All-you-can-cut for 11,000 yen per month! FRANK’S BARBER opens a new store in Iidabashi in collaboration with NUMBER 6!

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[All-you-can-cut for 11,000 yen per month! ] FRANK’S BARBER opens a new store in Iidabashi in collaboration with NUMBER 6!
Unlimited access to the barber shop every month with a subscription! A “third place barber shop where you can enjoy beer” jointly operated with domestic craft beer specialty beer bar “NUMBER 6” is born in Iidabashi

Barber shop “FRANK’S BARBER” with a beer bar will open a new store in Iidabashi from November 1, 2022 in collaboration with 74WORKS Co., Ltd., which operates the domestic craft beer bar “NUMBER 6”. (Operating company: arcami Co., Ltd. / CEO: Makoto Minamoto). Like the Hibiya store and Ningyocho store, the Iidabashi store will also offer a plan with special benefits, “All-you-can-cut every month for 11,000 yen + a free craft beer gift”.
In conjunction with the opening of the Iidabashi store, “FRANK’S BARBER” has started a crowdfunding project. Those who cooperated with crowdfunding will be invited to the reception party scheduled for Saturday, October 29, 2022!
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[Image 1d72017-6-b796fdcfc71b4a18330e-0.jpg&s3=72017-6-3024366df884fb98701db59bbc269958-1600x1200.jpg
* Inside the store (CG perspective)
Unlimited monthly commute + 1 free beer is very popular with businessmen seeking healing!
A barber subscription service that started in January 2021 at “FRANK’S BARBER and BEER CLUB” and “FRANK’S BARBER RESERVE”.
The content of the service is 11,000 yen per month for
“all-you-can-eat cuts”. In addition, we have provided a service that delivers healing and peace to businessmen who are tired from work by offering a free glass of craft beer when cutting.
Thanks to you, the number of fans of our shop has increased gradually, and now customers not only in Tokyo but also outside the prefecture come to visit us on business trips. Therefore, we have decided to open a new Iidabashi store from November 1, 2022 in order to expand our customer window.
Background of collaboration with “NUMBER 6” and our vision of a barber shop Barbers (barbers) used to be local communities where local men would hang out. It was not just a place to get a haircut, but an opportunity to meet new hobbies and work from the conversations born in the barber shop. “FRANK’S BARBER” has been working to create a third-place community for business people with the desire to revive the culture and culture of barber shops and create a place that has been further brushed up. This vision is at the root of why we have a beer bar in our barber shop. [Image 2d72017-6-8baf73f80200c7ce6308-1.jpg&s3=72017-6-8fde1b959b6a82a652b6032c66893057-491x368.jpg
However, as the years have passed since we opened, the number of people who use the barber shop has increased, and it has become difficult to deal with the customers who use the beer bar, and the number of customers who use the beer bar has gradually decreased. Since we have dealt with a wide variety of craft beers, we wanted to convey the goodness of craft beer to everyone and have them enjoy the conversations that arise there. I realized that it is difficult to maximize the best of both worlds.
It was during this time that I met Mr. Sekiguchi, the owner of Ningyocho’s cafe dining bar “NUMBER 6”.
Mr. Sekiguchi loves craft beer from the bottom of his heart and is a very passionate person who is really trying to spread craft beer to Japan.
The owner of “NUMBER 6” happened to visit the store, so he took a liking to the store. This led to this collaboration.
I feel that it is exactly the result of the chemical reaction (synergy) in the barber community depicted in “FRANK’S BARBER”. [Image 3d72017-6-2e20be76f4de42c74126-2.jpg&s3=72017-6-845fdbd1e08ebcc1c660d672b2d78a41-492x368.jpg
At the new store in Iidabashi this time, 74WORKS Co., Ltd., the operating company of beer bar “NUMBER 6” specializing in domestic craft beer, will cooperate as an advisor and staff, so that we can promote the ever-evolving craft beer culture in Japan and overseas. We will deliver a space where you can spend a deeper time where you can enjoy the present.
Once or twice a week, we will get our hair done, drink a beer on the way home, and socialize with each other.


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