All Today Co., Ltd. All Today Co., Ltd. | Research Report If you want to acquire repeat customers at a beauty salon or barber shop, there are points that should be emphasized other than technology

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[All Today Co., Ltd. | Research Report] If you want to acquire repeat customers at a beauty salon or barber shop, there are points that should be emphasized other than technology

All Today Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Saitama City, Saitama Prefecture) conducted a survey on men and women in their 20s to 60s [Beauty salons and barbershops] “Conditions of repeat shops”. We will publish the results.
Survey outline
Survey overview: [Beauty salon / barber shop] Survey on “Conditions of repeat shops”
[Survey period] September 15, 2022 (Thursday) to September 16, 2022 (Friday) [Survey method] Internet survey
[Number of people surveyed] 502 people
[Survey target] Men and women in their 20s to 60s
[Monitor provider] General Research
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Summary of survey results
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When asked, “[Questions to those who use beauty salons and
barbershops] What are the characteristics of the shop that makes you want to repeat? (Multiple answers allowed)” Good (53.0%)” was the most common response, followed by “Value for money (53.0%)”, “Excellent technology (52.6%)”, “Good service (42.2%)”, “Clean store ( 40.4%)” continued.
As a feature that makes you want to repeat, it seems that many people emphasize customer service attitude rather than technology.
Then, what kind of opportunity would you like to repeat again? I asked in detail.
■ If there is this, repeat more! ~Beauty Salon/Barber~
・Systems such as point cards (20s/female/Wakayama Prefecture) ・If you receive a free service such as a treatment or receive a coupon via an app or email (30s/female/Saitama Prefecture)
・There is a discount if you make a reservation on the spot next time. (30s/female/Aichi Prefecture)
・You can have your hair styled exactly as I told you
(30s/male/Fukushima Prefecture)
・It would be even better if there were discounts and benefits if you went multiple times (30s/male/Fukuoka)
and other responses were received.

This survey clarified the characteristics that make people want to repeat beauty salons and barbershops.
Staff training may be essential at beauty salons and barbershops, as many people place more emphasis on customer service than skills. In addition, I found that if there are discounts, coupons, and advantageous information provided by visiting many times, I will want to repeat more. If you run a hair salon or barber shop, you may want to refer to the results of this time.
All Today Co., Ltd.
[Image 2d107850-4-2deffae4adf79d5233d9-1.png&s3=107850-4-0b083576c56baffb6f5443dfd7d244ea-366x121.png
All Today Co., Ltd. ( provides a
comprehensive solution service that realizes effective promotions using mobile devices.
Customer management, after-sales follow-up, and word-of-mouth help create opportunities for customers to visit our stores.
Customers who have visited the store can register as members on their mobile phones, and various functions such as point membership, mobile coupons, reservation reception, and message distribution can be used to encourage customers to return to the store effectively. You can grow it into a repeater.
You can easily carry out mobile phone promotions such as original information dissemination, issuance of mobile phone coupons, unified management of mobile phone members, and analysis of customer store frequency and attributes.
At All Today, we are working to provide and support various products and services that lead to sound and permanent store management, such as customer management, increased visit frequency, and measures to prevent loss of customers, for various companies and stores. We are working as a business mission to actively increase the number of customers with whom we can build good relationships in the future, and to contribute to the development of the company and the local community.
We can provide a wide range of customer management that leads to increased sales, measures to prevent loss of customers, proposals for developing repeaters to regular customers, advertising strategies, etc. Please contact us.
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