All round throw OK! Realize store DX with the introduction of subscription Nishijin Bar DORA starts “One Coin Subscription” with the first full support of “Subscription”

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[All round throw OK! Realize store DX with the introduction of subscription] Nishijin Bar DORA starts “One Coin Subscription” with the first full support of “Subscription”
At Fukuoka Nishishin Bar DORA, we have started a great subscription that allows you to enjoy alcoholic drinks with one coin, with the first full support of “Subscription”.

Subcline Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo, President: Ryota Uno) fully supported the introduction of the definitive LINE x subsc line service “Subcline” to Fukuoka Nishijin Bar DORA.

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Nishijin Bar DORA LINE official account friend registration from here
About DORA subscription support
Nishijin Bar DORA, which opened on August 8th in Fukuoka, is a karaoke bar featuring a homey space that is ideal for a wide range of scenes and customer groups, and about 100 types of abundant drinks. This time, we will start a special “One Coin Subscription” that allows you to enjoy up to one drink every day for free from among the three eligible drinks for 500 yen per month. The target drink includes DORA’s original “Homemade DORA Lemon Sour”, and it is a very advantageous service that all three people can get one drink free of charge. By subscribing, you can enjoy a wonderful time at a great price.
The introduction of this subscription can be expected to improve the frequency of customer visits and increase sales by ordering “one more item / one more drink” accompanying drinks.
Eligible people: “1 free drink per day for 500 yen per month” 1 free drink for up to 1 sub-member + 3 companions.
Target drink: Homemade DORA Lemon Sour / Kirin Ichiban Shibori (raw) / White Horse Highball
How to use the subscription: You can use the subscription from the DORA LINE official account.
* Charge fee will be charged separately.
[Image 3d100004-11-8c1a7cf014b515a5cbef-3.png&s3=100004-11-098daedee3c146e71dd6a1403e270a85-1925x2700.png
This time, we provided full support for the introduction of the first “round throw OK” for “Subscription”.
We have a lot of meetings before the store opens, and we provide full support, including consulting on plan formulation, creation of plan sales pages, setting up LINE official accounts, and designing and submitting flyers to inform subscribers.
In “Subscription”, the introduction of subscription services is all “round throwing OK”.
Therefore, you can easily start providing your own store’s original subscription service without planning the introduction or taking the time to set up the initial settings.
About subscribing
Subscribe Line is a system that allows you to easily provide your own store’s original subscription-type service (monthly service) on LINE. The subscription line has functions such as regular payment mechanism and customer management necessary for providing subscription-type services. By introducing a subscription line, you can easily provide your own store’s original subscription-type service using LINE, which is familiar to many people.
[Image 4d100004-11-d2d70c22919ff8ccbfc5-4.png&s3=100004-11-d2d4d4f8ba5f51ea3e77275ddfea5fa7-3900x2926.png
By providing subscription-type services, it will be possible to obtain stock-type profits in addition to conventional flow-type profits, realizing continuous sales increases and stable store management. In addition, there are the following features.
[Image 5d100004-11-e93bddabf6a88316e779-1.jpg&s3=100004-11-10e6e11638f07f0e9a5f260a311bf2f0-1600x840.jpg
・Because the service can be started on LINE, it is possible to approach a wide range of people who use LINE
・Because it is possible to communicate with customers via LINE chat, it is possible to acquire fans while conducting two-way communication rather than one-way communication with customers.
・For a limited time, the initial cost is 0 yen, and it can be introduced in as little as two days, so you can start the service with a simple hearing.
In addition to restaurants, it can be introduced to subscriptions implemented at stores such as beauty salons, beauty salons, and accommodation facilities. “Subscription” realizes a mechanism to acquire shop fans through such a system.
How to use
[Image 6d100004-11-f7db29689006389c0c8b-0.jpg&s3=100004-11-b944a612608dda0af77b6e9a7011a1fb-1600x1058.jpg
Please contact us below for details on LINE x Subsuku’s service for stores “Subscribing” and for businesses who wish to register. E-MAIL:
TEL: 03-6555-4234
Company Profile
Company name: Subline Co., Ltd.
Location: Miyamasuzaka Building 609, 2-19-15 Shibuya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0022 Established: March 24, 2022
Representative: Ryota Uno, President
Business: Software development, web production, UI/UX design, business model design, brand experience design, organizational design Corporate site:

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