movie “Mashin Sentai Kiramager THE MOVIE B. Bop Dream” (2021), “Eating Woman” (2018), “Star Meguri no Machi” (2018).
[About Sakihokore]
[Image 4

38 years since “Akitakomachi”. The new Akita rice variety “Sakihokore” is the flagship of Akita rice, selected from about 120,000 strains, based on the concept of “exceeding Koshihikari rice”.
It has a glossy white appearance, fluffy grains, and a sweet flavor that spreads the more you chew it.
The name “Sakihokore”, which contains the ale for rice producers and consumers, was selected from more than 250,000 naming proposals that were publicly solicited in 2020.
In addition, the package design was created by Mr. Kenya Hara, representative of Japan Design Center Co., Ltd., a designer
representing Japan.
[CM production staff list]
Creative Director/Art Director: Naoki Bando (Dentsu East Japan) Creative Director/Copywriter: Nozomi Takeuchi (Dentsu East Japan) Communication planner: Hinano Morishita (Dentsu East Japan)
Producer: Rui Yamada (second workshop)
Production manager: Yusuke Takiguchi (second studio)
Director: Masayuki Kondo
Photographer: Keisuke Nambu
Lighting: maki
Hair and make-up: Ayako Megaka (Mitsu Dan) / Kaiho Mashima (Mr. Miyata) Stylist: Reiko Shimizu (Mitsu Dan) / / Tomoshiki Matsumoto (Mr. Miyata) Art Direction: Naomi Iwase
Food stylist: Ikuko Tozawa
Offline Editor: Taichiro Kabeya
Online editor: Takuma Ikeda
Mixer: Ai Hirata
Music: Setsu Fukushima
Details about this release:

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