All Staff Co., Ltd. Musical “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima” performed by It’s Follies!

All Staff Co., Ltd.
Musical “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima” performed by IT’S FOLLY!
Baumkuchen was sold for the first time in Japan at a building in Hiroshima called the Atomic Bomb Dome. A musical adaptation of the children’s book of the same name, which won the Sankei Shimbun Award at the 68th Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Award!

All Staff Co., Ltd. and Musical Company It’s Follies will perform the musical “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima” at the Haiyuza Theater from March 26th (Sun) to 30th (Thursday), 2023. This work is a musical version of the children’s book of the same name that won the 68th Sankei Children’s Publishing Cultural Award Sankei Shimbun Award. Karl Juchheim, who was brought to Hiroshima as a prisoner of war, was the first to bake Baumkuchen in Japan. Based on a true story, the building that was sold was the building that would later be called the Atomic Bomb Dome. It is a story that teaches the importance of The screenplay and lyrics are Hiroki Onishi of TOKYO Hamburg. Directed by Jun Isomura of Seinenza. Yutaro Zaitsu, who will be playing Carl for the first time in a musical, and Risa Uehara, who graduated from NHK-E TV “Okaasan to Issho” in 2019, will play Carl’s wife, Elise. Takashi Ishinabe, a heavyweight in the musical world, will play the role of Sota’s grandfather. Please look forward to the new musical presented by It’s Follies.
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Baumkuchen and Hiroshima flyer image
2023 Tokyo Citizens Art Festival Participation Performance
It’s Follies performance
Musical “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima”
[Performance schedule] March 26 (Sun)-30 (Thu), 2023
[Venue] Haiyuza Theater
[Advance sales start] Thursday, January 26, 2023
[Admission fee (all reserved seats, tax included)]
Advance sale: 5,500 yen
6,000 yen on the day
U25 3,000 yen (under 25 years old, proof of age required on the day) HC discount: 3,000 yen (person with a disability certificate and 1 helper) *U25 tickets are only available for All Staff and Confeti
* HC discount is only accepted by phone in advance for all staff * Free on knees for children under 3 years old
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[Ticket handling]
All Staff 03-5823-1055 (Weekdays 11:00-18:00)
Confetti Ticket Center
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Yutaro Zaitsu
Yutaro Zaitsu / Yutaro Zaitsu (Karl Juchheim)
Born in 1999. In 2018, he debuted as an actor on the stage “Mibu Wolf Young Generation” as a candidate for the unique theater group “Gekidan Bancho Boys ☆” handled by Sony Music.
This will be my first musical. Major appearances include NHK Drama 10 “Honest Real Estate” (2022), TV Tokyo “Haunting! Haikyu!!” (2021), NTV “Dancing! pacific saury Goten!!” (2020), bamboo “Moonlight” (MV, 2019).

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Risa Uehara
Risa Uehara/Lisa Uehara (Elise Arendorff)
Born in 1991. Graduated from Senzoku Gakuen College of Music, Faculty of Music in 2014. Since 2012, when she was in school, she has served as the sister of “Pant!” (5th generation physical expression sister) on NHK “Okaasan to Issho”. Graduated from the program in March 2019 and started talent activities. In 2020, she released her first CD as a singer with “Toothpaste Jaws/Baby Shark” from Warner Music Japan. In July 2022, we also released a Japanese cover song of the popular “Fox Dance”. Family-friendly events and concerts nationwide are also underway.

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Takashi Ishinabe
Takashi Ishinabe/Takashi Ishinabe (Grandfather)
Born in 1950. After being a trainee at the Nikikai Opera Group, he made his stage debut at Star Shine. Since then, he has been active in plays, musicals, films, and storytelling. He has a good reputation as a supporting actor who can perform unique and steady performances. Major appearances include “Man of La Mancha”, “Fiddler on the Roof”, “Secret Garden”, “Seagull”, “Pacific Overtures” and “Cabaret”. At It’s Follies, she appeared in “The Miracle of the Namiya General Store” directed by Jun Isomura. As a life work, he is developing a
joruri-like singing narrative, “Bellodashi Chonma”.

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Mai Moriyama
Mai Moriyama/Mai Moriyama (Sota/W cast)
Born in 1999. Joined It’s Follies in 2020 after graduating from Toho Gakuen College of Art. Major appearances include “Far Far Neverland” (2022), newcomer performance “Go For SUCCESS 2021-Now, Shokenukero-” (2021), “Rudolph and Ippai Attena” (2020), Hong Kong x Japan x New Musical “Hong Kong Sketch” ” (2022), “Kranti Women’s Revolution” (2021), Actress Futari Play “Tokyo Okapachan House” (2021), Theater Group Wonderland “Acharaka Showa Comedian Roppa Furukawa, Harikiru” (2021), Air studio Produce “Short Drama Collection-Five Stories-” (2021).

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Mio Yoshida
Mio Yoshida/Mio Yoshida (Sota/W cast)
Born in 1996. Joined It’s Follies since 2021 after studying
Mathematics, Faculty of Liberal Arts, Tsuda College and Shobi Music College. Main appearances include “Izumi Taku Night We Sing Taku’s Melody” (2021), It’s Foley’s Live “Izumi Taku Night” (2021), Theater Company Africa “Dame Masamune” (2022), Air studio “A Day in the Life” (2022), musical drama “Milkman’s morning is early” (2022), SHOBI MUSICAL EXPRESS 2021 with my will (2021), etc.

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Hitomi Kanemura
Kanamura Hitomi (W cast)

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Ayako Suzuki
Ayako Suzuki (W cast)

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Ryuji Mori
Ryuji Mori

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Tatsuya Hatanaka
Tatsuya Hatanaka

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Kei Nakayama
Kei Nakayama

[Image 13

Yui Tojo
Yui Tojo

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Seikan Rei
Seikan Rei

[Image 15

Tomoka Tone
Tomoka Tone

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Noboru Hanzawa
Noboru Hanzawa

To make sweets is to make peace――
A great journey that connects the dreams of Baumkuchen that transcends two wars 《Synopsis》
Sota is an elementary school student living in Hiroshima. On the last day of the first semester, Sota received a leaflet for Peace Camp, which will be held on Ninoshima during the summer vacation. It is written that you can experience making Baumkuchen at the camp, and Sota is dying to join the camp. This is because Sota’s favorite food is Baumkuchen, which his beloved grandfather always brings as a souvenir. You can make your own Baumkuchen! When Sota was pestering his mother to participate in the camp, an old man came to Sota’s house. Hearing from Sota about going to Ninoshima, the old man starts talking about Karl Juchheim, the German who made the first Baumkuchen in Japan. That was more than 100 years ago, when Sota’s
great-grandfather was a child…
It’s Follies, which has a reputation for turning children’s literature into musicals such as “Rudolf and Ippaiattena”, “Mysterious Town Beyond the Mist”, and “The Day the Little “Tsu” Disappeared”, will bring you a new family musical. “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima,” written by Hiromi Suyama, won the Sankei Shimbun Award at the 68th Sankei Children’s Publishing Culture Awards. The story tells the story of Sota, an elementary school student who visits Ninoshima, learns about Karl Juchheim, who made the first Baumkuchen in Japan, and learns the preciousness of peace. The screenplay and lyrics are Hiroki Onishi of Tokyo Hamburg, who continues to present works that are close to people, and the direction is Jun Isomura of Seinenza, who was in charge of directing “The Miracle of Namiya General Store” in It’s Follies. Yutaro Zaitsu, who is taking on the role of Karl for the first time in a musical, and Risa Uehara, who graduated from NHK-E TV “Okaasan to Issho” in 2019, will play Elise, Karl’s wife. Takashi Ishinabe, a heavyweight in the musical world, will play the role of Sota’s grandfather.
Baumkuchen holds the baton of peace. Please look forward to the new musical presented by It’s Follies.
Original work = Hiromi Suyama (published by Kumon Publishing) Screenplay/Lyrics: Hiroki Onishi (TOKYO Hamburger)
Directed by Jun Isomura (Seinenza)
Music = Kazune Tanaka
Picture/Title = Sanae Ginkgo
Cooperation: Kumon Publishing Co., Ltd., Juchheim Co., Ltd.
Orchard Co., Ltd., Seinenza Theatrical Company, Tokyo Hamburg, Sony Music Artists Inc., Horipro Inc.
Producer: Yukiko Yoshiya
Organized, planned and produced by All Staff Musical Company It’s Follies Co., Ltd.
[Performer comment]
Yutaro Zaitsu
I’m so excited to play the life of Karl Juchheim and share it with everyone in this first musical for me!
Until now, I had never thought about where Baumkuchen came from, who brought it to Japan, and how. When I came across this work, learned about Karl Juchheim, who brought Baumkuchen to Japan, and researched him, I strongly felt his passion, courage, and great love for making sweets. And I also wanted to tell many people about his thoughts, anguish, and the hopes he found in making sweets. The big hole in the middle of the Baumkuchen is surely filled with Karl Juchheim’s thoughts and passion even now. I want to deliver it to the fullest, and create a work that makes you feel a little brighter when you eat Baumkuchen, and gives you the courage to take a step forward. Risa Uehara
I will be appearing in “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima” as Karl Juchheim’s wife, Elise. When I got an offer for an audition, that Mr. Juchheim’s Baumkuchen became the basis of the story! Along with that thought, it seemed interesting, and my desire to try it increased and I accepted. I myself love baumkuchen, and as someone from the Kansai region, Juchheim’s baumkuchen was very familiar to me. I am very honored to be the wife of Karl Juchheim, the founder of the still-loved Juchheim. Before the war, during the war, and after the war. Mr. and Mrs. Euheim who lived in turbulent times. I believe that during that lifetime, we had hardships and troubles that I had never experienced before. I would like to serve as a stage with gratitude and respect to those who overcame various difficulties and conveyed Baumkuchen to the present age.
After graduating from “Okaasan to Issho”, I have a lot of tension and anxiety about my second musical, but I have a strong desire to live with a strong core as my wife, Elise, who supported my husband. I will do my best to add flowers to the wonderful stage, so please take care of me.
Takashi Ishinabe
It will be the second stage with Jun Isomura, the director, after the 2020 It’s Follies performance of “The Miracle of the Namiya General Store”. Just imagining that we will be able to practice daily discoveries like those days, I can’t wait for the practice of “Baumkuchen and Hiroshima”.
Every year on the morning of August 6th, I sit in silence in front of the TV, keeping the tragedy of Hiroshima in my heart as a Japanese person. Two years ago, I took up Setsuko Thurlow’s speech at the Nobel Peace Prize Award Ceremony. ” and Junichi Mizuno’s “Shizuka ni Aritetsu Tsukasai”. I will appear in this work next year, and I feel that something is connected inside me.
A passage from Junichi Mizuno’s poem.
Now, I can see the new-looking buildings. The whole town around this river used to be one big graveyard.
Hoijakee, people who visit Hiroshima, when you walk through this town, please come and visit
Feel free to walk away… Uh…
I would like to convey to Sota, the grandson in the play, and to grandchildren all over Japan through the mouth of “Grandpa” the important things that people should not forget.
《About Karl Juchheim》
Confectioner Karl Juchheim was born on December 25, 1886 in Germany. In 1908, on the recommendation of the chairman of the Confectionery Association, he worked at a coffee shop in Qingdao, which was then a German lease.
After having his own coffee shop, he married Elise in 1914.
Shortly after the wedding, Germany declared war on France and Russia and entered World War I.
Qingdao fell on November 7 after being attacked by the Japanese army, which had declared war on Germany. Karl was taken prisoner by the Japanese army in September of the following year, and was transferred to the Osaka Prisoner of War Camp while leaving Elise, who was pregnant with a child, in Qingdao.
In 1917, Karl was transferred from Osaka to the Ninoshima Quarantine Station in Nihojima Village, Aki District, Hiroshima Prefecture (now Ninoshima, Minami Ward, Hiroshima City).
On March 4, 1919, Hiroshima Prefecture decided to hold an exhibition and sale of works made by German prisoners of war at the Ninoshima Quarantine Station, and Karl made Baumkuchen.
Manufactured and sold at the “German Works Exhibition” held at the Hiroshima Prefectural Products Exhibition Hall (now the Atomic Bomb Dome).
This Baumkuchen is the first Baumkuchen made in Japan. Japanese people are surprised to eat Baumkuchen for the first time. Baumkuchen made by Karl becomes very popular.
In 1918, World War I was virtually over and the German prisoners of war in Japan were released, but Karl decided to remain in Japan. Karl was hired by a coffee shop that opened in Ginza, and brought his wife and son from Qingdao to Japan to live on the 3rd floor of the shop.
In 1922, Karl and Elise bought a restaurant in Yokohama and opened “E. Juchheim” (E is for Elise). Elise’s idea for affordable German-style snacks was a big hit, and the store was very prosperous.
However, in 1923, the store was destroyed by the Great Kanto Earthquake, and Karl lost all his fortune. Carl, who moved to an acquaintance’s house in Kobe with his family, plans to make a comeback in Kobe. With the money borrowed from the relief fund, he opened a coffee shop “JUCHHEIM’S”. At that time, there were no coffee shops run by foreigners in Kobe, and JUCHHEIM’S was bustling with foreign customers.
In 1937, Karl fell ill and was hospitalized, but due to repeated behavior problems such as repeated escapes from the hospital, he returned to Germany to receive treatment.
A few years later, Karl recovered and returned to Japan, but he could no longer work as before.
Furthermore, as the Pacific War started in 1941, the war situation worsened, and it became impossible to make sweets.
In 1944, the shop was closed and only bread was baked at the factory, but in June 1945, the factory ceased to function due to an air raid. At 6:00 pm on August 14th of that year, Karl, who was resting at the Rokkosan Hotel, passed away without waiting for the end of the war, talking with Elise.
After Karl’s death, Elise was deported to Germany, but three people who once worked at “JUCHHEIM’S” restored the store, and Elise returned to Japan again in 1953, becoming the president. Elise declared that she would be in Japan until she died, and died in Kobe in 1971. [Image 17d52566-10-850ff1caab1a11c71802-0.jpg&s3=52566-10-61176199145009542b5f0a477abb5e7f-3600x2400.jpg
Baumkuchen and Hiroshima Main

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